GH Update Thursday 8/13/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/13/09


Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Rebecca is on Nikolas’ couch smelling a red rose when Nikolas appears at the door. He says “Good Morning.” She asks how his ride was. He asks how she slept and she says she always sleeps well when she is in his bed. She said she casually mentioned that she loved Sour Cream Coffee Cake and she came downstairs and there was freshly baked Sour Cream Coffeecake. Nikolas jokes that he did not know, then admits he would do anything to see her smile. She said he should get used to that. Nikolas then says he has something to ask her and Rebecca says “whatever it is, the answer is no.”

Lucky is at Elizabeth’s door and says he needs her advice. She asks if she should be sitting down and Lucky says she “probably won’t even believe it.” He then says :I found something out.” The kids make noise in the background and they both dart to go check on them.

Carly is walking through her house in her bathrobe on the phone with Marty explaining that there is a huge wedding and she doesn’t care about the Planner’s schedule. The doorbell rings and she bellows for Olivia to come in. Carly continues to tell Marty to tell the Planner to get to work and if there is an issue call her on her cell so she can see if Olivia will step in. Olivia then asks what is she stepping in and Carly tells her Margo is trying to get fired. Olivia says she will step in if she cannot be there. Carly says Olivia can never leave. Carly asks if she gives Olivia a raise will she never leave. Olivia says she will not turn it down. Olivia has the designs for Carly and she says they will look at them in the car. Olivia is stunned and Carly removes her robe to show that she is fully dressed for work. She says “Once I get to the Hotel I can get more done.” Carly walks away as Olivia’s mouth is left hung open.

Kiefer confronts Morgan on the docks and almost screams that he has to tell him where Michael has taken Kristina.

Lucky, Elizabeth and Cameron come down the stairs as Elizabeth explains that he should not be so hard on himself. It is hard to build a spaceship out of blocks. Lucky says it is way more fun to build his own. He says he needs to use those blocks to build a monster and when he gets off of work he will come over and they will build a spaceship. Cam says it is a deal. Cam’s ride is in the driveway and he leaves to go to the Aquarium with Benji. Lucky and Liz stand on the porch as she thanks him for helping with that. “Sometimes he just needs a Father’s touch.”

Rebecca accuses that Nikolas is going to ask her to move back in with him. Nikolas says she is wrong and then explains he was going to invite her to go on a trip with him. Rebecca is shocked. She starts guessing places and finally Nikolas says he wants her to know who he really is. He wants to take her to Greece to the Family’s Island and introduce her to the people who knew him and she wants to introduce him to Spencer. They will take Spencer to Greece. Rebecca asks when they will go and Nikolas replies “today.”

Olivia is still on Carly’s couch and says she will tackle and tie her to the sofa before she takes her to work. Carly says she has been following Dr. Li’s orders Olivia accuses that Carly wants to go to work as a distraction from the Michael Situation. Carly admits she is right but that she also wants to prove to Jax that she can balance both. Jax is on a business trip and when he comes back and sees her calm and efficient he can see that she can do it all. Olivia tells her to sit down. Olivia explains that she is getting the rest she needs. She knows it is boring for Carly but “that little girl inside you needs her mom to devote this time entirely to her.” She tells her she can not go into work.

Morgan tries to get by Kiefer and he will not let him. Morgan tells him to “get away” and Kiefer grabs him by the collar of his shirt and calls Michael a “whack job” and says he knows he has been emailing Morgan…. Just then Dante comes and puts Kiefer in a chokehold against the side of the dock rails. He asks “where are you from?” Keifer starts to explain and Dante asks again, “where are you from?” Kiefer says “I am from Port Charles..” Dante quickly retorts “I am from Bensonhurst, you know what we do to people in our neighborhood who pick on little kids…” Morgan smugly chimes in “you really messed up this time Kiefer, this guy’s one of my Dad’s.” Dante asks how Morgan is while he still has Kiefer in the same hold. Morgan says he “is a lot better now.” He then looks at Kiefer and says if he comes up on him again he will tell his Dad and he will have more guys on him. Dante asks if he can “wrap his head around that?” Kiefer says “no problem.” Dante eventually releases him and Morgan cheers “that was awesome.” Dante then picks up Yankees tickets…he says “it looks like your Dad raised you right.” They smile at one another.

Johnny is being instructed by a Prison Guard to keep his hands on the table as Anthony chides that it is an honor that his only son has finally come to see him. Anthony tells him to have a seat and that he “would order him a drink but he gave the Butler the day off.” Johnny says he is there, what does he want. Anthony says he “hears things from the outside that concern him.” That despite Johnny’s history of ungratefulness that everything he thinks and does is for ensuring his future. Johnny says “the point.” Anthony says he is happy he found a way to co-exist with his brother in law but he does not like that he is so “enthusiastic.” Johnny asks what he wants him to do, take vengeance for him to kill Sonny? Anthony says “it is enough that you are in position, I’ll do the rest.”

