GH Update Wednesday 8/19/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/19/09


Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas and Elizabeth are kissing one another when he moves to the couch with her. His stirt is unbuttoned. Elizabeth pulls away and Nikolas apologizes. Elizabeth says he was just hiding from the pain he did not want to feel. Lucky walks in and looks at Elizabeth. He says “I guess we both had an impulse to come over and try to help Nikolas.” Elizabeth stares at Nikolas.

Sonny and Alexis are looking at the messages Michael and Kristina sent to them. Alexis says it bother her that they don’t reference that they are coming home. Sonny says “Kristina is not aware that her mother is taking the wrap for something she did.”

Spinelli walks into Carly and Jax’s home. He says that Carly is glowing. He wants to tell them why he is glowing as well but Carly stops him and tells him about the message from Michael and Kristina. They say they want him to trace them and find out where they are. Spinelli looks at them and says “have you lost your faith in Stone Cold?”

Jerry is looking in the empty room where Sam and Jason were. The bed is not made and no one is there. He looks out on the balcony, and much to his chagrin does not find them. He walks back into the room and blood drips down by his shoe. Jason and Sam are in what appears to be an attic above.

Robin and Patrick are at home when Robin comes into the room and is going over scenarios of how Brianna Hughes died. Robin speculates that the murder may have not been looking at the case correctly. Maybe Andrea wanted to confront her husband and his mistress. Maybe she didn’t have a way to get in, Mayor Floyd walked out and Andrea had the element of surprise on her side. Andrea and Brianna get in a heated argument and maybe Andrea noticed Brianna holding her head. Maybe then she thought she would hit her in the same spot and end it. Patrick protests that in the heat of the moment Andrea would have a hard time hitting Brianna in the same exact spot. Robin says whatever happened, the moment Andrea walked in to the room, Brianna didn’t have a chance.

Lucky explains to Nikolas that he and Elizabeth are worried about him. He says “the news about Rebecca has to be sticking in your throat.” Nikolas says he appreciates the concern but it is neither the first nor the last time he will be disappointed. Lucky says that is what he expected him to say. He looks at Elizabeth and asks how bad it really is.

Alexis tells Sonny he is making assumptions. Sonny says he knows it. He would do the same thing to protect his children. He says he is Kristina’s father and if she had anything to do with it he wants to know. “It appears our daughter had a lapse in judgment…and it seems she ran Claudia off the road…she can’t face you and she can’t face me…she is in a lot of trouble and we have to help.”

Spinelli says he sorry when Carly interrupts and says she trusts Jason more than ever but this lead fell in their laps. Jax is standing behind Spinelli and asks “can you trace email?” Spinelli turns around and says, “Can I trace email…cute.” Jax says as soon as Spinelli finds them he will go get them. Carly corrects Jax saying, “we’ll go get them, I am not sitting this one out.”

Jerry did not see the blood. He looks around; he walks to the door, turns around and looks again before more blood falls. Jason is in obvious discomfort above as Jerry leaves the room.

Robin asks Patrick to go to the door and knock on it. Patrick is reluctant to go to the door. Robin pretends to be Brianna grabbing the back of her head when Patrick comes through the door and says, “Andrea that is enough, your sorted affair with my husband ends tonight.” Robin then exclaims “Andrea what are you doing here?” Patrick says in character that she will end her affair. Robin says that she and Garrett are getting married “as soon as he can dump your ass.” Patrick says “don’t you dare, you little slut.” Robin gets sidetracked and asks excitedly if they can do “role play” later. Patrick tells her to focus and she goes back to saying “ow.” Patrick says he has done everything to advance his husband’s career and he will not see her “float off as the Governor’s Wife.” Robin tells him he is pathetic and to get out of the hotel room. She turns and Patrick pretends to hit her in the head. Robin is saying that she killed her, the murder weapon had to be small enough to put in her purse. Patrick looks serious and says “Hey, hey, hey…” Robin turns around and Andrea is at their window waving.

