GH Update Friday 9/4/09

General Hospital Update Friday 9/4/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Metro Court, Andrea insists upon buying Edward a drink.  

At Nikolas’ office, Elizabeth tells him that she doesn’t know what he is trying to prove, but whatever he has planned for Rebecca will only end up hurting him.  He thanks her for her concern and tells her he knows what he is doing.

At the Corinthos house, Claudia comes downstairs and asks Sonny if they are picking up the kids.  He asks her if she wants to go; he thought she might feel uncomfortable around Kristina.  She tells him she does not blame Kristina for their baby’s death.

Michael, Molly, Morgan, and Dominic arrive at the carnival.  All but Michael are excited about the fun time they will have.   

At home, Spinelli, dressed in a clown costume, thanks Sam for taking over the latest case.  He tells her she can conquer their latest mystery while he conquers his greatest fear.  Jason asks if he will accomplish that by dressing like a clown.  Spinelli tells him that some say you must become what you fear most.  He says he hopes that he will find that a human heart beats beneath the most horrific mask of greasepaint.  He says clowns can bring joy and laughter and he will do his best to bring delight at the carnival.  As he attempts to leave, he trips over his oversized clown shoes and falls to the floor.  When he stands up, he spies himself in a mirror and screams.  When he leaves, Sam tells Jason that Spinelli means well.  Jason hopes Spinelli doesn’t hurt himself.  Sam tells Jason that they don’t have to go to the carnival because she has to work.  He asks if she wants some help. 

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he does not pretend to be in love with Rebecca.  She tells him that means what he is doing is pure manipulation.  He tells her that perhaps he is more forgiving than she realizes.  She tells him she understands that she hurt him and he wants revenge, but he and his son are bonding with a woman he plans to kick to the curb.  She tells him that he may not care if it backfires on him, but he must consider how it will affect Spencer.

At the carnival, Rebecca and Lucky go to play games and win prizes for the kids.  They are surprised to find Ethan is attending the ball-toss game that they want to play.  Ethan jokes that he is a “Carney,” and says he is doing it for charity.  He comments on Rebecca’s dress, telling her that it is not her best look; she looks like she is wearing someone else’s clothes.

In bed with Max, Diane tells him she enjoys celebrating with him.  He asks her what they are celebrating.  She says her annihilation of a certain arrogant New York City attorney. She tells him just thinking about it makes her get hot and bothered again.  Max rebuffs her, saying they never talk anymore.  She asks what he means; they are talking right now. He tells her she never asks about his interests.  She tells him she will, but first she wants to order more champagne.  She remembers that she is supposed to be at the carnival kick-off party upstairs in the restaurant.  She forgot, and doesn’t have anything appropriate to wear.  She tells him to stay there and keep the bed warm until she gets back.  He concludes he is not good enough to go with her to the party.

At the Corinthos house, Sonny tells Claudia that Kristina is his daughter and he can forgive anything she does, but he takes responsibility for the way she acted.  Claudia tells him she thinks he was trying to keep the peace with Alexis.  Sonny tells Claudia that he has been missing in Kristina’s life for a long time.  It is his fault.  Taking the kids to a carnival should not be a one-time event.  They need him and he needs them.  He says he just thought being around Kristina would bring up some pain for Claudia.  Claudia tells him that she knows Kristina didn’t mean to hurt their baby.  She says that maybe if Kristina spends some time with her it will help her move on with her life.

At Metro Court, Andrea once again spikes Edward’s drink with Digitalis, since her earlier attempt ended up spilled all over her. She hands him his drink and talks about setting up a dinner to discuss his endorsement of her husband’s campaign.  Edward unexpectedly puts down his drink and excuses himself.

Carly asks Jax why they are in there when there is a Ferris wheel outside calling their name.  He tells her it is because they are the hosts.

Edward returns to his table and tells Deirdre that he hates sharing her with all these people. She shows him a room key and tells him it is room 705.  He tells her 705 is becoming his lucky number.  She tells him to try to be patient; she still has to talk to some people.  She gets up to mingle, and Edward gets up too, checking his watch. Monica is charging toward him, and at the same time, Andrea comes up to him from another direction, telling he forgot his drink.  Monica grabs the drink from Andrea’s hand and pours it into a champagne bucket a server is carrying past her.  She tells Edward he is driving himself to the carnival so he doesn’t need it.

