GH Update Friday 8/28/09

General Hospital Update Friday 8/28/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Kate is in an unusually good mood at the office.  Maxie and Lulu donít want to ruin her mood with bad news about Maxie missing her deadline and the Magazine being in trouble.  Before Maxie can tell Kate that she missed her deadline, Kate tells her that she heard about the missed deadline and that it is ok.  She asks what the two of them have to tell her.  They dance around the issue, dreading telling her that the magazine is in trouble.  She tells them to get out of her office and come back when they have something to say.  She tells them that in the meantime, she wants them to print out everything they can find on the downfall of ďthat viperĒ Giselle.  They are surprised that she knows about it.  She reveals that she engineered it.  She tells them that she is the reason that blackmailing bitch is getting everything she deserves.

Jax and Carly enter their house with Molly and Morgan. Morgan asks her how she thinks Jason found Michael.  Carly tells him that Jason is just good at that.  Molly says she he bets Sam helped him.  Jax says that no matter how it happened, they are on the way home.  Carly is happy that Jax doesnít have to go anywhere.  Jax suggests that they go on a family vacation to Cancun one of these days.  Carly goes to get some snacks for the kids and while she is out of ht room Jax offers to pay the kids to coerce Carly to eat healthy snacks.  After Jax leaves, the room Morgan tells Molly that he saw her talking to Kristinaís boyfriend and tells her that she should not tell him anything because he is a bully and neither of his parents like him.  He tells Molly that he wishes she and Kristina didnít like him either.

Sonny walks on Max and Diane making out.  Sonny tells them to get a room.  Alexis enters asking Sonny if he had heard that Sam and Jason found Kristina and Michael in Cancun. Diane asks when they will be back and Sonny tells her that they donít know yet, but they need to straighten something out before they discuss that.

In Cancun, Michael tells Jason that he had to leave town; he has already caused too much trouble.  Jason tells him that if he had waited none of this would have happened.  Michael says it did happen.  He says it is great that Jason found them and helped with that guy that was bothering him, but nothing has changed.  Jason clutches the area where he was shot.  Olivia tells him she was afraid of that, has him sit down, and tells him she told the concierge to send up a doctor.  Michael asks if he got shot.  Sam tells him that that is why it took them so long to get there; Jason was in Vera Cruz when he was shot and left for dead.  Jason tells them that he would be dead if Sam hadnít found him.  Michael correctly guesses that Jerry shot Jason.  Kristina asks why Jerry would shoot Jason.

At Johnnyís shop, Claudia tells Johnny that she is sure everything is fine; there is not a problem.  Johnny tells her that she is the problem.  The way she acts without thinking about the damage she will cause to others around her is the problem.  Claudia tells him that when she sent the first hit out, it was to protect him.  When she called Fredo to blow up Jerryís car, it was to protect both of them.  When she called Jerry, it was to get justice for her son.  Jerry asks if she will get justice by send a psychopath after a couple of kids. Claudia protests that if Johnny, Sonny, or Jason had done the same thing, they would be heroes for protecting their families.  He tells her that she is a danger to herself and others.  She tells him that thatís funny; everyone is safe except her child.  He tells her Jason and Sam have been out of communication for too long, and itís possible that Jerry tracked them down and harmed at least one of them.  She said that maybe Jason got hurt, and that would be good.  He tells her that obviously, Jerry didnít hurt Jason, which means he probably told him the truth about what she did to Michael and Jason is on his way back to kill her.  He tells her that she wonít be able to keep what she did to Michael a secret forever.  The truth is bound to come out and he has a bad feeling about it.  He tells her that the moment she sent Jerry after Michael, he lost every shred of loyalty to her.  He tells her that sheís better get away from Sonny tonight because it might be her last chance.  She tells him that Jerry will never tell Jason anything.  He tells her that if sheís right, she lives; otherwise, she dies.  Either way, he is going to stay out of it.  He isnít going to let her drag him down with her

Morgan answers the door to see Kiefer.  He tells Carly and Jax that he came to apologize for what happened at the country club.  Morgan tells him he is there to ask them not to tell Kristina what a jerk he really is.

