GH Update Thursday 8/20/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/20/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Jax and Carly are at Jax’s office before going to her appointment with Dr. Lee.  She wants to walk since its only three blocks away, but says it is too dangerous in the heat.

Lulu comes to the hospital with her hand glued to her head.

Nikolas takes Molly to breakfast at Kelly’s.  Molly tells Nikolas that she will be in trouble when her mother arrives.  Nikolas tells Molly that he is impressed with how she snuck out of the house, took a taxi to the docks, take the launch, and get past Alfred in the middle of the night.  She asks him why he was talking to Emily last night when Emily is dead.

Rebecca wakes up in her room and is surprised to see Dante is there. He asks him why he is in her room, and he informs her that he lives there now.  He asks her how much she remembers about last night.  She tells him that if she wanted to remember last night she wouldn’t have got so drunk.  She asks him if they did anything last night, and he tells her they did.

Carly tells Jax that they should have heard from Jason by now.  Jax wonders if Spinelli is hiding something.  Carly tells Jax that Spinelli is afraid of Sonny and that he may be working for Jason on the side. Kate comes in and tells Jax has to talk to him about something that pertains to Crimson’s future.  Carly leaves, and tells Jax she will take a taxi.

Lulu explains that she was fixing a picture frame, forgot about the glue, and put her hand in her hair.  Patrick suggests that she cut her hair.

Dante tells Rebecca that she slept on the bed and he slept on the chair.  He introduces himself as Valerie Perelli from Brooklyn, in case she doesn’t remember.  She tells him she remembers and thanks him for not taking advantage of her.

While Nikolas and Molly are having their breakfast, Dante and Rebecca come down the stairs.  Nikolas sends Molly to get more syrup and then he goes over to them and tells Rebecca that she doesn’t waste any time.

Rebecca calls Nikolas from her cell phone.  She leaves a voice mail message saying that their kiss last night was a mistake, but he is still her friend and she is still worried about him.  Lucky asks Elizabeth if she has heard from Nikolas.  He tells her that maybe they shouldn’t have told him the truth about Rebecca.  He says Nikolas is going to need all the support he can get so he encourages her to spend as much time as possible with Nikolas.  

Molly returns with the syrup.  Nikolas is already back in his seat.  Molly tells Nikolas that she recognizes that man; he is some kind of messenger.  Molly asks Nikolas if he is so upset because Rebecca is with the messenger.  At the counter, Dante asks Rebecca if Nikolas is the guy she was talking about last night.  He tells her that if she ever wants to make Nikolas insanely jealous, then he is her man.  Nikolas is taking his frustration out on his pancakes.  Molly asks him if he is upset because Rebecca looks so much like Emily.  He changes the subject and asks about school.  She says she is dreading school because the other girls are saying terrible things about her mother.  Alexis arrives, and scolds Nikolas for rewarding Molly with her favorite breakfast after what she did last night.  Nikolas tells her that Molly was very helpful; she has a gift for putting things into perspective.  Dante tells Rebecca that she should eat something.  She apologizes for seeming rude and tells him she is grateful for him being a gentleman.  Dante leaves.  Rebecca goes over to Nikolas’ table.  Alexis sends Molly to thank Mike for the breakfast.  Rebecca congratulates Alexis for being right.  She admits that she has been lying to Nikolas the whole time.

Kate tells Jax that Crimson’s financial difficulty was greater than she told him and that when Trevor Lansing offered to help, she accepted his money.  Giselle found out about it and is now threatening to alert the IRS.  Jax asks why she didn’t tell him before.  She says she thought she could handle it. He tells her that they probably could have handled it if she had told him in the first place. Jax tells her not to argue with Giselle and he will make some phone calls.  He leaves to meet Carly at her appointment.

