GH Update Friday 8/21/09

General Hospital Update Friday 8/21/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sam wakes Jason up, telling him that he scared her.

In the bar, Johnny gets up from the floor asking "Dominic" Why he hit him.  Dante tells him that he hates it when guys insult women.  He says that a gentleman keeps thoughts like that to himself.  Johnny thanks him for the tip and tells Dante he has a tip for him too; he punches Dante.

In Jax’s office, Olivia tells Jax that she and Connie are the only people who know that Sonny is Dante’s father.  Until now, he says.  He asks if she can trust him to keep his mouth shut or does she need to ask him what he intends to do.

Sonny comes home and finds Claudia sitting in a rocking chair.  He asks her what it is doing there.  She tells him she forgot to cancel the order; it was for their baby.  Sonny tells her he will call the store and have them pick it up.  She tells him it is not their fault.  She tells him about the day that she found the chair.  He tells her not to do that to herself. 

In Jax’s office, he tells Olivia that she can trust him; she kept his secret that Jerry and Claudia were behind Michael’s shooting.  She tells him she will continue to keep his secret.  He tells her that her secret is a big one.  She tells him she was a love struck teenager who got herself pregnant, and it was better to say she didn’t know who the father was and live with a little shame than to admit that Sonny was the father.  She says it’s too bad that Sonny will never know what a great oldest son he has.  Jax tells her to hope they never cross paths because Dante is a cop and Sonny is a criminal so they are enemies whether they know each other or not.

In the bar, Dante and Johnny are holding their cold beer bottles against their faces where they were hit.  Johnny tells Dante that considering what Dante thought Johnny said about Olivia, he deserves to get hit.  Dante says he shouldn’t have been so territorial about Lulu.  Johnny tells Dante that Lulu is a contradiction; she says she loves danger but she doesn’t like to see people get hurt.  He tells Dante that Lulu deserves respect and a lot more.

Lucky and Elizabeth are at a barbeque.  Nikolas arrives with chips and salsa.

Jason asks Sam if she is ok.  She tells him she is fine; he is the one with the gunshot.  He tells her he knows it must have been exhausting taking care of him.  She tells him his fever is down, so he must be getting better.  He wants to leave; she tells him he is not well enough for that yet and besides, they are in the middle of nowhere.

Jax asks Olivia if it had never occurred to her that Dante might someday have a case that will involve Sonny.  She tells him that it haunts her every day of her life, but she can’t tell Dante that she has been lying to him his entire life, she does know his father, and he is the biggest crime figure in the tri-state area.  It’s too dangerous.  Jax asks her if not telling him isn’t more dangerous.

At the Corinthos house, Claudia tells Sonny that they cannot just pretend that the baby never happened; he was real and they expected him.  He tells her that they are supposed to move on.  She says she is trying, but she is not as strong as he is.  He tells her it is not about strength; it is about focus.  They need to focus on what they have instead of what they lost.  Claudia asks Sonny what she has.  He tells her that he will take the chair up to the nursery if that is what she wants.  She says that what she wants is for something she loves not to be taken away from her.  She tells him about a family guard dog that they had when she was a child that her father got rid of when he found out that she had turned the dog into a pet.  She tells Sonny that she doesn’t want to forget about the child that they almost had.  She is not ready to let go.

At the Barbeque, Elizabeth has taken Spencer to find something to wear.  Lucky tells Nikolas he is overdressed too.  Nikolas says he has been distracted.  He admits that he was an idiot; both Elizabeth and Alexis warned him that Rebecca was trouble but he didn’t listen to them.  Lucky tells him he was blinded by the memory of Emily.  Nikolas says that makes it even more humiliating.  He was so lost in his own grief that he fixated on Emily’s twin.

Sam tells Jason that Jerry said he couldn’t be bothered with the kids.  Jason doesn’t believe that.  Sam tells Jason that he will so whatever he wants no matter what she says.  Sam leaves the room.  Jason turns to sit on the side of the bed.