At Jason’s place, Sam tells Jason he may help her with her case, she will enjoy giving him orders.  She tells him the details of the case.  The client is Drake Black, who has hired them to do surveillance on his business partner Deidre Evans.  He thinks she is in trouble because she has missed work and had mysterious phone calls. She tells him this is not another cheating spouse case.  The client thinks someone might be blackmailing her, or she may be disclosing company secrets.  As Sam is telling Jason about the case, Jason is touching Sam’s hair and neck, flustering her.  Sam receives a text message on her phone advising her that Deidre has just charges a room at the Metro Court on her credit card.

In Diane’s room at the Metro Court, she tells Max she doesn’t understand why he id so upset.  He tells her she doesn’t want to be seen in public with him.  She tells him that is absurd and he tells her that’s what he means to her.  She tells him she just showed him what she means to her.  He tells her he is her boy-toy and feels like a sexual object.  She asks if they have to talk about it now.  He tells her yes, he is going to make a stand.  He doesn’t want to be her love puppet; he wants to be treated as her equal.  She tells him she is her equal.  He tells her she doesn’t even want to be seen with him at a party for Michael Corinthos’ foundation when he guarded Michael his whole life.  She protests that she didn’t ask him to go because she knew he would be bored.  He tells her that she doesn’t respect him for his mind; she only cares about his flexibility.  He tells her he is not going to hang around and wait for her; he is going to the carnival. After he has gone, she says she doesn’t need him; the world is full of boy-toys.

Patrick is sitting in the Dunk Tank, encouraging Robin to hit the target and dunk him.  She misses with all three of her balls.  Matt and Lulu enter.  Matt throws and misses.  Lulu hits the target but Patrick does not fall. They conclude the game is rigged.   

Outside, Spinelli complains to Maxie that his clown persona has not spread any cheer.  She fixes his makeup and advises him to focus on adults and older kids.

Sonny and Claudia arrive at the carnival and meet Molly and Morgan.  Claudia asks where Kristina is.  Molly tells her that Kristina had to go talk to someone but she will be right back.  Morgan volunteers that she is with that dork, Kiefer.   Claudia reminds Sonny that the whole idea was to spend time with his kids.  Sonny tells Dominic he may take off, but to stay close by in case he needs him.  Dominic tells him he will be at the Dunk-a-Hunk.  Sonny tells Molly that he is glad she could join them.  Morgan asks if they can go on the Sizzler.  Sonny tells him that Molly gets to choose the first attraction because she is the youngest. Meanwhile he is batting a balloon away from his face.  Finally, he tells the balloon-holder to get it out of his face.  Spinelli the clown reveals himself.  Sonny asks why he not surprised.  He takes the balloon and he, Claudia, and Spinelli laugh.

At the Metro Court, Sam and Jason find the perfect spot to watch Deirdre’s room.  Immediately after Deirdre enters her room, Sam receives a text message.  She tells Jason that Deirdre just bought a negligee downstairs in the boutique.  She tells him this is going to be another cheating spouse case after all. 

In the bar, Edward asks Monica why she would dump out a perfectly good martini, and she tells him she may have just saved his life.  Andrea lurks nearby.

Mac comes in and tells Alexis that he had to check security at the carnival.  She asks if the girls are there.  He tells her it was crowded, but he is sure they are having a good time.  She asks how everything is at the office.  He tells her he is sorry she had to resign; she was an excellent D.A. and he has great respect for everything she has done for the community.  Andrea comes up behind him and says that doesn’t speak very well for him or his department’s inability to file a case against the former D.A. Mac tells her that the Brianna Hughes case will be built on the facts.  Andrea tells him that if he doesn’t file charges soon, then they have ample reason to replace him.  Alexis tells Andrea that when the people of Port Charles elect her mayor, then she will be entitled to an opinion. Andrea says it is very sweet how they defend each other and asks Alexis if she is sleeping with Mac now.  Alexis tells Andrea that if Commissioner Scorpio isn’t railroading her fast enough for her, then that means he is doing his job instead of abusing his power as Andrea and her husband so often do. 

At the Dunk-a-Hunk, Robin is still throwing balls at the target, and Patrick still does not fall. A woman comes in and throws a ball.  She hits the target, but Patrick does not fall.  Max comes in and throws the ball – hard.  He hits the target but Patrick does not fall.  Sonny enters with the kids.  Robin tells him the game is rigged.  Michael says nobody can throw harder than Max.  Molly says there is a simple mathematical formula involving arc and circumference to determine the proper amount of force.  Morgan tells her that is math, not baseball.  Molly says it will work and asks if she may try.  She throws the ball and Patrick falls into the tank.  Everyone cheers.

At the prison, Anthony tells his visitor that Sonny had better do his winning at the carnival, because when they get back to work on Monday there won’t be anything left. 

