GH Update Thursday 9/3/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/3/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sam appears at Jason’s door.  She tells him that if he doesn’t want to take her to the carnival, he doesn’t have to.  He asks if she wants to go.

Alexis asks Kristina if Physics and AP Trigonometry in the same semester is too much.  She asks why she is going to risk her 4.0 GPA now when universities are going to be recruiting soon.  Kristina tells her mother she will defer to her, as she knows more about getting into Yale than Kristina does.  Alexis asks if Sonny is taking Kristina and the boys to the carnival.  Kristina tells her mother not to worry, her dad will probably cancel at the last minute, and Kristina will just go with Michael.  Alexis tells Kristina that Sonny is not going to cancel.  She tells Kristina that after what they have just been through, she does not want her and Michael spending too much time alone together.  Just then, Michael knocks on the door.

Nikolas looks at a picture of Emily in her red dress.  He puts it in his drawer as Rebecca enters wearing the same dress.  Nikolas tells her the dress is perfect for her

Elizabeth and Patrick arrive at the hospital.  Elizabeth asks if they are taking Emma to the carnival, Patrick tells her she is a little young.  Robin joins them and tells her she found a witness that can place Andrea at the Metro Court the night of Brianna’s murder.  

At the Metro Court, Edward goes up to the bar and orders a martini.  Andrea arrives and looks at the Digitalis she has in her purse.  She joins Edward at the bar and makes small talk about the carnival and what a worthy cause the Michael Corinthos Foundation is.  She tells him it was her pleasure to clear his great-grandson’s name after the accident.  She tells him that she called the police when Alexis went speeding away from her house, which subsequently led to her confession.  Edward’s phone rings and he excuses himself to take the call.  While he is away, she pours the drug into his drink.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Robin that is isn’t fair to tell Elizabeth that she has a witness and then not tell her who it is.  Robin tells him she will find out soon enough when Andrea Floyd is arrested.  He asks if he can tell him.  She reveals that the witness is Edward Quartermaine.  She tells him that Spinelli came across Edward’s bar tab at the Metro Court that places him there before Brianna was hit and just after.  She tells him there is also a room charge on the same floor as Brianna and the mayor in the name J. L. Holt, which is the name of Edward’s illegitimate son whom no one has seen since the ‘80s.  Edward uses it as an alias. She tells him that means Edward was in a room right down the hall when Brianna was murdered.  

Rebecca tells Nikolas that she really likes the dress, although it’s not really her style.  He asks her if she has ever considered letting her hair go back to its natural color.  She asks if he wants her hair to look like Emily’s.

Alexis asks Michael what the plan is.   He tells her he thought he and Kristina could watch them set up the carnival.  She asks who was planning to drive, and he informs her that he got his car back so he drove here.  Alexis tells him that Kristina may not get into the car with him. She tells them that they may spend as much time together as they’d like, but they cannot do it alone.

Sam tells Jason that she knows he doesn’t like social occasions and he is recovering from two gunshot wounds, so he has good reasons not to go.  He tells her it is Michael’s charity.  She tells him he can write a check.  He concludes that she does not want to go.  She tells him he wouldn’t have asked her if Maxie and Spinelli hadn’t forced him into it.  He is about to kiss her when there is a knock on the door.  Jason opens the door to Carly who tells Sam she didn’t get a chance to thank her for helping to bring Michael and Kristina home.  Sam tells her it was mostly Jason, and all that matters is that they are home safely.  She then says it is late and she has work to do, so she has to go.  When Sam leaves, Carly demands to know if Jason and Sam are back together. She says she wants him to be happy, but she also wants him all to herself.  She tells him she knows that is not fair since she is incredibly happy with Jax and he should be incredibly happy with Sam. She concedes that he and Sam are compatible and Sam can go on adventures with him while Carly’s life has taken a different turn.  Jason tells Carly she is not making any sense.  She asks if he is going to deny it.  She tells him he is sleeping with Sam.

Maxie goes to meet Spinelli at the office and asks what time he wants to leave for the carnival.  Spinelli tells her that he has urgent business and she will have to go to the carnival without him.  After unsuccessfully attempting to convince her that he must devote extra time to a new client, she tells him he can tell her whatever is bothering him.  He admits to her that he cannot go to the carnival because he is deathly afraid of clowns.