Nikolas says he is sure what Lucky walked in would be a surprise. Nikolas says he trashed the room and was drunk when Elizabeth got there and picked up the room and “pointed out that being a raging drunk doesn’t solve anything.” He goes on to say she gave him advice on his suffering. Lucky says that Nikolas is going to be protected from his worst instincts even if they have to “camp out.” Elizabeth says “of course, whatever it takes.” Nikolas says they are off the hook. He says he “has taken enough advantage of Elizabeth for one night.” Lucky protests but Elizabeth says they have to respect his decision. As they walk out Nikolas calls Elizabeth’s name. Lucky has already gone and Elizabeth turns to see Nikolas bringing her purse to her. He hands it to her as their eyes lock. She quickly turns away as he watched her leave the room.

Sonny asked why Alexis did not come to him. She said, “because you’re married to Claudia.” Alexis tells him Kristina loves them both and she didn’t know what to do. She let them down. Sonny says he will not let Alexis take the fall. Alexis asks for him to help her find Kristina. Sonny says he thinks he knows a way out of this and for her to come with him. She follows.

Spinelli is sitting at Carly’s coffee table while she is on the couch. He breaks away from the computer screen and tells them that Maximista has agreed to marry him. He goes into the sorted details of how Mac did not want her to marry him. Jax asks how the trace is going and Spinelli says it is fine. He says since they are waiting he will ask the experts. Jax and Carly are puzzled when Spinelli reminds them that between them both they have been down the aisle 12 times. Spinelli goes through the list, AJ, Sonny, Sonny, Sonny, Alcazar, Sonny and then the White Knight. Then he looks at Jax and points out there were Miranda, Alexis, Skye, Courtney and then the Valkyrie. He says this does not include the three weddings to Brenda, which were abandoned, or “deemed illegal.” Carly says “he’s done his homework.” He then asks where the most romantic spot to get married would be.

Sam is helping Jason back to bed and she says the wounds have to be infected by the filthy crawlspace. Jason is shaking and says he needs “water and sleep.” Sam is frantically saying they need a doctor but the car isn’t working and she can’t get there by foot. She reiterates that she will not leave him alone. Jason says, “I made a promise, whatever happens I’ll be okay.” Sam is checking his face for fever. His color is bad and she looks at his fist clenched with blood on his knuckles.

Robin opens the door and says “most people would knock or ring the doorbell, but whatever floats your boat.” Andrea walks in and says she can only imagine how it looked to have her peering through the window but she was trying to decide whether to come in or not. Robin asks what the reason is for being at their house at such a late hour. Andrea explains that one of her housekeepers said she saw Robin outside of her house and she wanted to make sure there wasn’t something Robin wanted to ask her. Robin said she and Emma were running and she had stopped to change her. Robin then follows the statement by saying she was not on Andrea’s property. Andrea says that she just wants to cut to the chase. “Just ask me anything you want to know.”

Nikolas is outside talking to himself, telling Emily this is what happens when she left him to his “devices.” He said he had to top the Ethan and Rebecca thing by doing something he was so ashamed of. He says he was selfish. “Elizabeth came out here and wanted to help me, but instead of being humble and grateful I took advantage of her kindness instead. Because the part of me that is good and honorable is gone. Gone missing somewhere. You took it with you and all that is left is this insatiable need. And the one woman I thought could make a difference….” His thoughts are interrupted by a child’s voice asking “who are you talking to?”

Carly says “okay great minds think alike, but mine thinks faster as evidenced by Spinelli already running a trace when you went to call him.” Sonny is standing at the door with Carly.. Sonny counters, “I never denied you were more devious than I am.” Carly says his “zing” does not bother her.

Jax is in the Foyer with Alexis and asks how she is holding up. Jax tells her Spinelli is running the trace and then he will go “down there and get them.” Sonny and Carly join them as Sonny says they are his kids and he is going to be the one to get them. Jax says Sonny’s first instinct was to let Jason handle it, and they have not heard from him in days.

Jason is in the bed and Sam is putting water on the cloth that she has. She goes over and is wiping his forehead. He says, “That feels good.” She says, “That’s the idea.” He says, “You look sad.” Sam says she feels great. “I know this isn’t what you had in mind but I’ll be better tomorrow and we can go swimming in that cove that you like.” Sam looks at Jason as he says this and then asks, “cove?” Jason responds that he is glad she talked him into coming to Hawaii. “You were right, it’s very peaceful.”