In the bar, Johnny asks “Dominic” how long he worked for his father, Tony Zaccara.  Dante says a year, year and a half.  Johnny asks if Ronnie brought him in.  Dante asks why Johnny is asking questions he already knows the answers to, is he wondering where his loyalties lie.  He tells Johnny that he works for Sonny now, and his father can rot in jail.  Johnny tells “Dominic” that he is not offended by the comment; his father was a complete bastard who doesn’t deserve any honor.  Dante tells Johnny that his father could have been a saint or a sinner; he has never met him, and his mother doesn’t know who he was.

In Jax’s office, Olivia tells Jax that she always knew Dante would end up in a high-risk profession.  She says she was thrilled when he decided to go to the Police Academy.  She tells him that Dante will always do the right thing, even though he sometimes goes about it in the wrong way.  She tells Jax that Dante doesn’t take direction very well.  He is like is father in that they are both cocky, arrogant, and all about taking chances.  She says the same qualities that make Dante a great cop make Sonny a great crook, and she is worried that someday it will get both of them killed.  She tells him that is why it is so important that it stay a secret from everybody, especially Carly because Carly would tell Sonny.

Claudia asks Sonny what kind of father he was to Michael and Morgan.  He asks her why she wants to do this now.  He tells her he read to them.  He says Morgan liked to build things and Michael liked model trains.  Sonny tells her that he liked real trains when he was a kid.  He tells her that when he was a kid he used to hang around at a place by the train tracks and watch the trains go by.  He tells her that it felt like freedom.  She says it probably was, because he could have hopped on a train at any time.  He tells her he could have, but he had too much to prove to too many people so he chose to stay and build a life for his children where they wouldn’t need to run and hide in an empty boxcar.  She tells him that the other day she was daydreaming about their son’s whole life all the way through his college graduation.  She asks Sonny if he thinks they would have been ok parents.  He laughs and says he has to go but will be right back.  He goes out the front door.


Sam comes back into the bedroom with a basin and towel.  She observes that Jason is still in bed and tells him he didn’t get far.  She tells him that his fever is down, but they must make sure it doesn’t spike again and he doesn’t go delirious on her again.  He apologizes for scaring and asks what he did.  She tells him he was just talking, mostly about the past, mostly nonsense.  He asks her if he talked about the Hawaii.  She asks why he would think that he talked about Hawaii and he says he remembers dreaming about it.  She tells him that he was rambling about Hawaii.  She tells him he probably hasn’t thought about Hawaii in forever.  He tells her no, he has thought about it.

Johnny arrives at the Corinthos house, just missing Sonny.  He asks Claudia what she is doing.  She tells him she is thinking about her dead baby.  He asks about the chair, and tells him she forgot to cancel the order.  He tells her to send it back.  She says Sonny told her the same thing.  She can’t understand how guys can just shut off their emotions.  She tells him that she and Sonny were having a real, honest conversation about the baby, and suddenly he just shut down and walked out.  She tells Johnny that she knows he is banging on “the Madonna of Easy Street’s” door.  Johnny tells her he will not argue with her about Olivia, Sonny, or anything else.  She tells him to leave; bail on her like everyone else.  He sits down and tells her he is sorry about what happened to her and her baby.  She tells him to respect her grief.  He asks if she wants him to believe that she can be happy with Sonny.  He tells her she can’t, and she is hanging onto something that never existed in the first place so she should just let go and move on.  She tells Johnny she will tell Sonny that he stopped by if she can tear him away from that whore Olivia.  She says she doesn’t understand what he and Sonny see in Olivia.  Johnny tells her that she will never understand because Olivia is too real and too honest for her to ever comprehend.  She tells her brother that everyone has secrets, even his cougar; he just doesn’t know her whole story yet.  Johnny Leaves

In Jax’s office, Olivia thanks Jax.  He tells her that he is keeping his own secrets from Carly, and doesn’t like the idea of having to keep this one too, but he will.  Olivia tells him it won’t be an issue because no one will find out.  He tells her that Sonny has a lot of connections.  She tells him that Sonny and Dante don’t know that they have any connection to each other.  He mentions the resemblance.  She tells him no one will notice if they aren’t looking for it.  She tells him it won’t happen.  He tells her he doesn’t envy her having to live with this.  She thanks him for not judging her.  He tells her that if Sonny finds out he will want to make Dante a Corinthos the way he did with Michael and Morgan.  He tells her not to worry, he will keep her secret, but he cannot guarantee that Carly won’t find out anyway; she has a way of stumbling upon the truth.  Olivia leaves

Morgan and Carly arrive at Kelly’s for ice cream.  "Dominic" is there and says hello them.