Ronnie is talking to Lt. Gorsky on his cell phone in a Laundromat.  Olivia enters and tells him that he needs to get her kid out of Port Charles and away from Sonny.  He tells her to stay out of it, let him do his job, and leave him alone.  Carly comes in asking if there is a problem.  He makes up a story about Olivia subletting her apartment.  When he leaves Carly asks Olivia if she wants to tell her what is really going on.

At Kelly’s Rebecca tells Alexis and Nikolas that she was Emily’s sister.  She came to town for her share of the money and the plan was that she was to leave town with her accomplice Ethan Lovett.  She tells them that Elaina Cassadine approached her about it, but nothing came of it.  Then Ethan told Lucky the truth.  Alexis asks Nikolas when he found out, and he tells her that Lucky told him last night.  Rebecca tells Alexis that she is not proud of what she did, but it’s not like she ran over an old lady, and it doesn’t give Alexis the right to judge her.  Molly returns and Rebecca goes back to the counter.  Molly, Alexis, and Nikolas talk about how dangerous it was for Molly to run off at night.  Alexis and Molly leave to go to Molly’s riding lesson after Nikolas has convinced Alexis that Molly has learned her lesson.  Rebecca returns to Nikolas’ table.  He asks her why she is still there.  She tells him she is sorry that she hurt him and she is sorry that he hates her, but she is especially sorry that he can’t get past it.  She leaves.

In the laundry room, Carly tells Olivia that she doesn’t like the looks of that guy.  Olivia says he is ok, their parents have known each other for years.  Carly asks why Olivia met him in the laundry room.  Olivia evades her question and offers to walk her to her appointment.

Dante enters the hospital and sees Lulu sitting there with her hand on her head.  He tells her he tried to call her at the office and they said there was an emergency.  He asks if she hit her head, then surmises that she glued her hand to her head.  She asks why he tried to call her.  He tells her that her brother arrested him last night, but they let him out on a technicality.  He says he wanted to tell her because he didn’t want it to get between them.  She asks what he means, “us.”

Ronnie meets Johnny at the bar.  Johnny tells him he has questions about “Dominic Pirelli.”  He says he heard about the bust, and that Johnny volunteered to take the fall.  Johnny tells him that he has worked closer with Dominic than Johnny has and asks him what Dante is really after.

Monica asks Lucky if he got everything he needed from the files on Briana Hughes.  She asks him if he as seen Rebecca.  She says Rebecca came over last night and told them about the scam, then she left and no one has heard from her.  He tells Monica that Rebecca asked him to meet her at Jakes last night and that she was angry.  Lucky says he is starting to believe that Rebecca was in love with Nikolas.  Monica tells him that none of this would have happened if Rebecca had been honest with them in the first place.  Rebecca enters, apologizing for being late.  Monica tells her she was beginning to get worried.  Rebecca says she should have called.  Lucky departs.  Monica tells Rebecca that she is Emily’s sister and that makes her family.

Nikolas goes home and finds Elizabeth there.  He apologizes to her about last night.  She tells him she is not blameless, but it cannot happen again; they both have too much to lose.  

At the hospital, Lulu tells Dante that it is not her problem if he got arrested, and he is probably guilty of something anyway.  She tells him there is no “us.”  She tells him she has plans with Dr. Matt, as she reads his nametag.  Matt goes along with the charade. Dante leaves.

Ronnie tells Johnny that Dominic is straight up.  He and thought he was protecting him when he got himself arrested.  Johnny asks if Dante is still working for Anthony.  Ronny tells Johnny that he doesn’t think his father has a prayer against Sonny Corinthos and he knows that Dominic will always be on the winning side.

Olivia goes to Crimson and finds Kate crying.  Kate tells her cousin that she lied to Jax and might be about to lose everything. She said she poured everything she had into her magazine just as Olivia did with Dante.  Jax appears at the door and stays out of sight eavesdropping.  He overhears Kate telling Olivia that it’s not fair for her to lie to Sonny for all these years; Sonny deserves to know that she had his son.