Robin is in the park asking Emma if she feels better and then says “you’re on!” A woman comes through the gates and introduces herself to Emma. Robin asks if she lives around there. She says she only dreams. “I am one of the Housekeepers for the Mayor and his Wife.” Robin smiles.

Elizabeth brings food to Lucky and says she knows he probably did not eat nor sleep from thinking about whatever it is that is bothering him. He says “thanks for breakfast and for making me realize how much you mean to me.” Elizabeth smiles and says “wow, a bagel did all that?” He laughs under his breath and says it is the way they work together. He says they have a bond no matter how far apart they drift apart. She says she knows that to and there were times she did not think they would speak to one another but no matter how bad it got it would fix itself. She continues, “as long as we are alive there will always be a possibility to make it right.” Lucky says he knows they have that but Nikolas does not. Ever since Em has been gone. Elizabeth asks if this is about Rebecca. Lucky admits she was right all along and that she only wanted money from her family and Nikolas.

Rebecca says the last thing she expected was meeting his son and going to Greece by the end of the day but it was not that simple. She has responsibilities and a job. Nikolas says her circumstances have changed, she is nearly a Quartermaine, she lives in their house and she is with him. “Edward and I carry a lot of weight with the Hospital Board.” Nikolas asks if she wants to walk into “his world.” She says yes. Nikolas goes to get Spencer who is there so they can meet.

Johnny says the guys going against Sonny are taking orders from Anthony. Johnny defends that Jason and Sonny are smarter than he gives them credit for. Anthony says he will get everything he wants, his life’s goal will be accomplished and the Reigns will be in the hands of the rightful Heir…. although he doesn’t know why…Johnny’s not loyal and disrespects him. He says that is not right. Johnny turns mockingly and says “you’re going to sit there in that pretty orange jumpsuit and pontificate to me about what’s right?” Anthony asks when the hostile takeover comes to pass which side he will be on. Johnny says he is not one for making plans. Anthony would know that if he knew him. Johnny says he never had time to learn how to as a kid because he did not know when Anthony would go psycho and try to kill him. Anthony growls that “this kind of talk that disappoints me John…” Johnny interrupts boisterously that it’s the “only way I know because of you!” Johnny runs his hands over his face and says “you don’t have to worry about me Pop, I do okay thinking in the moment. I did well in the Corinthos program I may just do well in yours.” Then Johnny chants “whichever way the wind blows….right? That’s where I’ll be….you see power and control, they were never my drugs of choice, so I don’t give a damn who wins this pointless war of yours.” Johnny stands up, walks to the door, turns around and says “and I may be your son, but I am not a damn thing like you.” Anthony looks blankly as Johnny exits the room.

Carly is on the couch, Olivia bringing her water and she asks if she had it out with her kid about her and Johnny. She tells her not to give up something that makes her happy. Olivia says “not a chance.” She says it used to be easier and Carly chimes in “before he grew up.” Olivia says she used to be perfect before he had his own opinions. Morgan enters the house and Carly, delighted says “Hey..” until see sees Dominic with him…Morgan says not to be mad, he was in trouble and he had helped. Olivia stares at her son.

Lucky and Elizabeth are on the couch and Lucky is explaining everything Ethan said to him. He explained the whole plan to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is not happy…Lucky says that he has to give his new brother credit, the scam worked, “Dad would be proud.” Elizabeth then can not believe she was going to run off with Ethan afterwards. Lucky says does it matter why Rebecca is with Nikolas “as long as he’s happy.” Elizabeth says she is not “protecting that witch.”

Spencer comes in with Nikolas and Rebecca is introduced to him. She tries to talk to him on his level about the island in Greece. She kneels down and says she is sorry if she is shy but she knows he thinks she looks like someone. He responds “Emily.” Rebecca says that she heard they were close and the reason she looks like her is because they were sisters but she wants him to know she is not trying to take her place. Rebecca says she wants the chance to be his friend. She says he should go pick out toys to take to Greece. Nikolas says he is sorry as soon as Spencer leaves the room. He explains Nadine spent a lot of time with him and then when they broke up it was another person gone. Rebecca says she understands that he wanted to make sure she would be around. She appreciates that he has waited. They hug.

