GH Update Tuesday 9/1/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/1/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At his house Sonny is on the phone giving orders to put more security on Alexis and Carly’s houses. Claudia comes down and asks if the kids are coming home. Sonny tells her yes, and they will be going straight to their mother's houses.

Kristina and Sam arrive at the lake house. Molly is thrilled to see them. Alexis comes in and Kristina looks worried, but Alexis hugs her and tells her everything is going to be alright.

Jason brings Michael to Jax and Carly’s. Everyone is happy to have him home.

At General Hospital Patrick, Elizabeth, and Matt discuss where Patrick and Robin were the day before. Patrick says they were playing detective and they are sure Andrea Floyd killed Brianna they just need hard evidence.

Also in GH Edward runs into Andrea. Edward mentions seeing Andrea at the Metro Court a few months back, but Andrea just rushed right by him.

Maxie walks in on Spinelli practicing a talk to Jason, who is represented by a stick in a leather jacket with a paper Jason face. Spinelli is practicing asking Jason to be his best man even though Jason doesn’t like large social gatherings or wearing ties. Maxie interrupts him and says this reminds her why she loves him.

Michael apologizes to Carly for worrying her, which Carly accepts. Jason says he’s just enjoying the family reunion, but Carly senses something is wrong. Jason says he is just tired and excuses himself. Michael tells Morgan he almost didn’t come home and Morgan makes him promise to never run away again.

Carly says it would be nice to spend some time with Kristina and do some girl things. Sonny says that is big of her since Kristina caused the accident. Claudia says she doesn’t resent her and wants to put this behind them.

Alexis asks about Kristina’s health. Sam tells Alexis that they found them at a resort working. Kristina tries to excuse herself but Alexis demands she tell her why she would run away. Molly then says she knows Kristina ran away because she felt guilty for causing Claudia’s accident but she doesn’t need to anymore because Alexis took the blame.

Patrick tells Elizabeth and Matt what he and Robin think happened between Andrea and Brianna. They have a lead on an object was missing from the room but need a witness that can place Andrea at the Metro Court.

Andrea tells Edward that she goes to the Metro Court often and can’t remember the specific day. But Edward remembers it was the day Mayor Floyd’s assistant had her accident. Andrea then goes off on how Alexis is guilty.

Molly tells Alexis that she overheard her and Diane talking. Sam says the important thing is to figure out what to do now. Kristina says she took the car to go find Kiefer, but he was with another girl. She was very upset and got behind the wheel crying. Kristina thinks her life is over, but Alexis says that’s not true.

Michael tells Carly and Jax that he should live with the Quartermaine’s until Carly has the baby. Morgan and Carly want him there, but Michael thinks he is still a danger. Jax says keeping his distance is isolating himself and he should stay. Michael agrees, and Carly is ecstatic.

Sonny appreciates Claudia understanding that Kristina made a mistake. Jason comes in and tells Sonny that the kids are at their homes. Claudia excuses herself. Jason tells Sonny about running into Jerry and almost dying.

Alexis is going to continue to say she’s guilty and things are fine now. Molly says that’s not true because she lost her job, but Alexis says this is for the best. Kristina thanks Alexis for fixing everything and Alexis says she has to learn a lesson from this. She makes Kristina promise to come to her in the future. Sam steps in and says this isn’t a minor fender bender and Sonny and Claudia deserve to know the truth. Kristina says she’s right.

Jax sees Olivia at the Metro Court and tells her Michael is ok and has a new attitude towards his mother. Olivia senses something is wrong, and guesses it’s about Claudia. Jax says that once Carly gives birth he’s going to tell her the truth about Claudia.

Claudia visits Johnny at his body shop to tell him Jason is home and she’s still alive, so Jerry didn’t tell Jason anything.

Jason says he doesn’t know how Jerry even knew they were there, and retells the story to Sonny about the shootout. He says he asked Jerry if Claudia was involved in Michael’s shooting, and Jerry laughed in his face and said Claudia was innocent.

Alexis thanks Sam for bringing Kristina home and does think she should face Sonny and Claudia but the conversation could have waited. Sam says Kristina needs to learn lessons and that there are consequences to her actions. Sam and Alexis argue and Sam says one day Kristina will spiral out of control and Alexis won’t be able to do anything about it.

Carly and Michael talk and she asks if he knows why she was making him so mad before he left. He says it’s hard to pin down but the more she tries to take care of him, the more broken her feels. She assures him he’s not broken and tells him she’s proud.

Sonny thinks if Claudia was guilty Jerry would have told Jason then. Jason plays a recording of Claudia ordering a hit on Jerry and wants to know why Claudia would do that if she was innocent. Sonny says he can’t deal with any of this right now but he believes Ian Devlin and Jerry Jacks alone put a hit out on Sonny.

Jason and Sam enter the penthouse. Sam tells Jason that she argued with Alexis about Kristina and how she’s not being punished. Jason tells her that Sonny is choosing to believe Claudia that Ian and Jerry acted alone. Sam says Sonny will regret this but assures Jason he has done everything he can. Jason silences her with a kiss.

Jax comes home and Michael tells him about running into Jerry in Mexico and how he held him and Kristina and nearly killed Jason.

Kristina goes to Sonny’s and he welcomes her with a hug. Sonny says he was really surprised that she ran away and asks why. She tells him she didn’t want Michael to be alone and she knew it was possible that she caused Claudia’s accident. She cries as she tells Sonny it was her.

Edward runs into Patrick at GH as Andrea eavesdrops. She then goes over to an unattended nurses cart and steals something from it.

Maxie and Spinelli kiss outside the penthouse door and enter to find Jason and Sam embracing. Spinelli is very happy at what they have found and even claps softly.

Kristina says she was too scared to admit she could have been responsible and feels horrible. Claudia is in the doorway. Sonny tells Kristina not to blame herself and hugs her.

Michael tells Jax that Jason doesn’t want Michael to tell Carly but thought he should tell Jax. Jax agrees that Carly shouldn’t know, but after the baby is born she will know everything. Carly walks in and asks what was going on. Michael has a flash of Jax talking to him and says he remembers something Jax said to him during his coma.

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