GH Update Monday 8/24/09

General Hospital Update Monday 8/24/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the bedroom at the abandoned church, Jason thanks Sam for pushing for his past brain surgery. Sam reminisces about her relationship with Jason. Jason believes that Sam is the only one who really understood him at the time. Sam misses her long talks with Jason. Jason agrees that things ended up getting complicated between them. Sam confesses that her and Jason work well together. Jason thinks that Sam is a mind-reader which she denies. Sam’s comment to Jason: “I know you”. Feeling suddenly awkward, Sam stands up.

At the Corinthos home, Claudia is surprised that Sonny would want a scholarship fund in their dead son’s name. Sonny says that he wants to help Claudia move on but she isn’t buying it. Claudia thinks that Sonny is lying and doesn’t want to stay married to her. Sonny confides that they need to become friends. Claudia implies that her and Sonny should start having sex again. Claudia wants Sonny to respect her. Sonny says that he will work on it. Claudia blurts out that she wants to get pregnant again.

Jax shows up at Kelly’s where Carly, Morgan, Dante, and Olivia are talking. Olivia seems uncomfortable and leaves in a hurry. Jax follows her out the door.

Outside in the rain, Nikolas kisses Elizabeth but she pushes him away. Nikolas apologizes for the kiss. Elizabeth reminds Nik that he is still upset with Rebecca. Elizabeth doesn’t want to have a rebound romance with Nikolas. Nikolas admits that he is having a hard time staying away from Liz.

Jax returns to his office and finds Olivia waiting. Olivia is desperate to have Jax keep her secret about Dante. Jax reassures Olivia that he has no intention of telling Carly. Olivia is panicked that Sonny will find out that Dante is really an undercover cop trying to take down his business. Jax offers his help with the situation. Olivia doesn’t think that Jax is being sincere. Olivia believes that Jax wants to get Sonny out of Carly’s life for good.

At Kelly’s, Carly, Morgan, and Dante continue to eat their sundaes. Mike interrupts. Mike and Morgan go into the back room leaving Carly and Dante alone to talk. Dante surprises Carly by asking about Morgan. Carly admits that Morgan misses his brother Michael. Dante insists that he’ll stay away from the Jacks family as requested. Carly comments that Morgan has a hard time opening up to strangers but for some reason he trusts Dante. Carly tells Dante that he seems to be a “decent guy” so she questions why he would work for Sonny. Dante asks Carly if she worries that her sons will want to get into the mob.

The rain has stopped. Nikolas and Elizabeth continue to discuss their feelings for each other. Nik maintains that he wasn’t trying to use Liz. Liz confesses that she wanted Nikolas to kiss her. Nikolas is stunned. Nikolas suggests that they remain as friends. Their conversation ends when Lucky returns with the boys. Lucky doesn’t notice the sexual tension between Elizabeth and Nikolas.

At Kelly’s, Carly and Dante talk about their encounter in the woods. Dante apologizes for his behavior that night. Carly accepts his apology. Carly talks about her sons. Carly hopes that Michael and Morgan won’t want to work for Sonny in the future. Dante thinks that Carly’s sons got a lot of their good qualities from their mother. Carly wants Dante to rethink working for Sonny.

At home, Sonny wants to change the subject. Claudia mentions that the doctor says she is healthy so getting pregnant right now would be okay. Claudia wants to know if Sonny is willing to give their marriage a chance since she intends on getting pregnant again.

At his office, Olivia is adamant that Jax doesn’t care about what happens to her son. Jax defends himself and says that Dante can handle the situation. Olivia is disappointed that Jax isn’t going to help. Jax brings up that Sonny needs to pay for all his sins. Jax maintains that he isn’t going to help Sonny. Olivia is concerned that Dante will end up getting hurt or killed.

At Kelly’s, Carly points out that Dante could do something more productive with his life. Dante emphasizes that his choices have led him to working for the mob. Morgan interrupts the conversation. Jax walks in. Morgan talks about the baseball game. Jax suggests that Morgan go with Dante. Dante and Carly are both surprised by Jax’s offer. Dante leaves with Morgan. Carly inquires about Jax’s sudden change-of-heart. Jax states that he changed his mind about Dante. Carly senses that Jax is lying.

Sonny tells Claudia that he isn’t sure if having a baby now is the right thing to do. Claudia thanks Sonny for being honest. Claudia admits that she isn’t scared to have their child because of Sonny’s business. Claudia reinforces that Sonny will be in their child’s life. Sonny doesn’t say anything.

After Nikolas leaves, Elizabeth and Lucky pick up after the party. Lucky is glad that he and Elizabeth are getting along so well. Lucky kisses Elizabeth.

Rebecca is laying out on the Quartermaine deck. Rebecca, who has her eyes closed, doesn’t notice that Nikolas is standing there.

Sam and Jason talk about how to get back on the road to find Michael and Kristina. Jason feels like he isn’t much help since he is so weak. Sam says she might need help with fixing the car. Sam leaves Jason alone to go check out the vehicle.

Morgan and Dante arrive at Sonny’s home after the ball game. Morgan shows Sonny a pennant from the new ball field. Sonny and Dante talk about memories of playing baseball as kids. They are both surprised that they played the same position.

Nikolas tells Rebecca that they need to talk. Nik admits that he was harsh with Rebecca. Nikolas wants the complete truth about Rebecca’s feelings toward him. Rebecca apologizes for her behavior and stresses that she cares about Nik. Nikolas implies that he and Rebecca should work on their relationship. Rebecca can’t believe that Nikolas’ feelings for her have suddenly changed for the better.

Sam returns to the church. Jason is walking around but is still sore from his wounds. Jason sits down while Sam rinses off a washcloth. Jason walks up from behind her, catching Sam off-guard. Jason takes the washcloth in his hand and caresses Sam’s face with it. Sam and Jason passionately kiss.

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