GH Update Wednesday 9/2/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/2/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli and Maxie walk in to the penthouse to find Jason and Sam embracing. Maxie wants to excuse themselves but Spinelli says that his second dearest dream is coming true, his treasured friends are reuniting.

At General Hospital Edward and Patrick talk about his health and how Edward is looking forward to the upcoming carnival. Andrea looks on with a vial in her hand as Matt comes up behind her and asks if she thinks she’s fooling anyone.

At Jax and Carly’s, Michael says he remembers Jax apologizing to him for something; Carly wants to know what he would be apologizing for.

At his home Sonny tells Kristina not to blame herself, but Kristina wants to take the blame. Sonny tells her to blame him because he wasn’t there for her.

Elizabeth sees Nikolas on the docks. They talk about the picnic and Elizabeth invites Nikolas and Spencer to the carnival with her and Lucky and the boys. Rebecca comes up also and kisses Nikolas. Elizabeth looks on confused.

Matt tells Andrea there is no reason for her to be at the hospital and asks if she’s looking for Robin, Andrea says she’s trying to avoid Robin and all of them should let the police do the investigating. Matt tells Patrick he caught Andrea spying on him, and he may be right about Andrea’s guilt.

Spinelli tells Jason and Sam not to part on his account and is just happy to witness their reconnection. Spinelli says he always knew they were destined. Jason tries to stop him but Spinelli continues until Sam decides to leave. Maxie yells at Jason to go after her.

Jax says he was out of town when Michael was shot so he was apologizing for not being there for his family. Michael says he forgives him and then says he hopes they didn’t say anything that will come back to haunt them.

Sonny thinks none of this would have happened if he was in her life more. Kristina recounts all the wrong things she did, but Sonny continues to show her it’s ok. Kristina says she’s not perfect, and then Sonny is interrupted by Max.

Nikolas tells Rebecca about the carnival and invites her to join. Elizabeth says that’s fine and leaves for work. Rebecca is surprised by Elizabeth’s reaction, but Nikolas says she just wants him to be happy.

Maxie tells Jason he’s selfish for letting Sam go and that she probably left because she was mortified Jason didn’t agree with Spinelli about how happy he is they are back together. Jason says it’s none of their business. Maxie says she’s going to go check on Sam and then tells him not to say no to Spinelli, but Jason doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Johnny and Olivia are breathless on the floor and Johnny invites her to the carnival with him, but she will be working most of the time. He asks if she’s avoiding Sonny seeing them together.

Kristina tells Max that they were in the middle of something, but Sonny says it’s important and Milo will take her home. He invites her to the carnival and gives her money to buy something. She leaves and Max tells Sonny that the cops busted their latest shipment. Sonny wonders if there is a leak.

Dante (also Dominic) brings Morgan home and tells Michael he is their new bodyguard. Morgan seems excited but Michael says no.

Jason wants to know what Maxie meant by pink tie and says they aren’t discussing Sam. Spinelli says he can see in Jason’s eyes that he is awash in a tsunami of romance. Jason tells him that Sam helped him and that’s all he needs to know. Spinelli beams with happiness.

Maxie tells Sam that Jason wasn’t very chivalrous and doesn’t know how she puts up with him. She asks what happened with them in Mexico, and takes Sam’s reaction as a yes. Maxie is very happy for them, but Sam says they are just friends.

At Wyndemere, Alfred brings Nikolas a box and tells Nikolas the gift may be inappropriate. Nikolas admits that he’s going to encourage Rebecca to dress and act like Emily so she can believe she is able to take Emily’s place. Nikolas thinks she deserves to be hurt and humiliated.

Morgan stands up for Dante but Michael thinks Sonny should have checked with him first, and Dante isn’t guarding him. Dante asks for a moment with Michael. When they are alone Dante tells him this isn’t about him it’s about Morgan, and Morgan needs Michael’s approval. Dante says they need a guard.

Johnny apologizes for bringing up Sonny and Olivia says she doesn’t care about Sonny. Just then Sonny knocks on the door. He wants to talk to her about the carnival and that he wants to bring his kids. He doesn’t want them having to wait on long lines and wants her to handle it. He then leaves and Olivia says that its things like this that make her happy she had the sense to…and doesn’t finish the sentence. Johnny asks her what she’s talking about.

Michael says Morgan should have a guard and invites everyone back in. Michael says he is fine with Dante being their guard, and Morgan invites him to the carnival.

Spinelli wants Jason to express his feelings but Jason says no. Spinelli then tells him that Maxie agreed to marry him on September 25. He then asks Jason to stand by his side as his best man. Jason smiles and asks where the pink tie came in.

Maxie says she understands wanting to keep things casual and then mentions getting married. Sam is surprised by the lack of enthusiasm. Maxie says she wants to focus on her career and is afraid of marriage but wasn’t able to really tell Spinelli.

Patrick tells Matt that Robin has done a good job and has obtained a list of people in the Metro Court at the time of Brianna’s murder.

Monica finds Edward and tells him he needs to schmooze the big money attendees of the carnival. Edward says he’d be happy too.

Andrea speaks to her attorney and asks if someone confessed to their lawyer they were guilty would they have an obligation to tell, to which her attorney says no. And then she asks about a hypothetical witness who is elderly with a heart condition, who may tragically die before questioning.

Spinelli tells Jason his duties and Jason asks how big the wedding is. Spinelli says Jason has been his mentor and friend and it is inconceivable to have anyone else standing by his side. Jason agrees but says no pink tie. Spinelli says there is no way around it. Maxie comes in and tells Jason he should bring Sam to the carnival to make up for how he treated her. Maxie says she doesn’t like carnivals either since her boyfriend was killed at one. She says it would make Sam happy if he took her out on a date. Jason takes out his phone.

Lucky shows up at GH to take Elizabeth and the kids out. Elizabeth tells Lucky about seeing Nikolas and Rebecca on the pier and she’s really surprised given Nikolas’ immediate reaction. She says she is worried.

Rebecca shows up at Wyndemere and she and Nikolas discuss the carnival. He gives her a gift to wear to the carnival.

Dante comes knocking at Olivia’s door and asks for lasagna. She tells him he can’t just stop by because he narrowly missed Johnny and Sonny. Dante assures her that he’s closer than anyone to Sonny because he’s now bodyguard to his kids.

Sonny goes to see Michael and tells him he would have forgiven him no matter what. Morgan, Carly, and Jax come in. Sonny tells them he wants to take all his kids to the carnival.

On the pier Kristina talks to a friend on the phone when Claudia arrives. Claudia hugs her and says she’s glad she’s safe. Kristina apologizes for her actions and Claudia says it was an accident and she doesn’t hate her. This is a chance for both of them to learn something.

Edward and Monica talk about Edward’s ability to drive himself and how Monica will be out of town. Andrea reads about the drug Digitalis on the internet that can cause cardiac arrest.

All the characters are featured in soundless clips along with photos of a carnival; Jason invites Sam to the carnival and she says yes.

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