GH Update Wednesday 8/26/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/26/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli carries Maxie into Jason’s penthouse. Spinelli says he’s practicing for their wedded bliss. Maxie asks if he thinks they are going to live there after they get married.

Sam and Jason agree not to discuss what happened between the two of them and head off to find Michael and Kristina.

Michael is mad that Kristina wasn’t going to tell him she was leaving, and instead just leave a note.

Tracey comes to the Haunted Star to see Ethan. She is furious that he hasn’t shown his face since his original motives were revealed. She wants to know why he called her.

Rebecca pushes Nikolas away and tells him she doesn’t understand.

Ethan tells Tracey he didn’t expect to find a family. He is hurt that Luke has left and Tracey tells him it has nothing to do with him. Lulu comes in and wonders what’s going on. Ethan tells her that Rebecca was conning Nikolas and he was her partner.

Nikolas doesn’t see what the problem is; he thought she wanted to be with him. She says she does but she’s confused that he would forgive her. She’s not sure she can trust him. He says he has decided to trust her and they can get back to where they were. He kisses her again.

Spinelli likes the City Library the most for their wedding, but Maxie thinks it’s old and musty. He wants some medieval tones to the wedding because of courtly love, Maxie doesn’t like any of this, and she wants to go back to where they will live. Spinelli says she can decorate the pink room however she wants. She tells him there is no way she will live with Jason after they get married.

Jason and Sam are in the car and Jason seems to be in pain, so Sam offers to drive.

Michael says Kristina is just leaving because of Kiefer. Kristina tells him tat she may have caused Claudia’s accident.

Lulu is so upset that she’s the only one that didn’t know and doesn’t know why Ethan would be telling everyone anyway, since everyone will hate him. Lulu yells at him for taking advantage of Nikolas and starts to storm off. She turns around and bumps into Dante (always referred by me as Dante and not Dominic).

Olivia is leaving a phone message and Johnny shows up at her door. He hasn’t heard back from her in a while and is there to apologize for whatever he did to make her angry.

Kristina says she’s a coward and a bad sister. She let him feel guilty and didn’t say anything. Michael says it’s not so bad. Michael says neither of them should have been driving. Kristina doesn’t know how to fix this. Michael tells her to go back and he will stay on the run. He doesn’t mind taking the blame.

Sam is now in the driver’s seat and turns on the radio to “Love on the Border” where a caller is talking about getting back with an ex after dating another man, the two men hated each other. The radio man says some people are just meant to be. Sam tries to change the station but can’t.

Maxie tries to explain to Spinelli that when they get married they will be a couple. Spinelli says Jason needs them. Maxie is mad she wasn’t consulted on this decision. Spinelli asks if she’d rather live with Lulu, and says Jason needs them more. Maxie says that if Mac finds out she’s living at Jason’s he will kidnap her, so if living there is a condition of them getting married, then the wedding is off.

The caller says she loved her ex and hated him at the same time. The host asks if he was ever abusive, and Sam answers “no” aloud. Sam and Jason try hard to change the station but can’t.

Johnny wants to talk about why she’s upset, she says he didn’t do anything wrong but she can’t see him anymore. Johnny looks very hurt.

Lulu tells Dante not to come looking for her. Tracey tells Ethan to keep Dante away from her. Lulu turns Dante down for a date, and Ethan comes over. Ethan offers Dante a card game; if Dante wins Ethan will tell him all about Lulu.

Rebecca and Nikolas lay in bed after making love. She is so happy that he has forgiven her and doesn’t want to relive the past. Nikolas says they are far from over, but doesn’t look very happy.

Olivia says it’s not working anymore. Johnny doesn’t agree and wonders if it’s because she knows the truth about Michael’s shooting. She says no, he’s wonderful but her life is complicated. Johnny won’t accept that and says she means a lot to him. He wants her to trust him and tell him what’s going on. She says it’s her son.

Dante and Ethan play cards while Tracey and Lulu look on. Lulu tells Tracey she’s not interested in Dante but she still doesn’t want to see him get fleeced. Tracey says Ethan is trying to protect her. Lulu tells Dante he will never beat Ethan and shows him Ethan is cheating.

Maxie talks to Kate on the phone. When they hang up Maxie suggests postponing the ceremony. Spinelli says no, he will choose Maxie and live wherever she wants. Maxie asks if he’s sure, she doesn’t want to be responsible for Jason’s sadness, which makes Spinelli think she wants to live at the penthouse. Maxie suggests that Jason may not want them to live there. He then brings up sex and questions if they should be having it.

The caller tells the host that things are way hotter with her ex the second time around and she and her ex can’t get enough of each other. Sam and Jason are very uncomfortable especially when the caller says that she and her ex haven’t talked about reconnecting for fear of ruining thing. Sam swerves over to beat the radio until it turns off.

Michael says Kristina has a lot waiting for her back home; she should go home and get into Yale. Kristina asks if he will take her to the bus station, he says he’s not letting her take the bus alone.

Alfred serves Rebecca and Nikolas dinner. She is served mac and cheese because Nikolas did some research on her and found out from Mike that she often ordered mac and cheese. She says she used to eat it with Ethan and then apologizes for bringing him up. Nikolas says he’s happy that she’s honest and makes a toast to trust. He tells her he loves her and won’t give up until she believes him.

Dante follows Lulu onto the deck of the Haunted Star. Dante thinks Lulu likes him because she blew Ethan’s scam. Dante says he owes her and wants to show his gratitude, its how his mother raised him.

Olivia says she’s uncomfortable dating someone her son’s age and doesn’t want Johnny to be with her out of pity. Johnny says that’s crazy, age is just a number and he cares about her. He kisses her. He says he will go if she wants him too but he’ll be back. He doesn’t want age to screw things up; he wants every moment he can have with her.

Sam talks to Jason in the car but he’s sleeping. She pulls over to rest herself but is restless.

Maxie doesn’t quite understand what Spinelli is talking about until e spell it out with abstinence. Maxie does not like this idea at all.

Michael says he’s not going home and she’s better off without him but he’ll keep in touch. Michael books her a flight home and says he will find a way to pay for it.

Jason and Sam wake up with her sleeping on his shoulder and they kiss again.

Johnny and Olivia lay on the floor after making love and kiss again. She doesn’t want him to leave.

Dante asks Lulu out for ice cream and she declines. She says it’s never going to happen between them. Dante taunts and teases Lulu until she kisses him.

Nikolas watches Rebecca as she sleeps and goes out of the room with Alfred. He tells Alfred they are not to be disturbed. Alfred says he is glad that he and Rebecca have worked things out. To which Nikolas replies, “she spit on Emily’s grave and she will soon realize that she will pay for that.”

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