Carly notices the lingering looks between Dominic and Olivia. Olivia says they met. Carly wants to know how he saved him. Morgan says he “finally went out to pick up the Yankees tickets he bought online,” and Kristina’s jerky boyfriend started jerking him around…Carly is stunned and wanted his name. He tells her it is Kiefer but it does not matter, Dominic took care of it. Carly tells Dom to “pick up the narrative.” He says he saw him putting his hands on him so he put a stop to it.” Olivia turns and says “what did you do break his knee caps?” Dom said he threw up against the wall while Morgan reminded him who his father was. Carly says she owes him. That protecting him was a far cry from trying to take him hostage. Olivia can not help but turn and say “Excuse me. What?” Carly then explains how he held them all at gunpoint. Olivia looks at him and he says he should go. Olivia says Carly is cooler than she is after what he did. Carly says she thinks he is a good guy….Olivia nods.

Johnny is waiting on the docks for Spinelli. Johnny thanks Spinelli for meeting him. Spinelli accuses him of trying to steal Maximista’s heart. Johnny reminds him he does not want her heart. He says he wants him to help take down his father once and for all.

Patrick is joking with Robin about their “student” and Robin explains their “student is taking a nap.” She was right, Emma was so cute that the Housekeeper couldn’t resist and she found out the Floyd Household is not the “happiest place on Earth.” She confirmed Andrea knew about the affair, he asked for a divorce and Andrea said “she would either have him ruined or dead than to let him go.” Patrick jokes that Emma didn’t get her to help convince her to testify….Robin laughs as Patrick tells her she is doing a “good job” and to keep it up. He kisses her cheek and walks away.

Elizabeth is livid and off of the couch…Lucky says he knows she doesn’t like her. Elizabeth says her original intentions may not be her intentions now and maybe Ethan was jealous that her feelings for Nikolas are genuine now. Lucky would like to believe she has changed. Elizabeth says it would be so easy to fall in love with Nikolas without meaning to. Maybe the only way to break the hold she has over him is to let her scam him. Lucky then asks if he knew would she want to know. Elizabeth answers “absolutely.”

Spinelli does not understand why they would do any damage to Anthony while he is serving time. Johnny explains there is an uprising as he speaks and he wants to “stop it before it gets any more traction.” Spinelli stands and reminds him that this would be him taking a stance with Jason and Sonny against his father. Johnny says the last two years have been freedom and he will not go back. He does not want his father to use the people he cares about to get to him. Spinelli asks how he could help; Johnny replies that he can hack into the Prison and get him transferred out of state or in “solitary until he rots.”

Olivia meets with Dante and is very unhappy with his actions towards Carly and the boys. She is not happy because he added to the list of people she has to lie to that he is “an undercover cop here to take them all down.”

Robin and Patrick discuss how they can gather evidence. Patrick says Andrea is in trouble, Robin has that determined look in her eye.

Olivia is mad about Dante using Johnny. Dante says Johnny chose this life. Olivia reminds him Carly, Michael, Morgan are all casualties of this investigation. Dante says he is sorry he put her this in the situation but if she doesn’t want to lie she needs to go back to Bensonhurst.

Nikolas is packing as Lucky walks in. Nikolas tells him he is taking Rebecca and Spencer to Greece to get to know each other and he has to go. Lucky grabs his arm and blurts out “Rebecca’s been lying to you from the first day she showed up.”

Johnny is at Olivia’s door and is met with a kiss. Johnny asks what that was for and she says “for being the only person not on my last nerve.” He asks “does that include Dominic?” Olivia is stunned and says “Dominic?” Johnny continues “I saw you two at the Laundry Mat having an intense conversation; wanna share what that was about?”

Carly is sitting on the couch when Dominic and Morgan walk in. She says “you’re back already?” Morgan says he invited him to the game. Carly walks over to them as Morgan goes to get Dominic a glass of water. He says he knows she has reservations about Morgan taking him, but “he reminds me of me as a kid. I will find a way to say no if that is what you want.” Morgan reappears and says he should have asked but he was running out of time and the guy said they were really good seats. Dominic looks at the tickets and says they are, in fact, really good seats.

Rebecca is on the Docks and Elizabeth wants to know “why she wanted to see me?” Rebecca says that Nikolas let her meet Spencer and they were going to Greece. Elizabeth wants to know why she should care. Rebecca says under normal circumstances she wouldn’t care if Elizabeth liked her but she is making an effort at peace. She wants to know if they can be friends or friendlier for Nikolas’ sake. Elizabeth looks and says “I suppose that depends if you are going to tell me the truth or not.” She then goes onto ask why she wants to go to Greece or how she feels about him. Rebecca says “I think I am in love with him.”

Nikolas is asking Lucky what he is telling him. Lucky explains that Ethan was in on the plan and get the money and skip town. He says he knows because Ethan told him. Nikolas asks when he started listening to him. He said he didn’t but Ethan and Rebecca had parted ways and Ethan had no reason to protect her. Lucky says it rings true to him. Nikolas asks “so everything that has happened between Rebecca and me is a lie?”

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