Lulu enters Kelly’s and orders a coffee.  Dominic comes up to her invites himself to take her to the carnival. Matt comes in, and Lulu tells him that she got his message and was going to call him when she got back to work.  He tells her that he prefers to do it face to face anyway.  He asks her if she would like to go to the carnival with him.

Nikolas tells Rebecca that her hair has gotten steadily lighter since she came to Port Charles.  She said she thought it looked nice.  He says it does, but she doesn’t need to tamper with nature.

At the Metro Court Edward returns to the bar and is about to take a drink when he realizes Andrea doesn’t have one.  At his insistence, she orders a martini too.  He commends her decorum during the difficult situation.  Andrea asks if he is expecting someone when Edward looks over his shoulder.  He tells her he is waiting for his daughter-in-law, Monica Quartermaine.  He tells her that Monica worries too much about his health.  Andrea asks if there is a problem and he tells her is just fine.  She proposed a toast to his good health and long life.  Just as he is about to sip his drink, he is startled when an attractive blonde woman enters.  He spills his drink on Andrea.  He apologizes and walks away.

Lulu accepts Matt’s invitation and they agree to meet at her station after work.  After Matt leaves, Dominic tells her he is choosing not to feel rejected.  She tells him to feel rejected because she is rejecting him

Rebecca arrives with Spencer to meet Elizabeth and Lucky to go together to the carnival.  Nikolas is not with them.  Elizabeth and Lucky notice the dress and wonder if Rebecca bought it of if Nikolas did.   Lucky tells Rebecca that she looks great in that dress and she thanks him, telling him it was a gift from Nikolas.

Jason brings Carly a glass of water. He tells her to stay focused and calm.  Carly continues to press Jason to admit that he is sleeping with Sam.  She tells him that she is his friend and she can help him with it.  He tells her he does not need any help. She tells him that he does, because this is so big that they can’t even talk about it with each other.  She tells him that they were inches away from tearing each other’s clothes off when she arrived.  She tells him that he is about to go into a weird phase.  She tells him they will be all over each other without realizing it; they will create excuses to see each other.  She tells him that the most important part is that when they make plans Sam will pull back because she doesn’t want to crowd him.  She is going to give him what she thinks he wants, and if they are not careful, they will be further apart than ever.

Sam enters the PI office and tells Spinelli that she got the email about the new case.  Maxie tells her that Spinelli is just using it as an excuse not to go to the carnival.  Sam tells him he is going to the carnival and she will take care of the work.  Maxie tells Sam that she thought she was going to the carnival with Jason.  Sam tells her she will work on the case instead.  She takes the file and leaves.  Spinelli is puzzled that Sam is not going to the carnival after they arranged for her and Jason to spend time together.  Maxie tells Spinelli that Jason and Sam will figure it out.  She wants to know why she didn’t know that he was afraid of clowns or that it is so bad that he won’t even go to a carnival with her.  She asks if a clown scared him when he was a child.  He tells her it was a gruesome milk pitcher with an evil grin on it.  His Granny used to put it on the table every day of his childhood.  Maxie asks if his grandmother knew he was afraid of it. He tells her he cried and cowered in fear, but his grandmother thought that if you want to conquer a fear you should face it.  He tells her that as a result, he fears clowns and dislikes milk. Maxie tells him that a badly designed milk pitcher is not going to keep him from going to the carnival with her.  She tells him that she thinks she knows how to cure his clown phobia.  She drags him out of the office by the hand.

Rebecca tells Lucky and Elizabeth that Nikolas had a conference call and will meet them. As they are starting to leave for the carnival, Liz tells Lucky that she forgot to bring a change of clothes for Jake.  She asks if they can take the kids and she will meet them there.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Robin he doesn’t want to go to the kick-off party; he just wants to skip to the rides.  She tells him he has to go because he is Michael’s surgeon.  Matt agrees with Robin.  He tells them that he is going, and he has a date.  After Matt has left, Robin tells Patrick that the party will be the perfect opportunity to ask Edward what he knows about the murder.  Monica comes up and tells them that she hopes they aren’t planning to bail on the party because they need doctors there.  Robin asks Monica id Edward will be there, and Monica tells her he is probably already there since he has been spending a lot of time at the Metro Court lately.  She supposed he is up to something.