Outside Deirdre’s room, Sam tells Jason that a woman does not rent a room and buy a negligee to pass along company secrets; she is definitely meeting a lover.  Jason asks why Deirdre would keep it a secret from her business partner; Deirdre is single.  Sam says she might be seeing a married man.  Sam takes a candid of Jason and tells him she loves her camera.  She shows him how she can see as far as the elevator with the zoom.  A woman comes up and tells them to get out or she will call hotel security, she knows they are sizing up which room to break into because she saw a documentary on cable.  Sam pretends that she and Jason are looking for a place to get married.  She asks the woman if she thinks the Metro is a good place for a wedding, or if the Cosmopolitan is better.  The woman tells her not to skimp on her wedding.  She apologizes for the mix-up, wishes them luck, and leaves.

In the bar, Alexis tells Andrea that if she were an elected official, what she is doing would be an abuse of power, but since she is not, all she is doing is harassing an innocent person. Andrea tells Alexis that she is an adulteress and a murderer, and if the system worked, she would be behind bars.  Mac suggests to Andrea that she does not want to make a scene.  Carly, observing from nearby, tells Jax she should so help Alexis and meet him at the carnival. He knows she just wants to sneak off and eat corn dogs, so he tells her they will find something marginally healthy.  They leave together.  Mac tells Alexis that that is her cue.  She says he is right; she is going to go to the carnival and enjoy herself.  After she leaves, Andrea tells Mac that she hopes he sleeps well knowing Alexis is walking around free. 

Edward is attempting to escape the party to go and join Deirdre in her room.  Monica comes up to him and tells him that she has to leave for the airport.  She wants him to ride with her, and she will drop him off at the carnival.  He protests that he has his own car.  She concedes and tells him to be safe and that she will call him from Toronto tomorrow.  When Monica leaves, Andrea comes up to Edward and tells him she was hoping to spend a few minutes alone with him and invites him to join her at the bar.

A soaking wet Patrick exits the Dunk-a-Hunk tank and goes over to join his wife.  Ethan enters the tank as the next target.  Sonny purchases more balls and tells Molly to make her uncle proud.  He dunks Ethan on her first try, and continues to dunk everyone else that gets in the tank.  

Jason asks if Deidre may have simply forgotten her pajamas.  Sam explains that if she forgot her pajamas she would just wear a t-shirt, not buy $1200 lingerie.  He tells her she is good at her job.  She tells him she likes her job, she just wishes it weren’t always about who is sleeping with who.  She doesn’t understand why it always has to be about sex.  At the mention of the word sex, Jason and Sam have an uncomfortable moment.  Room service arrives with champagne.  Deirdre answers the door in a red negligee.  Sam tells Jason that she would not order champagne with two glasses is she was not meeting a lover.

Patrick is in the locker room drying off.  He tells Robin that they have performed their duty and now it is time for them to have fun.  Robin tells him that she has to get back to the Metro Court because she doesn’t like the idea of Andrea being anywhere near Edward.  If Andrea has figured out that Edward is a potential witness, then he could be in danger.  He tells her that she has an amazing ability to draw conclusions based on almost nothing.  She tells him that she might have something if she can just question Edward.

At the bar at Metro court, Andrea holds Edward’s hand and tells him she needs advice from someone wise.  She is always the strong one and doesn’t like being the victim.  Edward tells her that his advice to her is to keep a low profile until this whole thing blows over.  She tells her that is difficult to do when her husband’s ex-lover is prone to public outbursts and Mac Scorpio protects her.  Edwards phone rings and he excuses himself to answer it.  Deirdre asks him if she should open the champagne.  He tells her to keep it on ice, and assures her that he hates to keep her waiting.  She tells him she has a surprise for him.  Edward promises he will be right up.  While Edward’s back is turned, Andrea once again spikes his drink with Digitalis. When Edward returns, Andrea tells him she appreciates his sympathetic ear.  She tells him she knows he is very busy so she doesn’t want to keep him.  She moves his drink toward him, raises her own glass, and says cheers.

Lulu is sitting in the hospital.  Dominic comes in and tells her it is good that she found him.  She tells him she was not looking for him.  He tells her it is fate.  He tells her that since he sacrificed his dignity in the name of charity, they should hit the midway.  Lulu tells him she already has a date.  Matt comes in putting on a lab coat and carrying a stethoscope.  He tells her the E.R. needs an attending physician so he has to bail on her.  Lulu agrees to a rain check and Matt leaves.  Dominic asks her where they should go first.