Sonny comes home and Claudia asked him if Olivia tossed him out.  He tells her he didn’t go to Olivia’s.  She says Johnny will be happy to hear that.  He tells her he is not messing with Olivia any more.  He tells her that all this arguing and tension isn’t good for them.  He tells her that he knows she is suffering, but she needs to let go, and he thinks he has a way to help.  He produces a manila envelope and she says she should have known; he wants a divorce.

Morgan’s grandfather gives him a baseball card portfolio and two scoops of ice cream.  Morgan takes them to Dante’s table and joins him.  Dante tells him that one day he will show him his Mickey Mantle 500th homerun motion card.  Carly comes and joins them at the table.  She suggests that Morgan tell “Dominic” about his trip to Yankee Stadium. 


Olivia walks into Kelly’s and sees Dante at the table with Carly.  She drops her purse.  

Jason and Sam reminisce about their garden.  She tells him that sometimes he had a smile on his face and other times he was white from the pain and she felt so useless.  He tells her that she did everything she could for her.  

Lucky tells Nikolas that he will not apologize for worrying; finding out about Rebecca had to be devastating.  He says he wants to believe that Nikolas is putting it all behind him, but he knows him, and he knows something is still bothering him.  He doesn’t want to see him go all Consadine on somebody.  Nikolas asks Lucky what he thinks he is going to do.  Kidnap Rebecca and lock her in the basement or tie her to the train tracks?  Lucky tells Nikolas that he is worried that he will do something to himself that he might regret.  Nikolas tells him he won’t.  Elizabeth returns with the baby, and Lucky takes all of the kids for ice cream and cake.  Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Lucky is a good dad.  Elizabeth says Nikolas and Spencer seem to be getting closer.  Nikolas tells her that Emily had a connection with Spencer that he doesn’t have.  When she died, he felt a little lost.  He was so afraid to do something wrong that he pulled back even more.  She tells him all parents are afraid to do something wrong; they just learn as they go.  He tells her she doesn’t even know where to start.  He tells her he could use some help.  She tells him that she and Lucky are always happy to help him.  Suddenly, it starts to storm.  Nikolas and Elizabeth grab the food and run to the porch for shelter.

Jason tells Sam that he was ready to die in Hawaii, and he was ok with it.  Living with being broken is what scared him, but she convinced him to take the chance and have the surgery and he will never forget that. 

Claudia asks Sonny if he is going to answer her or if he will just stand there while she reads the contents of the envelope.  He tells her to open it.  She asks what the point is if it is news that she doesn’t want to hear.  He opens it for her.  It is from Port Charles University acknowledging a request made by Michael Corinthos Jr. to set up a scholarship fund in the name of Michael and Claudia Corinthos, set up in honor of the memory of their son.  Sonny tells her that they are setting up a scholarship so that a kid whose parents don’t have enough money can get an education like the one Claudia would have wanted for their son.  She asks why both of their names are on it.  He tells her he is not looking for a way out anymore.  She asks if he doesn’t want a divorce.  He tells her no.

At Kelly’s, Dante goes over to his mother and asks if she is alright, calling her “Miss Falconeri.”  While he is helping her gather her belongings that fell out of her purse, she quietly asks if he is going to use Carly and Morgan to dig up dirt on Sonny.  He tells her on course not and to lighten up.  Olivia walks over to Carly and Morgan and says it’s been one of those days.  Carly asks if she had another fight with her son.  Olivia says that sometimes Dante doesn’t have the sense that God gave a flea.  “Dominic” tells Morgan to take this as a lesson not to tick off his mother.  He tells Morgan that his mother will always forgive him.  Then he asks “Miss Falconeri” if that is not right, no matter what her son does, she will always forgive him.  She says not always.  Jax comes into Kelly’s and sees Olivia and Dante talking to each other as if they are not related.

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