GH Update Tuesday 8/25/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/25/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

On the patio of the Quartermaine’s Rebecca explains and apologizes to Nikolas for what happens, but she doubts his change of heart. She remembers the contempt and hatred inside of him and isn’t sure if that all could just disappear.

At Sonny’s, Sonny, Dominic, and Morgan talk about the Yankees and going to a future game when Michael and Kristina come back. Claudia comes down and infiltrate’s “boy talk.”

Sam and Jason continue to kiss. Sam pulls away and says they shouldn’t do this, but Jason kisses her again and she kisses him back.

Nikolas tells Rebecca that he’s ashamed of the way he treated her but he was devastated when he learned the truth. But he has since taken a step back and listened to what she’s said in her defense. Rebecca wants to trust him. Rebecca wants to know if he wants to be friends and he says he wants more than that.

Claudia thanks Morgan for the card he sent to her and he says he’s sorry about her accident. They talk about Michael and Morgan says Jason will find Michael and Kristina. Then they segue to more Yankee Stadium talk. Sonny suggests they all go and Morgan wants to see the World Series there, Morgan is sure they will make it. Dominic is invited also and Claudia says she’s honored to be let into the boy’s club. Morgan tells her she’s not like regular girls, which he means as a compliment. Dominic gets up and says it’s time to take Morgan home and they leave. Sonny thanks Claudia for being nice to his kids.

Jason and Sam make their way over to the bed and continue kissing.

Dominic and Morgan arrive at home and find Jax and Carly kissing on the couch. Morgan tells them about everyone going to the World Series, including Claudia. Carly is surprised to hear that. Morgan says Michael was right about Claudia being the coolest. Dominic goes back to Sonny’s to get Morgan the pennant he left there.

Claudia says she’s glad he lets her be near his kids. He says he never kept her away, he legally wasn’t allowed to be near Morgan after Michael was shot. And he has always had minimum visitation with Kristina, it wasn’t about Claudia. He thanks her again for making the boys feel comfortable there.

Kristina tells Michael the Kiefer already has another girlfriend. She thought he would wait for her, and she’s realizing how much she cared about him. She is sad that she left home without telling Kiefer how she felt. She grabs the PDA and calls Kiefer. Kiefer is lying by the pool as his phone rings. He gives the towel girl some money to answer the phone and say that he is busy, which she does and then hangs up.

Nikolas wants to start over and figure things out. Rebecca says she’s crazy about him but she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. Just then Edward comes out and tells Nikolas to leave immediately. He tells Rebecca to come to Wyndemere tonight and then leaves.

After making love Sam lays in Jason’s arms. Sam gets up and says they need to get up and go back to work. She tells him to stay in bed and runs out.

Michael says Kiefer is a jerk but he’s not going to judge. Kristina defends Kiefer and says she really likes him. Michael is confused because when they first left she didn’t care about him at all. Michael accuses her of just being competitive. She tells him that Kiefer helped her cover something up one day, and Michael asks what it was.

Claudia brings up Olivia and asks if he’s sleeping with Olivia. He says he’s not and he hasn’t been. He realizes that he’s glad it didn’t happen; it would have been a big mistake. He now wants to build a friendship with Claudia and see how it goes; he’s not going to think about anyone else. He tells her she doesn’t have to worry about Olivia. Dante hears this whole conversation.

Ethan comes to see Rebecca and she tells him that Lucky told Nikolas the truth. She says he did her a big favor.

Elizabeth sees Nikolas on the docks. He tells her she is right and he has to move on from the past and live in the present. Elizabeth apologizes for coming down hard on Nikolas and doesn’t want him to misunderstand what happened between them.

Dante brings Morgan his pennant and Morgan asks him if he can help him practice for short stop. Carly comes in as Dante is leaving. Morgan continues to sing Dante’s praises. After Morgan goes upstairs, Jax wants to know if they are okay that Michael and Morgan will be going anywhere with Claudia and Sonny. Carly says she’s not but Sonny is their father.

Michael wants to know what kind of trouble Kristina was in. Kristina doesn’t want to tell. She likes Kiefer and wants Michael to leave her alone.

Ethan is shocked that Rebecca is thankful to him. Rebecca says Nikolas was furious, which is exactly what Ethan wanted. Ethan says he never wanted her hurt; he just wanted her to see that her life with Nikolas was a fairy tale. Ethan wants to try again with her. Rebecca says no, Nikolas has forgiven her and she wants to be with him. She thanks him again and tells him not to come back.

Elizabeth and Nikolas talk about their kiss a little and Elizabeth tells him he needs to let go of Emily to have a happy life. Nikolas says he’s going to work on getting closure, and leaves.

In a room at Wyndemere, Nikolas lights candles and Rebecca enters. Nikolas asks her about her time in New York with Ethan and what she thought about him the first time she saw a picture of him. She tells him she thought he looked interesting. Nikolas says her plan worked out great.

Dante goes to see Olivia. He tells her about overhearing Sonny and Claudia patching things up, starting over in their marriage. Sonny said he’s not going to see Olivia anymore. Dante is happy about this because now Olivia can leave Port Charles.

Kristina tells Michael that she has to go home.

Jason is out of bed and loading his gun when Sam comes in having fixed the car. They have two guns, ammo and cash and are ready to go. They start to leave when Sam stops him. She points out that they just had sex and asks if they should talk about it or at least acknowledge it. Jason asks if she wants to talk. She says no and so does he. They agree to not talk about it and head out.

Claudia asks Sonny what he hasn’t mentioned the search for Michael and says she knows Alexis did it. Sonny says it was an accident, but Claudia wants Alexis held responsible. Sonny doesn’t want to talk about it. She says she’s going up to bed and he tells her she can sleep in their room. Claudia heads upstairs and watches Sonny from the top landing.

Olivia tells Dante she knows she and Sonny are over; she never wanted anything with him. She tells him she’s not leaving. She tells him to leave so he doesn’t blow his cover.

Elizabeth soaks in a bath and thinks about kissing Nikolas.

Nikolas pours Rebecca wine and they toast to a new beginning. She is glad the truth came out because now he knows the worst about her. He says he knows exactly who Rebecca Shaw is and then kisses her.

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