GH Update Friday 8/14/09

General Hospital Update Friday 8/14/09


Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Rebecca says that she never thought she would fall in love with Nikolas. Elizabeth says her feelings for Nikolas are not the one’s in question. Rebecca hastily says “Believe it, I am falling in love with Nikolas.”

Nikolas is in his chair at his desk with Lucky standing and facing him. Nikolas says that “everything you just said proves Alexis and Elizabeth were right.” Lucky says that Ethan knows Rebecca was willing to admit who she was but he convinced her. Nikolas says “so Ethan has influence on her does he?” Lucky says “apparently.” Nikolas says, “okay so how long have they known each other and are they lovers?”

Olivia tells Johnny that if he saw her talking to Dominic why didn’t he come in and say ‘hi’ instead of letting his imagination run wild. Johnny claims that he didn’t want to interrupt. “It looked like you were having a pretty intense conversation considering you barely know the guy.”

Dominic explains to Morgan that his mother and all of his Uncles except one. Morgan tells Carly Dom is a big Yankees fan too. Carly says Dominic is a very busy guy and he says it is a “miracle” that his father had even hired him. Morgan says it is all okay and then please with Carly to let Dominic take him to the game.

Underneath collapsed debris Jason lays there with the sun hitting his face, while his body is covered.

Rebecca says she never intended to fall for Nikolas and her life would be so much easier “He simply would have been Emily’s husband and I would have connected to her through all of the people who loved her.” Elizabeth is annoyed and says “all the wealthy people who loved her.” Rebecca says “that is not the point.” Elizabeth claims that Rebecca is a small town X-Ray Technician and that the idea of Nikolas’ wealth has to be enticing. Rebecca admits that in the beginning it was creepy to think of falling for her dead sister’s husband. Elizabeth chides “the perfect prince.” Rebecca says Nikolas is not perfect and was so dark when she met him. Elizabeth is on the defensive and says, “so you can understand why I don’t want to see him get hurt.” Rebecca says that it was hard for her to accept that he wanted her and not because she looked like Emily.

Lucky tries to explain to Nikolas Rebecca broke things off with Ethan because “she wanted to start a life with you.” Nikolas wants to know why Ethan didn’t tell him. Lucky says he talked to Elizabeth and Nikolas says he should have listened to her all along. Nikolas demands to know from Lucky how she met Ethan. Nikolas is very angry when he finds out they plotted for two months and hurt when he finds out they were lovers.

Olivia defends that she told Dominic he needs to do his job better or “not do it at all.” Johnny says it sounds like a mother yelling at her son for playing in the street. He appreciates that she is worried about him, but not to try to look out for him again. She says she does not want him nor anyone to get in trouble. Johnny and Olivia start kissing when he gets a text from Bernie and has to go. Olivia immediately starts dialing and is on the phone with Dominic’s Department and says they need to talk.

Dominic and Morgan are talking about the Yankees stadium when Jax comes in and says he tried to get back early for the game but now has a meeting. He asks how they know Dominic and Morgan tells him he tried to kidnap him but now works for Sonny and Jason. Jax looks and says “oh, that’s nice.”

A very pale and exhausted Jason crawls out from underneath the rubble while holding his gunshot wound.

Michael and Kristina are both in swimwear and says they have “lucked out.” Kristina asks if he thinks Jerry will come looking for them. Michael says they have nothing to worry about and Kristina says “I just want to have fun.”

Jason is hearing an infantile voice calling “Jason…Jason…Jason.” He says Michael’s name and Michael appears. Jason tells him he shouldn’t be there. Michael asks if he should be in jail or in some safe house. Jason says “at home, it wasn’t you who drove Claudia off the road that night.” Michael says “well maybe I don’t want to go home.” He tells Jason he makes his own choices. A ball bounces and the dream is over. Jason tells Michael to come back, and yells his name.

Olivia is meeting the Detective at the Laundry Mat She called Ronnie’s boss and had him meet her there. He is not happy about someone interfering with his investigation. Olivia says she will make sure he does not get anything unless her son is reassigned.

Jax’s meeting is cancelled as he is asking Carly if she thought it was a good idea to let Morgan go off with someone who help them at gunpoint. He gives his briefcase to Morgan and asks Morgan to put it in the office and check out the video game he picked up in Hong Kong. He turns to Dominic as soon as Morgan is out of the room and tells him he does not like who he works for and wants him no where near his family.

Dominic says that he is sorry but Morgan had asked him to take him. Carly backs him up. Jax explains Sonny’s history of Lilly and Jason. He says he wants him to stay away. Carly says “thank you for helping with Morgan.. but next time you should just call one of us.” Dominic turns to leave and says “you have a really great kid there, maybe you should spend more time with him.” Jax asks if he is telling him how to be a father and Dominic says “no I am just remembering what it was like growing up without one.”