At the carnival, Sonny, Claudia, Michael, and Kristina are walking and Sonny tells them a story about when he was younger and the Cerillo brothers dared him to see a scary old gypsy fortuneteller.  He tells them that it took him a couple of months for him to get the courage to go face to face with the gypsy, but when he did she told him that she would tell him his whole future with tarot cards.  Claudia asks if the fortuneteller was right.  Sonny announces that she said he would be chief of police.  He asks everyone if that would be scary.  Then he asks if they are ready to go in as he points to the fortuneteller booth.  Claudia and Michael decline, so Sonny and Kristina go inside. 

Inside the fortuneteller’s tent, Sonny says all they need is spooky music.  The fortuneteller asks how she may help them.  Sonny tells her that the young lady wants her fortune told.  The old woman asks if the girl does or if it is her father’s wish. Sonny takes money out of his pocket and the fortuneteller tells him he will pay later, when he decides what the telling was worth.  She invites Kristina to sit.  Kristina asks if she really sees anything in her crystal ball.  The woman tells her it is all for show; it helps people like her father feel more comfortable.  She asks Kristina to hold out her hands.  Kristina looks to Sonny for approval.  He nods, so Kristina allows the woman to hold her hands. She tells Kristina that she is a child of privilege but little satisfies her.  She feels alone, abandoned, and misunderstood.  The woman says she hears a desperate cry for help, a cry that will be heard, but not one that will help her in any way.  She tells Kristina she has lived only an inch from violence for most of her life, and that will not change.  She looks up at Sonny.  Sonny tells her that he guesses she knows who he is.  The fortuneteller says she has never seen him before, and this is not his future; what she sees involves this young woman. The woman warns Kristina that the danger is real, and it is here today.  It will come from where she least expects it.

A group of four men dressed in black load weapons in a small, dark room with only a single overhead light.

Andrea tells Edward that no one knows better than he what goes on in the corridors of power.  She observes that he is not enjoying his drink.  He puts down the martini and tells her that he appreciates her problem, but he really does have an appointment.  She tells him she understands, but apparently, she has become a pariah in this town, and Garrett is not here, so she is feeling a little vulnerable.  Edward tells her not to take it personally.  She tells him he is not sharing his drink with her and asks him how she is supposed to take it.  He tells him he wishes nothing but the best for him. She gives him his glass and toasts to his health.  He drinks the spiked martini.

Nikolas is at the carnival with Rebecca.  He suggests that they try the baseball toss.  She tells him she already did it with Lucky and it wasn’t that much fun.  She says she is sure that it is rigged.  They go to the baseball toss booth anyway.  Nikolas tells Ethan that he is not very skilled at this since he has never played baseball, but it is for a good cause.  Ethan gives Nikolas his balls and goes to stack the bottles for him.  Nikolas throws his ball at Ethan, who catches it and throws it at Nikolas, missing him and hitting a clown.  Nikolas is about to throw another ball at Ethan when Rebecca stands in front of him and says it is her turn,

Alexis finds Molly and the others at the carnival.  Molly tells her mother about her success at the Dunk-a-Hunk tank.  Alexis asks Sonny where Kristina is.  Sonny tells her that Kristina went to talk to a friend.  Michael tells Alexis that Sonny took Kristina in to the fortuneteller.  Alexis asks Sonny what he learned.  Sonny says he learned never to waste money on a fortuneteller.  He says you will never leave the house if you believe everything a fortuneteller says.  He tells Alexis that he knows she is worried about Kristina, but assures her that Kristina is fine.

Kristina and Kiefer are walking as she tells him about the fortuneteller.  He asks her if the fortuneteller got his name right.  She tells him that the fortuneteller told her that she is in danger today.  He tells her she is in danger of falling for him.  Claudia catches them kissing and tells Kristina that her dad would not be happy about it.  Kristina asks Claudia not to tell Sonny.  Claudia asks Kiefer to give them a few minutes.  Kristina tells Claudia that she knows it is not fair to ask her to keep a secret after what happened to the baby.  Claudia reminds her that they agreed to put the accident behind them.  She says she only wants what is best for her and she knows her father doesn’t like her boyfriend. Kristina says her dad doesn’t get it, Kiefer is everything she has ever wanted, and he is a senior.  Claudia tells her she knows what that is like.  She asks if she can help her.  Kristina asks if she can work in Sonny for her.  Claudia tells her that they can go on the Ferris wheel to talk privately.  She says there is nothing more private than flailing 50 feet in the air.  Kristina agrees to go on the Ferris wheel with Claudia.

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