GH Update Tuesday 8/18/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/18/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the abandoned church, Jason’s health continues to decline. Jason appears to have a fever. Sam reassures Jason that he’ll survive. Sam reminds Jason that Spinelli needs him. Sam brings up that Carly needs Jason’s support especially during her risky pregnancy. Jason is getting worse. Sam starts to cry. Sam doesn’t want Jason to die. Jason promises that he’ll make it. Sam puts a face cloth on Jason’s forehead. Jason talks about Sam’s PI business with Spinelli.

At Jake’s, Rebecca confronts Lucky about telling Nikolas the truth about her scheme. Rebecca is upset that Nikolas doesn’t want anything to do with her. Lucky isn’t sympathetic. Rebecca thinks that Lucky is jealous which he strongly denies. Lucky is horrified that Rebecca caused everyone so much pain. Lucky maintains that he’ll stick by his brother before he would ever defend Rebecca.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth and Nikolas walk into the living room from the balcony. Nikolas continues to drink. Elizabeth is worried about Nik. Nikolas admits that he misses Emily so much. Nikolas is mad at himself for trying to replace Emily. Nikolas brings up his failed relationships with Nadine and Rebecca. Elizabeth tells Nik that he shouldn’t be so hard on himself. Nikolas reminds Liz that she warned him about Rebecca from the beginning. Elizabeth thinks that Nikolas is still grieving Emily’s death.

Dante walks in on Olivia and Sonny talking at the Corinthos home. Dante apologizes for interrupting. Olivia announces that she has something to tell Sonny. Sonny is surprised that Olivia would make a declaration in front of a complete stranger. Dante remains quiet. Olivia reiterates that she won’t be with Sonny again. Sonny won’t listen. Olivia brings up Johnny. Dante intervenes and tells Sonny and Olivia that they need to stop arguing. Dante stresses that he doesn’t want to be involved in their private conversation. They ignore Dante’s comment. Olivia is adamant that Sonny can’t just show up at her place whenever he feels like it. Olivia walks out. Sonny asks for Dante’s support regarding the situation with Olivia. Dante thinks that Sonny has lost his mind.

Alexis shows up at the Jacks home. Alexis asks Jax and Carly if they have heard from Jason. Alexis wants to call a private investigator but Carly refuses. Carly is confident that they’ll hear from Jason soon. Carly points out that Jason won’t give up until he finds Michael and Kristina. Alexis is troubled by the fact that Kristina hasn’t contacted her. Carly thinks that Alexis is being melodramatic about the whole thing. Alexis brings up that Sam is looking for the two teenagers as well.

At the surf shop, Michael and Kristina talk about work. Michael suggests going for a walk along the beach. Kristina makes a harsh comment about guys. Michael senses that Kristina and Kiefer were having problems before they left town. Kristina implies that Kiefer was a great boyfriend but Michael is suspicious of her evasiveness.

At the Corinthos home, Sonny tells Dante that Bernie is impressed by his skills. Sonny confronts Dante about his fondness of Olivia. Dante states that Olivia is a nice woman who deserves the best. Dante questions why Sonny would flirt with another woman when he is married. Sonny doesn’t answer.

As she wipes off Jason’s forehead, Sam talks about her latest PI case. Jason listens with his eyes closed. Sam discusses her undercover job at the strip club. Sam relays that the husband she was investigating wasn’t cheating on his wife. Sam discloses that she still believes in love.

Nikolas thinks it is funny that Elizabeth wants to help him. Elizabeth brings up Emily. Elizabeth insists that Emily would have went on with her life if Nik had died. Elizabeth stresses that Nikolas’ obsession with Emily has made it impossible for any woman to be with him. Nikolas says that his fling with Nadine was a transitional relationship. Elizabeth asks for Nikolas’ opinion of Rebecca. Elizabeth thinks that Nikolas is still hung up on Emily so Rebecca never had a real chance with Nik.

At home, Carly admits to Jax that she is a bit concerned that Jason hasn’t called. Carly wants Jax’s help with making a decision on how to best help Michael and Kristina.

Kristina writes a confession letter about Claudia’s car accident. Michael returns to the surf shop with a local girl. She kisses Michael goodbye. Michael tells Kristina that he found a PDA on the beach. Michael says that they can use the PDA without being located.

Alexis pays Sonny a visit. Alexis wants Sonny to do more to find Kristina. Sonny points out that the timing is terrible and his business dealings are dangerous right now. Sonny senses that Alexis is covering for Kristina. Alexis denies it but Sonny doesn’t believe her. Alexis receives a text from Kristina and Michael. Alexis reads the message to Sonny. They realize that the teenagers are okay. At the same time, Carly receives the text as well. Carly is relieved that Michael is safe.

At Jake’s, Dante and Rebecca get acquainted. Rebecca gives Dante advice on life and love. Rebecca is happy that Dante showed up when he did. Rebecca flirts with Dante. Rebecca suggests leaving Jake’s.

Jason wakes up and asks Sam to finish her story. Jason still has a fever. Sam reapplies the face cloth to Jason’s forehead. Sam reiterates that it is refreshing when love prevails.

Nikolas tells Liz that he finally realizes that Rebecca could never replace Emily. Nikolas says that he has been blind to what has been right in front of him. Nikolas leans in and kisses Elizabeth.

Dante and Rebecca go to her place. Rebecca brings up Nikolas. Rebecca starts to cry. Dante and Rebecca sit on her bed. Dante comments that he wasn’t planning on having sex with Rebecca. Dante opens the window and when he turns, Rebecca is already asleep.

Nikolas and Elizabeth continue to kiss.

Lucky shows up at Wyndemere. Lucky is desperate to speak to Nikolas. Lucky runs into Alfred. Alfred says that Nikolas doesn’t want to be interrupted.

As Sam continues to speak to Jason, Jerry is hiding in the shadows. Sam swears to Jason that she won’t let him die.

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