In Cancun, Kristina tells Jason that Jerry was nice to them.  He helped them in the alley; he just showed up out of nowhere.  Michael reminds her that after that, Jerry took them to an apartment and held them prisoner. Sam tells them that Jerry found her outside the apartment and dragged her away at gunpoint.  Michael asks Jason where he was.  He tells him that they had split up to cover more ground.  Sam tells them that she got away and went to find Jason.  Michael says they should never have gone with Jerry after he killed those guys in the alley.  Kristina asks why Jerry would want to kill Jason.  Sam tells her that all that matters is that they are all safe.  The doctor arrives and Sam takes him and Jason into the other room.  Michael tells Kristina that Jerry is dangerous and that he should be in jail.  She asks why he isnít.  He tells her that he probably made a deal with someone.  Kristina wonders if it was her mother.  She reveals that her mother was sleeping with Jerry.  She wonders what is wrong with her mother.

At Sonnyís house, Alexis tells Sonny that she doesnít know the details, but she knows that the kids are ok and will be home as soon as possible.  Diane tells Alexis that this complicates her legal situation.  Alexis says she knows, but all she is worried about is seeing her daughter.  Diane asks her which version of the truth she is going to tell.  Sonny tells Diane and Max to leave.  Once alone, he asks Alexis how they are going to deal with it.  She tells him they should let them get home first before they make this complicated.  He reminds her that Kristina ran Claudia off the road.  She asserts that it was an accident.  She suggests that they just ground her until she goes to college; at least that way she will still be able to go.

At Crimson, Maxie and Lulu tells Kate that she was very convincing when she pretended she was being duped.  Maxie asks if this means their jobs are secure.  Kate assures them that after their discretion through the whole matter their jobs are safer than ever.

Patrick finds Robin in Alexisí vacant office and asks her why she is there.  She tells him she feels responsible for Alexis losing her job.  He tells her she needs to back off and let the police handle it, or Andrea will come after her next.  After they leave, Andrea reveals herself.

 At the Jacksí house, Jax tells Kiefer to call next time instead of just showing up.  He tells him he was worried about Kristina.  Molly tells him Kristina is on her way home.  He asks about Michael.  Carly tells him Michael is fine. 

Alexis tells Sonny that any connection that Kristina has to the accident is immaterial because Alexis confessed.  Sonny tells her that she shouldnít have had to do that.  He tells her that Kristina should own up to what she did.  She is a good girl who made a bad mistake and the truth has a way of coming out.

Kristina tells Sam that she is sorry for everything.  Sam tells her it is not her fault.  Kristina tells Sam that she and Jason went through so much to find them and Michael was willing to fight off that loser just so she could get a plane ticket, but all she could think about was how much she misses her boyfriend.  Sam asks if she has heard from Kiefer.  Kristina tells her that he is already with someone else.  Sam asks her why she would leave with Michael in the first place.  Jason and the doctor come out of the other room.  The doctor tells Sam that he started Jason on a course of antibiotics and urges her to follow up with his doctor in the U.S.  She thanks him and he leaves.  Jason asks Kristina where Michael is.  She tells him that Michael went for a walk.  He asks her if she is saying that Michael is gone.

At the Jacksí house, Carly tells Jax that she has Michaelís room ready.  He tells them they arenít even sure if Michael wants to live with them.  He tells her he hopes so, because he likes to see her happy.

In Cancun, Jason finds Michael at his job.  Jason tells him that they have to get ready to leave.  Michael informs Jason that he is staying.

Kiefer calls Kristina and leaves a message that he canít wait to see her and puck up where they left off.

Kristina tells Sam that Jason hates her even more because she let Michael take a walk.  Sam tells her that she is not responsible for what Michael does.  Sam asks again, why Kristina would leave in the first place.  Kristina tells her that Michael needed her and still does.  Sam concludes that Kristina has not seen the Port Charles Heraldís website.  Sam tells her that the charges against Michael were dropped because someone confessed to causing Claudiaís accident.  Kristina asks who would do that.  Sam reveals that it was their mother.

Claudia comes home and overhears Sonny telling Alexis that they need to give their daughter some credit and let her admit what she has done, not to the police but to the family so that she can move on.  Alexis asserts that it was an accident.  Sonny tells her that he knows that but when Kristina comes home, they need to be on the same page.  Alexis admits that Kristina was wrong to drive without a license; she was wrong to drive when she was that upset and she was wrong to let Michael to take the blame, but she didnít mean to run Claudia off the road and she didnít mean for Claudia to lose her baby.

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