Andrea is looking at Robin and Patrick’s house when Patrick apologizes for the baby interrupting. Andrea says she understands that babies cry, she has never been blessed but that is okay because she is not “remotely maternal.” Patrick says “at least you know, right?” Robin comes back in the room carrying Emma stating that she wanted to join them. Patrick smirks at how bossy she is. Andrea says “Verona just went on and on about how adorable she is, I can see why.” Patrick then rambles that Emma loves the Jogger and they have become athletic. Patrick blames their Type A personalities for them competing. He turns to Robin and says “you didn’t tell me you went all the way down to Harbourview Road. That means tomorrow I will have to go twice as far.” Robin smiling and says “sorry.” Andrea says “if you are ever in need of a refreshment or a diaper change, ring the doorbell next time.” Patrick says sure and as Andrea is walking out she turns and asks again if they are sure there was nothing else they wanted to talk to her about. Robin says “no not really, but thanks for stopping by.” Andrea feels the side of Emma’s face and Robin has a worried look on her face. Patrick takes note of this as well. After Andrea leave Robin turns around and says “a jogging contest?” Patrick then defends that it would be better than accusing her of murder, which is what Robin was about to do,

Elizabeth comes downstairs in her home to find Lucky sitting on the couch. She asks if he is okay and he says he feels bad for leaving Nikolas when he was so “dark.” Elizabeth responds that there was nothing that they could have done to help. Lucky says she was helping. He asks how Nikolas reacted when she was there. She explains that Nikolas was hurt and upset as anyone would be. Lucky asks why she is so calm and wants to know if Nikolas was abusive to her. “No, God no. He may be humiliated but he is still Nikolas, he would never hurt me.” Lucky asks why she is so “tense.” Elizabeth answers that she feels bad that there is nothing she can do.

Nikolas is on the phone with Alexis and says “Molly is at Wyndermere but she is okay.” Alexis says that she is happy she is okay but she is supposed to be at home with Viola. Sonny overhears and asks what is wrong. Nikolas says “it’s too late to send her back now, she can just spend the night here.” Alexis gets on the phone with Molly but Molly explains she had to talk to Nikolas. She tells her not to be mad, Viola most likely does not know she is gone. Alexis says it is NOT fine and they will discuss it tomorrow.

Nikolas looks at Molly as she says he better make it worth coming all the way out there. He says she could have called. “I did but your Butler Guy said you wouldn’t take any calls.” Nikolas comedically says “oh.” Molly says Kristina ran away and her mom may go to Prison because the Mayor’s wife says she was jealous. Nikolas asks how she could know that and she responds, “I read.” Molly continues that someone has to help and the Cassadines are supposed to be so powerful, and since Nikolas is the head of the family she is hoping he can help.

Sonny and Alexis are on one couch, Jax and Carly on the other. Alexis says this has affected Molly as well. She has snuck out and took the launch at night to go see Nikolas. They ask what for and Alexis assumes that it is to ask Nikolas to wave his “magic wand” and make the situation disappear. Jax counters that this does not sound like Molly at all. Alexis says she will have to pad lock the house. Carly says the little ones are influenced by Michael and Kristina runningn away and they will have to find them. “That has to happen soon Genius,” Spinelli looks at Sonny as he says it then back to his computer screen with a map of North America displayed. Sonny tells Jax that he is going after them. Jax says he can’t go after them he will lead his enemies to his children. The four start arguing as Alexis sides with Jax. A red prompt comes on Spinelli’s computer and he interrupts and says he has failed. “The youngsters cyber savvy is too much for me to handle.” Sonny says he has to. Spinelli says he will try but they have to trust Stone Cold. Sonny tells him “to get your useless butt out of here.”

Sam is making Jason drink water. He says, “thank you.” She says she wishes she could do more. He says there is nothing else. He looks at her and says, “can we stop pretending? I am not getting better, in fact these headaches, these blackouts are just going to get worse until I die.” Sam says for him not to say that. He says, “I’m not going to dwell on it, because I can’t. I have to spend the time that I have left together. It’s okay don’t cry. I lived my life the way I wanted to, on my own terms. I’m not afraid. I just don’t want to leave you.” A nostalgic and painful smile comes to Sam’s face as tears flood her eyes.