At the Metro Court, Edward and the blonde woman get a table.  He tells her it is nice to see her again.  She coyly tells him they practically live at the Metro Court.

Alexis and Jax are at another table at the Metro Court.  Alexis tells Jax that she had to play Mommy Dearest today and tell Michael and Kristina that they cannot spend time together unsupervised and Kristina may not ever get into Michael’s car.  She tells Jax that she is surprised that his parents would give his $50,000 sports car back to him after he crossed several state lines in it and drove so recklessly that he thought he ran Claudia off the road.  She wonders if he has any consequences for what he did.  Jax tells her that is an interesting question.  He has been wondering what kind of consequences Kristina will be facing for driving Claudia off the road.

Lulu meets Carly at the hospital and asks why she wanted to meet there.  She tells her she will be going to the carnival and looks forward to sneaking off to have a corn dog.  Lulu asks her if this is a good time to tell her about a guy that has been driving her insane.  She tells her this guy was hitting on her at Jake’s until Lucky and Ethan beat him up.  Olivia comes in and joins them.  Lulu continues her story, telling Carly that this guy didn’t try to avoid the fight, he wouldn’t stop mouthing off, and Nikolas had to stop the fight.  Carly asks whom the guy left with.  Lulu tells them he left with her.  Carly tells her that that means he won the fight.  Lulu protests that she brought him to the hospital and left him there.  She tells them that he keeps hitting on her and wont take no for an answer.  Carly asks if he is stalking her.  Lulu says it isn’t like that; he is just so confident and so in love with himself that he thinks every one else should be crazy about him too.  Carly tells her that it sounds like she is.  Lulu admits that he is cute and funny, but there is no way she is going to go out with Dominic.  Olivia, amused by the story until now, says she suddenly got a headache out of nowhere.  Dominic appears and says he hit the jackpot finding three gorgeous women in one place.  


Robin and Patrick enter the Metro Court and wonder who the blonde woman with Edward is.  Neither has seen her before. Robin tells Patrick that she may have been with Edward the night of Brianna’s murder.  She begins to go over to Edward’s table, but Patrick stops her telling her Edward is flirting and she should let him breathe.  Edward tells the woman that they have had a wonderful summer and he hopes it will continue into the fall.  She suggests they go to New England to see the fall foliage at a nice B&B. He concludes that she enjoys the country, and she tells him that she enjoys him.  She tells him she hopes he doesn’t have to rush off to the carnival too soon.  He tells her he always has time for her.

 Jax tells Alexis that Michael was innocent; Kristina was not.  Alexis tells him Kristina will have to live with that for the rest of her life.  She assures him that Kristina has plenty of consequences.  Alexis recalls how responsible Kristina used to be until she started hanging around with Michael.  Jax asks if she is suggesting that Kristina’s problems are Michael’s fault.  She says no, Kristina is acting out, but she started acting out when she started hanging out with Michael.  Jax tells her that maybe Kristina and Michael are not as different from each other as she thinks.

At the hospital, Lulu tells Dominic that she can’t believe he followed her there.  He protests that he didn’t.  She tells him that he heard her arrange to meet Matt here.  He tells her that she isn’t meeting Matt for hours.  He says he doesn’t spend all of his time plotting ways to meet up with her; it is just fate.  It was meant to be, and he is meant to make her happy.  Lulu tells him they are not meant to be, fate has nothing to do with them, and there is no them.  She tells him to leave her alone and she walks away.  Dominic tells Carly that Lulu wishes she were going out with him instead of that doctor.  Olivia asks Dominic if he thinks this is funny.  She tells him that when a woman says no, it means no, it is not an invitation to show up where ever he thinks she is going to be, or pick a fight, or interrupt her conversations, or try to bully her date into standing her up to try to win her back.  She tells him he needs to treat that girl with respect, not throw around all kinds of charming lines, and flash his dimples thinking she is going to throw herself at his feet.  That is not how it works.  Referring to her as Mrs. Falconeri, he thanks her for her advice, but tells her that he cannot win Lulu back because he was never with her.  He points out that he doesn’t have any dimples.  He says goodbye to Carly and leaves.  Carly asks Olivia if she is ok.  Olivia says she doesn’t know what got into her.  Carly tells her she thinks she knows.