At the hospital, Robin is trying to loosen the glue in Lulu’s hair.  Patrick says Lulu might have to cut her hair after all.  Matt enters and takes Lulu away, saying that he will take care of it and has booked operating room 2 for the procedure.

At Nikolas’ house, Elizabeth tells him that Lucky can never find out about it.  Nikolas suggests they stay away from each other and she informs him that Lucky wants her to spend as much time as possible with him.  He tells her she doesn’t have to; he doesn’t want to cause any problems.  She tells him it will be fine as long as they act like nothing happened.  He asks her if she thinks that is possible.

At the hospital, Rebecca tells Monica that she appreciates her and Edward’s kindness, but they don’t owe her anything, especially now that they know what kind of person she is.  She is a con, a grifter and a thief.  Monica tells Rebecca that Ethan is a grifter and Luke is a con, but Rebecca is an angry young woman with a lousy hangover who feels she was cheated out of what she deserves.  She tells Rebecca that they would like to welcome her into the family.  Rebecca says she doesn’t have much of a choice because Edward loaned her the money with the condition that she live in the house.  Rebecca tells Monica that she wishes Nikolas understood things the way that Monica does.  He thinks everything Rebecca has said is a lie, but he is wrong. 

Olivia tells Kate that she kept Dante a secret from Sonny for very good reasons.  Sonny’s life was taking a turn and she needed to protect Dante from that.  Kate tells her that she did, and Dante is a police detective now, so there is little chance that he will join the mob.  Kate asks Olivia what will happen if Dante and Sonny cross paths.  Dante will need to know the truth so he will know how to deal with his father.  Olivia says no good can come from telling Dante the truth at this point. Kate presses the issue, insisting that Olivia tells Dante before something tragic happens.  Jax finally enters the office after listening at the door.  Olivia asks how Carly’s appointment went.  He tells her that it was short and now Carly is out celebrating with Morgan.  Kate says Carly has always been straightforward with her children; she has never been afraid to tell them the truth.

Dante enters the bar and joins Johnny.  Johnny berates Dante for letting himself get busted with a load of drugs.  He says it is almost as if he knew that the cops were going to let him go.

Matt Hunter takes Lulu into the vacant operating room.  Lulu asks him what makes him think he can do this.  He tells her he has firsthand experience with a fake moustache and his lips.  He sprays a solvent into a pan and swabs it onto her hair.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she wishes she could fix things for him, but she will still be his friend.  She will tell him when he is wallowing in self-pity, but it has to stop there.  He says they need to think of an excuse not to spend time together.  Lucky enters and asks Rebecca if she told Nikolas about this afternoon.  She has not.  Lucky tells Nikolas they are going for a Barbeque at with the Spencers.

Dante tells Johnny that the cops showing up like that seemed a little off, but they hadn’t touched anything and Corinthos is known to be anti-drugs, so he figured he had a good chance to walk.  Johnny asks why he shut down on the lawyer.  Dante says he knows he comes off as reckless, but in reality, he is careful.  He didn’t know how Sonny would want to play something like that, so he kept quiet.  Johnny says that is all he needed to know.  Dante asks Johnny what is up with him and Lulu Spencer.  He had heard she was his ex. Johnny tells him that he was no good for her, and now they are finished.  Dante tells him he wanted to make sure.  Dante tells him he notices that he and Miss Falconeri are getting involved.  Johnny tells him they never expected to be where they are, but Olivia knows things that Lulu will never know.  Dante punches Johnny.

In Jax’s office, he tells Kate that he made some calls about the situation at Crimson.  Kate thanks him and tells him she will always regret not telling him the truth from the beginning.  He tells her it would have made things a lot easier.  After Kate leaves, Jax tells Olivia that he heard their conversation.  He tells her she has a son, his name is Dante, Sonny is his father, and he is a cop in Brooklyn.  He asks her how long she thinks she is going to keep that a secret.

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