GH Update Thursday 8/27/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/27/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli wakes up from the living room couch. Maxie bends down and kisses Spinelli. Spinelli makes it clear that he and Maxie will not be having sex before the wedding. Maxie isn’t happy at all. Maxie thinks Spinelli is making a big deal out of it considering they have already had sex in the past. Spinelli won’t back down from his convictions.

Robin wants Patrick’s help with the Brianna Hughes case. Robin is worried about Alexis since she plans on speaking to the judge about Claudia’s accident. Robin is adamant that Andrea is Brianna’s killer. Patrick isn’t so sure. Patrick wants to make sure they have concrete proof.

Alexis is in her office when Diane walks in. Diane can’t believe that Alexis pled guilty to Claudia’s accident without notifying her in advance. Diane informs Alexis that she will receive six months of community service. Alexis is shocked. Diane says the community service will be in the form of pro bono work. Alexis and Diane are discussing the Hughes case when Nikolas appears. Nikolas brings up Rebecca and admits that Alexis was right about her all along. Nikolas reveals that he was the one who got the community service for Alexis. Diane is still mad at Alexis and Nik. Diane reminds Nik that he has made things worse for Alexis regarding the Hughes murder investigation.

At work, Kristina and Michael discuss her going home to Port Charles. Kristina doesn’t mind taking the bus back to New York but Michael insists that she will be taking a flight back.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny is talking to Johnny when Claudia interrupts. Claudia is delighted to see her brother. Johnny isn’t as happy to see his sister.

Jax and Olivia talk in his office. Jax brings up Kristina and Michael. Jax thinks that Spinelli knows exactly where the two teenagers are.

Kristina and Michael are interrupted when two customers enter the shop. Allison and Chad are looking to rent two wave runners. Michael stresses that they need to sign a waiver before they can rent them. Chad and Michael aren’t getting along. Kristina doesn’t want Michael to get into another fist fight. Finally, Michael tells the customers that they can rent the wave runners. Once alone, Michael tells Kristina that he plans on pawning Chad’s watch so they have money for the plane ticket.

Sonny, Claudia, and Johnny are about to get into a heated argument when Morgan and Carly interrupt. Morgan asks Sonny if he is really serious about getting World Series tickets. Sonny says he will try to get tickets. Morgan wants to make sure that Michael has a ticket for when he gets home. Everyone stops talking when Johnny sets his drinking glass down too hard. Sonny inquires about Johnny’s bad attitude. Johnny lies and says that he just remembered he needs to be somewhere else. Morgan asks if Johnny wants a ticket to the ball game. Johnny graciously refuses and leaves. Claudia walks him out. Carly tells Sonny that they joined the country club. Sonny is surprised. Carly and Sonny discuss the possibility of him trying out golfing. They both laugh.

Claudia and Johnny are in the foyer. Claudia wants to know why Johnny is so rude. Johnny maintains that he can’t stand by Claudia and her decisions anymore. Johnny is furious that Claudia is responsible for what happened to Michael. Johnny storms out. Claudia notices that Morgan is nearby. Claudia is worried that Morgan overheard her conversation with Johnny.

Robin and Patrick continue to talk about the Hughes case. Robin is becoming more certain that Andrea is guilty.

In her office, Alexis swears that she didn’t have an affair with the mayor. Alexis says that someone is framing her for the murder. Alexis thinks that Nikolas is acting just like Stefan. Once Nikolas leaves, Diane comments that Nikolas is becoming a true Cassadine. Alexis is concerned about her nephew.

There is a knock at the penthouse. Spinelli answers the door. It’s Mac. Mac wants to speak to Spinelli but is surprised to see Maxie. Mac is disgusted that Maxie slept overnight. Maxie is resolute that she will be marrying Spinelli.

Diane talks to Alexis about her resignation. Alexis thinks that she was not meant to be the D.A.

Robin and Patrick go to Jax’s office. Robin confides that she is suspicious of Andrea Floyd. Olivia pipes in that Brianna’s hotel room will have to be searched for a missing item.

Claudia goes to Johnny’s garage. Claudia announces that Morgan might have heard everything. Claudia can’t believe that Johnny is mad at her.

Carly, Sonny, and Morgan arrive at the country club. They run into Molly. Kiefer shows up and inquires about Kristina. Morgan doesn’t want to talk to him. Sonny and Kiefer speak in private. Sonny makes it clear that he doesn’t like Kiefer. Kiefer admits that he is worried about “K”. Sonny is irritated that Kiefer calls Kristina “K”. Sonny doesn’t want Kiefer anywhere near his daughter.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about their upcoming wedding. Spinelli seems weary of Maxie’s lack of excitement towards their imminent marriage.

Alexis is just finishing up in her office when Andrea shows up. Andrea warns that Alexis is going to pay for Brianna’s murder. Alexis thinks that Andrea is scared.

Olivia returns to Jax’s office with an item that was missing from Brianna’s hotel room. Patrick and Robin inspect the item. Patrick thinks it is possible that a sharp edge could have caused Brianna’s head injury. Patrick adds that it isn’t direct proof that Andrea was the killer.

Dante walks into a dark Corinthos home. Dante looks around in Sonny’s desk. Dante finds some papers but is interrupted by noise in the foyer. Dante grabs the papers and heads to the French doors. Max and Diane walk in. Max drops Diane on the couch when he sees Dante. Dante explains that he thought he was supposed to meet Sonny for a meeting. Dante apologizes and quickly leaves the premises. Dante stops to look at the papers he stole from Sonny’s desk.

Claudia and Johnny continue to argue. Johnny is furious that Claudia had Jerry go after Michael. Claudia can’t believe that Johnny won’t support her anymore. Johnny thinks that Claudia needs to get away from Sonny before the secret comes out.

Kiefer confronts Molly about contacting Kristina. Carly walks up to them. Carly can’t believe that Kiefer would disregard Sonny’s thoughts towards him. Kiefer swears that he is only worried about Kristina.

Jax shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Jax demands to know where Michael and Kristina are located. Spinelli is reluctant to answer. Jax finally manages to get Spinelli to talk. Spinelli blurts out that the teenagers are in Cancun, Mexico.

Chad, the angry customer, yells at Michael. Chad wants his money reimbursed and asks about his watch. Kristina is worried that a fight is imminent.

Dante meets with Ronnie at the Laundromat. Dante says that he has some information that he stole from Sonny’s house. Ronnie believes that Dante is getting too close to Morgan. Dante emphasizes that he won’t let emotions get in the way of work.

Robin tells Alexis that she will prove that Andrea is Brianna’s killer.

Johnny is shouting obscenities about Claudia when Sonny walks into the garage. Sonny announces that the three of them need to have a serious talk.

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