Elizabeth explains that any woman that comes into Nikolas’ life is a substitute. Lucky says it makes him realize how lucky they are that nothing has happened between them that they can’t take back.

Nikolas says to Molly, “this may be a silly thing to ask you, but do you know what self-centered means?” Molly says it means selfish. Nikolas says that is all he has been lately. He has been too selfish to notice that his family is in trouble and he will use all of his influence to help out. Molly says thanks. She asks who he was talking to. He responds “Emily.” He says he knows she is dead but it helps to talk to her. “She would be appalled at the way I have been conducting myself. Btu that is all going to stop.”

Diane is waiting for Spinelli as he apologizes for keeping her wait. Diane says she charges double for being dragged out of bed and triple when she is not alone. They are at the P.I. Office and Spinelli says he will pay her and not Jason. He says he has to revise his Last Will and Testament. Diane asks, and Spinelli explains that he failed to trace the communication and he fears for his life. He then says he found the location of the teens but “neglected to mention it.” Diane sits, mouth agape and says “oh dear.” Spinelli says only Stone Cold could persuade him not to kill Spinelli but he is not there.

Sam is rubbing Jason’s arm. Jason asks what she wants to do tomorrow. Sam replies “we said no plans, remember?” Sam is crying as she is looking at Jason saying, “we are going to take each day as it comes. So we are going to sit by the water and vegg.” Jason says she always makes it about him and he wants to do something for her. Sam is on the verge of completely breaking down. She wipes the tears away and looks at him. She says “Come on Jason. Really. Like you aren’t the guy who was there for me when I was pregnant with someone else’s baby. You weren’t the guy who held pieces of me together when my daughter died. And you certainly made the last few months of my brother’s life amazing. So right, yeah, it sucks to be me. I haven’t reaped one single benefit.” Sam is wiping tears away and Jason’s eyes are gleaming with tears of his own. “You were shot at and threatened and roughed up.” Sam says “yeah nobody’s perfect.” Jason says he wants to do something for her. She says he can, she wants him to keep talking and “connecting like this.”

Patrick comes back to the couch after putting Emma down and gives her credit for crying when she did. Patrick claims Robin would have accused Andrea of murder had she not interrupted. Robin says “the gloves are off” and it is time to solve the murder once and for all. Patrick asks what is next. Robin says they need to take inventory of everything that was in the room that night. Any object heavy enough to kill and small enough to fit in her purse. Robin says they need a witness. Patrick thinks the more she thinks Robin is onto her the harder she will work to cover her tracks. Robin says, “I’m ready for Andrea Floyd.”

Andrea Floyd gets off of the elevator at General Hospital and says she is looking for a consult with Dr. Robin Scorpio. She asks to look at Robin’s schedule to see when she is available.

Carly says she is not sure if she should be proud or not that Michael could have stumped Spinelli at the computer. Sonny says Jason swears that if you put a computer in front of him he could find cures. He thinks Spinelli is becoming lazy. He says he needs “a fire lit under his butt, and I am just the one to do it.” They all hope it will not come to that. Carly says she still thinks Jason will bring them home.

Alexis gets a phone call from Mac. He says the paint chips from the Hybrid match Claudia’s car.

Spinelli explains to Diane that as soon as Jax and Sonny started arguing he did not know what to do. He thinks Sonny will lead the enemies to the Teens. Diane agrees that Jax would be the best person to go get them. Diane says it is sweet of him to want to split everything between Maxie and his grandmother but she does not think that will be necessary. Spinelli says the point will be mute as Stone Cold and Fair Samantha are probably closing in on the Teens as they speak.

Jason is laying in Sam’s lap. Sam says “By far the most beautiful sunset we ever saw was on the Coast of Maui. We were in the middle of no where.” Jason winces and she asks if he is in pain. He says he is fine. Sam is rubbing her hand through his hair. The other hand roams his back. She says she should know better since his answer is always the same. Jason cries and says “I don’t say it enough, but I love you.” Sam states, “I love you too.” Jason closes his eyes. He looks like he is finally at peace.

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