GH Update Tuesday 9/8/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/8/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone is at the carnival.

Morgan and Molly talk about her great throwing arm with Sonny and Alexis. The kids want to go to the shooting gallery.

Claudia suggests she and Kristina go on the Ferris wheel to have a private conversation.

Jason and Sam stake out a hotel room in the Metro Court. They find out that Deidre was on the phone with Edward.

Downstairs at the Metro Court at the carnival fundraiser Andrea talks to Edward. She asks him to talk to Mac and tries to keep him talking as he sips his drink. Robin and Patrick enter, but Patrick doesn’t want to be there. Robin knows that Andrea doesn’t want Edward to place her at the Metro Court on the night of the murder.

Michael comes up just as Claudia and Kristina are getting on the Ferris wheel to tell her Alexis wants her. Michael and Kristina then say they think something bad is going to happen at the carnival, which Claudia says is silly.

Alexis and Sonny argue about the kids playing with guns. Alexis is glad that Molly isn’t as good at shooting as she is at pitching. Coleman gives Morgan some pointers and he wins a Yankees helmet on his second try.

Rebecca and Ethan argue at the game and then she wins Spencer a bear. She leaves to bring it to Spencer and Nikolas tells Ethan he’ll be dumping Rebecca soon and she’ll probably run straight to him afterwards.

Sam wants to leave because she doesn’t want to get Edward in trouble. They laugh about Edward sneaking around for “lovin” at his age, and Sam doesn’t want to complicate things. She says she’s going back to work, but Jason stops her and asks her to the carnival again.

After Edward has finished his drink, Andrea excuses him. Robin and Patrick come over and ask Edward to stay to back up what she’s going to say. She says Edward was at the Metro Court and could have seen Andrea entering and leaving Brianna’s room. Edward denies being there, but Robin says she has credit card records. Edward says he won’t testify. Andrea storms off and Patrick wonders where she gets her confidence.

Michael and Kristina run into Kiefer, and she asks Michael to cover for her.

Nikolas admits to fabricating a relationship with Rebecca, and doesn’t think Rebecca will believe Ethan if he tells her the truth. Elizabeth comes up and asks why he’s doing this. Nikolas walks away and Ethan asks her why she doesn’t stop Nikolas.

Lulu and Dante (Dominic) walk around the carnival and make a bet. If he rings the bell they hang out and if he doesn’t they go their separate ways. They both try to bribe Alice behind each other’s backs, but just as he’s about to go someone takes Alice’s place.

Carly and Jax run into Sonny. Carly wants to go watch Morgan on the rides, and she and Jax leave. Sonny turns and runs right into Olivia, and causes her to spill her popcorn. They laugh and Sonny says he was heading out. He buys her popcorn and asks if this reminds her of the old days.

Kristina and Kiefer get off the ride and kiss. Alexis comes up and Kristina says she will catch up with them in 10 minutes at the Ferris wheel.

Lulu holds a stuffed animal and Dante says he could have gotten her something better. Dante gets a call that he has to take and leaves Lulu to talk to Johnny who walks up. Dante says he has to go on warehouse and leave, but Johnny says he’ll do it, he owes Lulu.

Sam and Jason arrive at the carnival, and she thanks him for bringing her. Spinelli and Maxie come up and give them a balloon. He asks about the case, and Sam says she dropped it. Jason asks about Michael, and Spinelli says no danger lurks.

Michael takes a trip into the fortune teller. She says she knew he would come and tells him he is one of them, “the blessed and the cursed” but hasn’t come to terms with his gift as a result of an accident that caused him to wake up different. He thinks Kristina said something about him, but she welcomes him and tells him a particular hell awaits him.

Kristina and Molly arrive to ride with Alexis. Andrea comes up and tells Alexis to enjoy herself because she’s going to jail.

Men dressed in black with guns enter a warehouse. In prison Anthony Zacharra says he wants all of Sonny’s territory hit, and to kill anyone who gets in his way. He tells the man across from him to start with Dante.

Johnny is on the phone and says he’s heading over to the carnival.

Maxie helps Spinelli take off his clown make-up and kisses him. He gets make-up on her and then the phone rings. It is Bernie and Spinelli says he can do the task, and bring the papers to the warehouse, but Maxie is mad.

Sam picks a stuffed animal and asks Jason to win it for her at the shooting game. Jason shoots wide, and Sam says the game is rigged. He tries again and still misses. So he takes out his own gun and aims it. Sam laughs and tells him not to and Coleman just gives him the bear.

Olivia and Sonny continue to reminisce about kissing in the tunnel of love. They both agree it was one of the best times of their lives. He tells her it was an honor to be her first, and she says it was never a doubt in her mind it would be him. Dante runs into Olivia and says it reminds him of Coney Island.

Edward gets into his car and calls Deidre to say he’s headed to the carnival and is sorry he wasn’t able to see her. He starts coughing and keeps looking in the mirror.

Molly asks Kristina why Mrs. Floyd is spreading lies about Alexis. Claudia comes up and Kristina asks if she wants to join her and Molly.

Olivia tries to excuse herself, but Sonny doesn’t want her to leave and sends Dante to guard his kids and go. Sonny is glad they are having fun and doesn’t want it to end.

Spinelli arrives at the warehouse and a man with a gun stands behind him.

Jason is still mad he lost the game. He sadly watches Elizabeth and Lucky with Jake on the carousel.

Lulu visits the fortune teller who tells her, Lulu’s heart aches for love but it eludes her. The teller tells her something wicked is coming.

Dante goes to buy Morgan cotton candy and Morgan throws his helmet in the air. Edward grabs his chest while driving his car. Kristina, Molly, and Claudia go to get on their ride. Anthony is handcuffed. Spinelli enters the warehouse. Olivia feeds Sonny popcorn. Alexis and Andrea argue. Spinelli is face to face with the gunmen. Elizabeth puts Jake down and he runs away, Jason sees. Shots are fired at Spinelli. Sonny leans in to kiss Olivia. Edward’s car plows into the carnival and everyone looks that way.

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