Olivia corrects Ronnie’s folding abilities while Ronnie says that Olivia can not be interfering. Olivia says it is a conflict of interest since she has ties to both. Ronnie says if she is so worried she should cut her ties. Olivia says she has known Ronnie her whole life and never asked for anything, she is asking him to please get her son out of this.

Jason hears something and says Michael’s name but Kristina appears. She is giving smart alec answers and scenarios as to where Michael could be. She turns and walks away. Jason yells Kristina’s name..

Kristina and Michael are laughing at the family they rented water sports equipment to. Kristina says her mom is the type to not want to do things dangerous while Michael says Carly is the type that loves danger. They both agree their moms are cool.

Elizabeth says Nikolas was “vulnerable since the moment he saw your face.” Rebecca talks about the many sides of Nikolas that she has observed. She says she cares for him, she is in love with him and he is in love with her.

Nikolas is still going over the facts with Lucky. Lucky is trying to tell Nikolas that Ethan coached her…Nikolas says she was “astonishingly good” at the act. Lucky says Elizabeth thinks Rebecca is really in love with him. Lucky tries to stay but Nikolas tells him to leave so he can think through how he will handle it all.

Jason sees Carly who is asking, “where’s Michael.” She tells him he promised Michael he would look after him. He had been shot, lost a year of his life and now was letting him take the blame for something he didn’t do. Jason says he will find him. He moves two inches to his left and is still surrounded by debris.

Kristina and Michael talk about the woes of dealing with the Customers. A girl walks in wanting to know if she can rent a Waverunner there. She says she hopes Michael can help her and he replies “I do too.”

Jaz says Morgan did call Dominic. Jax says he was worried about him using poor judgment. Jax wants to know why they are still talking about this. Jax tells Carly Jason will find Michael. Carly calls Jax out on lying about the meeting being cancelled. They sit on the couch and kiss.

Johnny is knocking on Olivia’s door. He tells Olivia he can’t stay but he has a serious question. He asks her out to dinner. “A date?” He says yes, he wants to take her out. Olivia says she would love to go. They begin to kiss.

Ronnie is doing laundry and admits to Dominic that Olivia wants him off of the case. He says she is involved with two of the men they are investigating and there is no way Dominic can be objective. Ronnie says he has too much riding on the investigation and will ask that Dom is reassigned.

Rebecca calls Ethan and leaves a voice mail that she is going to Greece and she has decided to tell him everything before they leave. She says she “can’t live the lie anymore.”

Nikolas is having a glass of Vodka and instructs Alfred to unpack his bag. He asks that he take Spencer to the Metro and let him stay on the Mainland. He tells him to hold all calls and all Visitors except “Miss Rebecca.” Nikolas walks around the room and looks in the drawer of his desk.

Lucky is at the Hospital and Elizabeth asks how Nikolas took it. Lucky says “you could just see the rage and humiliation in his eyes.” Lucky says “he turned..” Elizabeth asks “tuned into what?” Lucky says “a Cassadine.”

Dominic wants to know from Ronnie why he doubts him. Dom tells him that Morgan wanted him to take him to a Yankees game and who else has been that close to Sonny’s inner circle? Ronnie agrees but says if his mother interferes one more time he will have him pulled from the case.

Jason is fading and sees Sam. He says “if you’re real find Michael and Kristina and keep them away from Jerry.” Sam looks at him and says, “hey, hey I am real and I am not going anywhere.”

Sam moves things out of the way and tells Jason to stay with her. He asks about Michael and Kristina. Sam explains they got away and they will be fine. She says “you’re the one who is in trouble.” She takes her hand and moves it along his jaw line.

Michael continues to flirt with the girl after they come out of the water. She says she must repay him for the free Waverunner lesson. She asks him to dinner and he says okay. He turns to Kristina and says he has a date, which is followed by “what do I do?”

Dominic shows up at Olivia’s and is very angry that she interfered with his Career. She is retouching her makeup for her date when she tries to explain why she has to keep him safe, that Sonny is her oldest friend and he will kill first and ask questions later. Dominic says “she has a soft spot for thugs and there is nothing you can say to stop me.”

Elizabeth pulls Lucky to a Waiting Area and tells him Alexis and Nikolas are the “good” Cassadines. Elizabeth says she believed that Rebecca truly loved him after this morning.

Rebecca is happily entering the room when she comes to see Nikolas. Nikolas does not say a word and walks to sit down at his desk. Rebecca questions, “What’s wrong?”

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