GH Update Wednesday 8/12/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/12/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At her apartment Johnny and Olivia continue to talk about Dante’s arrest. Johnny wonders about her concerns.

In the interrogation room of the PCPD Dante expects to be let go but the female attorney and Mac are not so sure. They think Sonny will get suspicious.

The guard gets the upper hand with Michael in the hotel room but Kristina is able to escape.

Jerry gets up out of the wreckage but Jason is trapped. He tries to push out of the rubble but can’t. Jerry talks to him and wonders if he should help or leave him. He begins to push on the rubble and then picks up Jason’s gun and fires a shot at him.

On the Haunted Star Tracey arrives and spars with Ethan. She thinks they can be of assistance to each other, she wants information. Rebecca and Nikolas are also there. Tracey asks Ethan what he knows about Rebecca Shaw.

The cops want to arraign Dante and let him skip bail and disappear, leave Port Charles. Diane enters and demands Dante be released. The attorney says she will have to double check the paperwork.

Olivia says Johnny could easily be in Dante’s shoes and she worries about him. Olivia apologizes for acting like an over bearing shrew but Johnny tells her she’s not. He likes her concern. Johnny is going to take a shower and Olivia says she’s going to the store.

Michael gets up and tells the guard to leave before Jerry finds out Kristina got away. The guard is distracted by a fire alarm and Michael is able to get away.

Jerry explains that given the difference between his gun and Jason’s gun he missed Jason’s heart but was still able to hit him in the clavicle.

At Jason’s penthouse Maxie tells Spinelli that she’s honored that he has asked her to marry him and that he went to Mac. There is a knock at the door and it is Lulu. She apologizes for telling Kate about the wedding. They both say it’s not her fault. Spinelli thinks the September date will help keep Kate out of it, but Lulu says Kate still wants some pictures for the magazine and for Lulu to help plan. Lulu turned her down, though, since she’s sure Maxie can handle it. Maxie wants her help.

Nikolas and Rebecca gamble on one side of the room, and at the other Tracey talks to Ethan. She says she saw him at the Quartermaine’s the other night. Ethan wants to know what’s in it for him and she says that depends. He tells her she shouldn’t worry about Rebecca ripping off the Quartermaine’s since “it seems she’s sunk her claws into bigger prey.”

Olivia enters the police station and asks an officer where she should go to pay a parking ticket. She allows the officer to help her. Back inside the interrogation room the attorney tells Lucky there was a procedural violation because he didn’t have a warrant. Lucky is angry but Dante is free to go. As he exits the room he walks past Olivia who follows him out.

Jerry continues to taunt Jason about his wound and how Jason has always failed to kill him. Jerry asks Jason if he has any final requests, and Jason asks for proof that Claudia was responsible for Michael’s shooting.

Lulu and Spinelli start to plan the wedding right away by looking for venues. Maxie doesn’t want to do this right now because it’s a lot to process. Lulu tells her to focus on shoes, but Maxie freaks out when she can’t picture them. Lulu suggests talking about attendants. Spinelli says Jason will be his and he assumes Maxie will want Lulu. Lulu, however, is quick to protest that Maxie can’t stand her.

Johnny gets a call from Diane telling him Dante has been released because the evidence was deemed inadmissible. Diane says Dante was a great stone waller and they don’t need to worry about him in the future.

Dante meets with his contact who is mad that he was arrested. Dante gained Johnny’s trust. Olivia comes in and tells him to go back to Brooklyn.

Kristina and Michael meet up. Kristina still doesn’t think Jerry would hurt them. Michael wants to go to Cancun next but tells Kristina she’s not coming.

Jason asks again about Claudia’s guilt and says Jerry has nothing to lose by telling him. Jerry asks why it matters, Michael’s shooting was an accident.

Nikolas wants Rebecca to come home with him. He goes to get their ride and Rebecca goes over to cash out with Ethan. They argue over where they are now and how things have changed. Rebecca wants to be with Nikolas and wants Ethan to live his own life. She leaves with Nikolas. Ethan makes a call and asks someone to meet him.

Lulu says Maxie would want Robin, but Maxie says she wants Lulu. Lulu and Maxie go back and forth, but Maxie says she trusts Lulu and also has a hard time saying the word marriage in conversation.

Olivia says she hates having to lie to the people she knows, she wants him to leave. She wants to know how she should handle Johnny. Dante tells her to dump him. She says no and then says when Sonny finds out he will kill him on the spot and storms off.

Kristina says Michael needs her and they are in this together.

Jerry wants to know what Jason is so set on retribution when there is nothing to gain. Jerry says Ian Devlin pulled the trigger and then admits to being an accomplice himself. Jason wants to know about Claudia. Jerry isn’t giving her up that easily.

Olivia comes back to her apartment with groceries. Johnny tells her that Dante is out of jail and everything is OK. She gives him a big hug and says she doesn’t want to think about anything else. She says she likes being with him and she doesn’t care if people aren’t OK with that.

Dante’s contact thinks that Olivia’s relationship with Johnny and her past relationship with Sonny is very bad for this investigation and suggests Dante get off the case. Dante says no way and he knows Olivia would never say anything; she will protect him to the death.

At Wyndemere Nikolas and Rebecca sit down with wine, and he says he has confiscated her phone and told Alfred not to put calls from Edward through.

Lucky meets Ethan on the Haunted Star. Ethan tells him that he came to town on a scam that didn’t involve Luke and he had a partner for the last couple months. He says he’s not telling him anything as a cop but because he’s Nikolas Cassadine’s brother.

Jerry says that he and Claudia had a flirtation but it went south. Jerry continues to give Jason the runaround and won’t say either way about Claudia’s guilt.

Ethan says he was scamming Nikolas. He tells Lucky about meeting Rebecca at the airport and that Rebecca told him about being Emily’s twin and wanting Emily’s money. He says Rebecca isn’t a con artist but Ethan convinced her to lie, to tutor her. They spent a few months in Manhattan. He also admits to sleeping with her, but now she has called off the relationship and the scam. He says it’s up to Lucky to decide whether to tell Nikolas.

Nikolas and Rebecca talk about Ethan and he asks if he should be worried. Rebecca assures Nikolas she wants to be with him.

Johnny and Olivia sit in each other’s arms and she tells him to be careful. Johnny says he now knows he can trust Dante after tonight.

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