At home, Jason is on the phone telling someone to hold the shipment; they cannot risk another raid.  He tells the person that he cannot meet him; he has other plans.  There is a knock on his door, so he hangs up to answer it.  It is Sam.  She tells him she is officially off the hook.  Spinelli brought in a new client so she has to work and Jason does not have to take her to the carnival. He asks if she is sure.  She tells him this case gives them both the perfect out, so he is under no obligation.

Nikolas is talking on the phone in his office.  Elizabeth enters and starts rummaging through his desk drawer.  He hangs up the phone and asks what she is looking for.  She finds the picture of Emily and tells him she remembers that dress; Emily looked great in it.  Nikolas agrees.  Elizabeth asks him why he gave Rebecca one just like it.  Elizabeth asks Nikolas if Rebecca has ever seen the picture, He doubts it.  Elizabeth concludes that Rebecca has no idea that he is dressing her up like her dead sister.  He tells her it’s a pretty dress and he thought Rebecca would like it.  She asks him if he expects her to believe that.  She tells him she knows him too well and reminds him that she found him with a bottle of vodka raving about how Rebecca is a lying tramp.  She tells him she does not believe he has forgiven Rebecca.  She thinks he is lying to her and manipulating her.  He is a Cassadine; he is good at revenge, and she is sure that whatever he is planning to do to Rebecca will hurt her but not as much as it will hurt him.

At the Metro Court, Patrick tells Robin that he had heard Edward was a skirt-chaser, but he has never seen him in action before.  Patrick tells Robin that if Edward was with the blonde woman the night of the murder, he would not have noticed if Andrea walked by.  Monica enters and goes over to Edwards’s table.  She reminds him that he promised to mingle.  Edward introduces Monica to Deirdre and says she manages some of their commercial real estate properties.  Deirdre says Edward is a delight to work with.  Monica asks if she knows that Edward has a bad heart.  She says she wouldn’t want their business dealings to get too strenuous.  Edward tells her that he just cot a clean bill of health.  Andrea enters the Metro Court wearing after changing clothes after Edward spilled his spiked martini on her.  She looks at the bottle of Digitalis she has in her purse.

Outside of Kelly’s, Kristina tells Kiefer that he was seeing Tara while she was gone.  He reminds her that she left without saying goodbye.  She has been ducking him since she got back.  She tells him to go ahead and break up with her.  He asks why he would want to break up with her; she is the only girl he thinks about.  He kisses her.

Olivia is surprised that she went off on Dominic like that since she barely knows him, but he was dogging Lulu like that.  Carly asks Olivia if it reminded her of Sonny.  Olivia asked if the dimples comment gave it away.  Carly says Dominic can be just as charming as Sonny, and admits that just then, Dominic reminded her of Sonny.

At Jason’s place, he asks Sam if the new case is an emergency.  She tells him that the agency needs business.  She tells him that she just stopped by to tell him he is off the hook.  He tells her he wants to go to the carnival.  She tells him to go and have fun.  He tells her that he wants to go with her.  Spinelli enters dressed in a clown costume.  Jason asks him why he is dressed like a clown.  Spinelli tells him he is confronting the thing that terrifies him most.  Sam asks if he is saying he is afraid of clowns.  He says he is going to the carnival dressed as a clown to get the full clown experience and mingle with other clowns.  Sam asks Spinelli who put him up to it.  He reveals that Maximista does not want her groom-to-be to live his life in mortal fear. He recalls that Shakespeare used clowns in his plays.  Then he remembers that York, in Hamlet was represented by a skull to remind the audience that death is a certainty.  He concludes that clowns are not happy at all.  Sam asks what danger there could be at a carnival.  Spinelli supposed that there will be no danger and even if there were, the buffoon often gets the better of the devil. 

In Prison, Anthony tells a visitor that everyone will be at the carnival.  He says he is sorry he will have to miss it.  He asks what a carnival is without a little suspense, a little mystery.  He says everyone will be having so much fun.  He thinks he will send over a little surprise of his own.  He laughs and makes a sinister moustache curling gesture.

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