GH Update Monday 8/17/09

General Hospital Update Monday 8/17/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Sam finds Jason in the abandoned church. Sam is relieved that Jason isn’t dead. Sam tries to get the debris off of Jason’s legs but he passes out momentarily. Once Jason is awake, Sam manages to help him to the other end of the church. Jason presses on his shoulder wound. Sam is worried about Jason’s current condition. Jason wants Sam’s help in getting him out of there. Sam can’t find a first aid kit. Jason asks about Michael and Kristina. Sam explains that she went to an internet café and just missed the teenagers. Sam adds that Jerry found her before she could enter a hotel room where Michael and Kristina were probably hiding out. Sam cleans up Jason’s wounds. Sam believes that Jerry thinks Jason is dead.

At the Corinthos home, Sonny and Johnny talk about Dominic/Dante’s arrest. Johnny questions why Dominic would cover for him. Sonny thinks that Dominic can’t be completely trusted. Johnny explains how Diane got Dominic released. Sonny is suspicious of Dominic. Johnny brings up his visit to Anthony. Johnny feels torn since he is working for Sonny. Johnny wants to make sure that the situation with Dominic doesn’t blow up in his face. Johnny leaves. Sonny leaves a message on Dominic’s voicemail.

At Olivia’s apartment, Dante tells his mother that it’s too late for him to stop investigating Sonny. Olivia is worried about Dante. Olivia admits that she is proud of Dante for being an undercover cop. However, Olivia thinks that Dante is going to slip up and make a mistake. Dante is adamant that he will be taking Sonny down one way or the other. Dante offers an ultimatum to Olivia: stick by her son or stand by Sonny. Dante reminds Olivia that he is staying true to his convictions. Olivia appreciates her son’s commitment to his work but wants Dante to stop investigating Sonny.

Rebecca arrives at Wyndemere and finds Nikolas acting strangely. Nikolas hands Rebecca a check for one million dollars. Rebecca looks shocked. Nikolas starts to yell. Nikolas announces that he knows about her scheme. Rebecca asks who told Nikolas the truth. Nik says that Lucky informed him about Rebecca’s hidden agenda. Rebecca stresses that she doesn’t care about the money anymore. Nikolas isn’t convinced. Nikolas thinks that Rebecca still wants the money. Nik is disgusted that Rebecca would scheme with Ethan. Nikolas can’t believe that Rebecca exploited Emily’s name. Nik is furious and tells Rebecca to leave Wyndemere immediately. Rebecca won’t back down. Rebecca explains how she first found about Emily. Rebecca talks about her past money troubles but Nikolas isn’t sympathetic. Rebecca feels bad that she never got to meet Emily. Rebecca explains that she wanted her share of the money at first. Nikolas thinks that Rebecca’s cancer scare was just a lie. Rebecca swears that she didn’t lie to Nikolas about her health scare. Rebecca announces that she has fallen in love with Nikolas. Suddenly Nikolas kisses Rebecca. Rebecca is relieved and thinks that Nik accepts her unconditionally. Nikolas looks Rebecca in the eye and says that she will always be a “cheap substitute for Emily”. Rebecca is stunned. Nikolas orders Rebecca to leave.

Sam continues to talk to Jason so he stays conscious. Sam explains how Jerry brought her to the church and how she ended up in a drug dealer’s room. Sam says that she talked to the drug dealer and played along until he uncuffed her. Jason is concerned and asks if the man hurt Sam. Sam reassures Jason that she is okay. Sam states that she was able to get away and came right to the church. Jason is relieved that Sam found him in time.

Dante arrives at the Corinthos home for a meeting with Sonny. Sonny isn’t happy about the seized shipment. Dante defends his actions. Sonny wants Dante to continue to work with Johnny. Sonny asks Dante to get a hold of Bernie to set up a meeting. Dante thanks Sonny for trusting him. Dante leaves. Sonny makes a phone call.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy, Monica, Edward and Alice talk about Alexis’s confession. Alice is saddened that Michael is still on the run even though he’s innocent. Rebecca walks in and says she has something to confess. Rebecca divulges that she knew she was Emily’s sister beforehand. Monica can’t believe it. Tracy isn’t surprised at all. Rebecca believes that she deserved some money since she grew up poor and Emily was raised by a rich family. Edward shocks everyone by saying that he appreciates Rebecca’s candor. Tracy thinks that Ethan has been secretly working with Rebecca. Rebecca admits the truth. Rebecca says that her plans changed once she fell in love with Nikolas. Tracy wants Rebecca to move out immediately. Rebecca admits that she is a con and feels sorry for lying to the Quartermaines. Edward doesn’t want Rebecca to leave town. Edward maintains that Rebecca still owes him $10,000.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas appears drunk. In a rage, Nikolas throws some vases against the wall. Nikolas is upset and misses Emily.

Jason wakes up and grabs at his shoulder. Sam gives Jason some brandy to alleviate the pain. Jason asks Sam where Michael and Kristina went. Sam thinks that the teenagers took a bus somewhere. Sam reassures Jason that Michael and Kristina are tough and can survive on their own. Jason says that he feels cold. Sam gives Jason some water to drink. Jason starts to shiver. Sam puts a blanket over him. Jason senses something is wrong. Sam promises to keep a close eye on Jason.

Olivia shows up at Sonny’s. Olivia says that she got a call about the Michael Corinthos foundation. Olivia isn’t happy and comments that Sonny is looking for any way to see her.

Elizabeth arrives at Wyndemere and sees the living room in disarray. Elizabeth walks out and sees Nikolas on the balcony. Nikolas says that Elizabeth shouldn’t have come. Nikolas slurs his words and asks how Elizabeth got past Alfred. Elizabeth is concerned about her friend. Elizabeth asks Nikolas to come inside. Elizabeth inquires about Nikolas’ rant. Nikolas thinks that he is acting like a true Cassadine. Elizabeth caresses Nikolas’ face and swears that he’ll get through this.

Rebecca runs into Lucky. Rebecca is mad and blames Lucky for telling Nikolas the truth.

Olivia is about to confess something to Sonny when Dante interrupts.

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