GH Update Monday 8/31/09

General Hospital Update Monday 8/31/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

From her apartment, Olivia talks to Jax over the phone. Jax is at home, sitting in the living room. Jax asks if Dante is still trying to take down Sonny. Carly walks in and asks Jax who he is talking to. Jax explains that Olivia called to talk about business matters. Morgan interrupts. Morgan is looking forward to Michael’s return. Jax warns Morgan that Michael is still dealing with anger issues. Jax says that Morgan should come to them if Michael starts acting out.

Michael wants to stay in Cancun. Jason tries to reason with him but realizes that Michael needs to make his own decisions. Jason promises that Michael doesn’t need to worry since he didn’t cause Claudia’s car crash. Michael doesn’t want to go home. Jason and Michael have a conversation about returning to New York. Michael won’t back down. Jason tells Michael that he will respect his decision to stay in Cancun.

In the hotel room, Kristina confesses to Sam that she caused Claudia’s accident. Sam discloses that she already knows. Sam explains that the paint chips from Claudia’s car matches Alexis’ other hybrid. Kristina is concerned that Alexis confessed to the accident. Sam points out that it is crucial that Kristina tell the truth about the accident. Kristina thinks that she has too much to lose by admitting to the truth. Sam emphasizes that Kristina needs to confess before she can move on with her life. Kristina is unsure of what to do.

Claudia overhears Sonny and Alexis talking about Kristina’s role in her car crash. Sonny wants to make sure that Kristina doesn’t have to pay the consequences. Alexis and Sonny both agree that they will be lenient on Kristina. Alexis tells Sonny that they need to work together to help Kristina get through this. Sonny admits that he neglected Kristina but wants to be in her life now. Alexis questions why Kristina has been acting out lately. Alexis comments that Kristina’s odd behavior started when Michael came home.

Dante shows up at Olivia’s apartment. Olivia relays to Dante that Kristina and Michael are on their way back to Port Charles. Olivia reminds Dante that he needs to be extra careful. Dante isn’t worried about Jason and Sonny finding out. Olivia insists that Dante stop his investigation into the Corinthos organization and leave town immediately. Dante explains to his mother that he can take care of himself. Olivia worries about Dante’s safety. Dante thinks Olivia could make a slip-up with Sonny at any time. Olivia promises that she will watch what she says. Dante reassures Olivia that he will more cautious when dealing with Sonny.

Claudia goes to Johnny’s garage. Claudia is upset. Claudia blurts out that Alexis didn’t cause her accident – it was Kristina. Claudia is mad that Alexis and Sonny want to cover it up. Claudia wants justice for her baby’s death.

In the hotel room, Sam tells Kristina that she needs to make a choice. Jason returns without Michael. Kristina divulges to Jason that she caused Claudia’s accident. Kristina feels sorry for her actions. Jason is silent which surprises Kristina. Kristina is impressed that Jason didn’t yell at her. Kristina leaves the hotel room to be alone. Sam thanks Jason for being compassionate toward Kristina.

Kiefer goes to Alexis’ home. Kiefer talks to Molly about Kristina. Alexis returns with a bag of groceries. Kiefer says he got a call from Kristina. Alexis inquires about the phone conversation. Kiefer replies that there was a bad connection. Alexis asks Molly to get some bags from the car. Alexis and Kiefer sit down in the living room to talk about his college options. Kiefer states his opinion about the situation with Kristina. Kiefer thinks Kristina made a mistake by going away with Michael.

Dante and Sonny discuss business in the Corinthos living room. Carly and Jax walk in. Carly thinks that Sonny wants Michael to live with him. Sonny announces that he wants Dante to be Michael and Morgan’s personal bodyguard. Dante is stunned. Carly isn’t convinced that it is the right thing to do. Sonny thinks that Dante would be a good influence on the boys. Jax defends Carly. Dante is reluctant about the suggestion. Claudia interrupts. Claudia thanks Carly for saving her life after the car crash. It is obvious that Claudia is still grieving.

Kristina runs into Michael outside. Kristina is emotional. Kristina begs Michael to come back to Port Charles.

Johnny knocks on Olivia’s door. Olivia talks about her son. Johnny and Olivia drink some wine. Johnny asks what Dante does for a living. Olivia wants to change the subject. Johnny thinks that Dante’s job must be more honorable than working for the mob. Olivia doesn’t answer. Johnny is still upset about what happened to Michael.

Sam thinks that Michael needs to come back to Port Charles. Jason is worried that Michael would want to run away again if he is forced to come home. Jason mentions that he called for the jet but it won’t be there for a while. Jason suggests to Sam that she should go for a walk on the beach in the meantime. Sam asks Jason to join her. They both stand up. Jason is about to kiss Sam when Michael and Kristina walk in. There is an awkward silence until Sam pipes in that she and Jason are going to the beach.

Jax and Carly leave the Corinthos home. Sonny and Claudia talk about Kristina. Sonny admits that Alexis didn’t cause the accident. Sonny explains that Kristina was driving without a license that night and drove Claudia off the road. Claudia begins to cry. Claudia says that Kristina is responsible for their baby’s death.

At Alexis’ home, Kiefer badmouths Michael. Alexis defends Michael’s behavior because of his brain injury. Kiefer implies that he is worried about Kristina. Kiefer doesn’t want Alexis to punish Kristina for her actions.

Jax and Carly return home. Carly says that she is okay with Dante guarding Michael and Morgan. Jax doesn’t agree. Carly comments that Jax seems undecided about Dante’s intentions. Jax wants to make sure that the boys are safe from Sonny’s business. Carly senses that Jax is hiding something and asks him to spill the beans about Dante. Jax and Carly are about to argue when the baby starts kicking. Carly thinks that Claudia acted strange at Sonny’s house. Jax doesn’t respond.

Molly brings two glasses of lemonade for Alexis and Kiefer. Alexis talks about Cassadine family traditions. Alexis wants Kiefer to spend more time with Kristina.

Jason, Sam, Michael, and Kristina are flying back to Port Charles on the jet. Jason wants everyone to stay quiet about the matter until after Carly has her baby. Kristina whispers to Michael that Jason and Sam are back together.

At home, Sonny feels bad that he hasn’t spent more time with Kristina. Sonny tells Claudia that he and Alexis want to remain quiet about Kristina’s role in her accident. Claudia bites her tongue and agrees to Sonny’s suggestion.

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