GH Update Tuesday 8/11/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/11/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Mac’s house Spinelli is so happy that Maxie stood up to Mac and accepted his proposal. Maxie says her wedding will take a long time to plan. Robin and Patrick come down and ask when the wedding date is.

In the warehouse Lucky wants Dante brought down to the station.

A man brings Michael and Kristina back into the hotel room and tells them to wait for Jerry. Michael says they have to leave and Jerry is keeping them prisoner, but Kristina thinks they should trust Jerry.

Jerry takes shots at Jason and tells him it’s good luck to die in a church.

Spinelli says he would happily get married at the justice of the peace and Maxie says it will take a long time to plan. Robin reminds Maxie how quickly she was able to pull Robin and Patrick’s wedding together, and then suggests that Maxie may be pregnant. Spinelli faints.

Kate visits Olivia at her apartment. Kate knows that Olivia just fought with Sonny because she’s cleaning just like when they were kids. Kate wants to reminisce about stick ball and lemon ices in Bensonhurst. Kate says Olivia came and stayed in Port Charles for Sonny and she says soon Olivia will have to tell him about Dante.

Dante says Lucky will look bad for bringing him to the PCPD. It will look like harassment since he isn’t doing anything wrong and Lucky beat him up before for being with Lulu. Lucky takes him anyway.

Michael looks for an escape route and is suspicious that Jerry as a businessman doesn’t have a computer or PDA’s lying around. Kristina still doesn’t want to go against Jerry and wants to give him a chance. Michael is adamant about getting out.

Jerry taunts Jason about Sam, and they continue to shoot at each other. Jerry says Sam is having a good time doing what Sam does best. When he goes to take another shot at Jason he sees that Jason has moved. Jerry then starts to talk about Michael and Kristina and how Jason will never see them again.

Maxie, Robin, and Patrick help Spinelli and Maxie assures Spinelli that she’s not pregnant, so adamantly that Spinelli wonders if she doesn‘t want kids. Maxie says they should just take one thing at a time.

At the PCPD Mac, Diane, and an attorney discuss Alexis’ case. Diane is sure Alexis is innocent and the attorney is sure she can prove her guilt. Mac then tells them about Spinelli asking for Maxie’s hand in marriage. Diane thinks it’s sweet and he’s richer than Mac thinks. Lucky brings Dante in. Johnny calls Diane and tells her about Dante being arrested. Diane says she will take care of it.

Kate is curious that Olivia wouldn’t tell Sonny about Dante even if they start sleeping together again. Kate says Olivia is always finding excuses to be with Sonny and has seen Sonny’s car at Olivia’s and vice versa. Kate seems to be most concerned that Olivia isn’t giving Sonny and Dante a chance at being family. Olivia says there is too much to risk and there isn’t a good side to them knowing the truth. They then laugh about Coney Island and how Sonny took both of them there. Olivia says she doesn’t have the token Sonny once gave her, but Kate doesn’t believe her.

Jerry continues talking about Sam as Jason tries to sneak up on him. Jason starts shooting at Jerry and Jerry has to flee his hiding place.

Robin and Patrick eat and talk about their evening. They both wonder if Maxie just said yes because Mac forbade her or if she really wants to marry Spinelli. Patrick says Spinelli will be devastated if she changes her mind, Robin thinks that maybe Maxie will come around.

Spinelli and Maxie go back to Jason’s penthouse. Maxie again says she doesn’t want to rush anything and she’s going to need some time and they can’t think about anything until Michael and Kristina get back and she needs to tell Kate. Johnny comes in and asks if he’s heard from Jason. Spinelli drops the fiancé word and Johnny congratulates them and asks when the big day is. Maxie says “not for ages” at the same time Spinelli says “soon.”

Mac send Dante to the interrogation room and Diane follows him.

Kristina and Michael continue to argue over Jerry’s intentions. Michael blows up and Kristina says she’s the reason they are in this mess.

Jerry says Jason must have feelings for Sam and that Sam is worth it. Jason comes up behind Jerry and demands to know where Sam is. Jerry doesn’t want the game to be over and manages to get away from Jason.

Kristina tells Michael that he can’t be sure he is responsible for Claudia’s accident. She seems ready to confess but he tells her they don’t have time. Kristina calls the guard and asks for something to eat, but the guard says he can’t go until relief comes. Michael sees it as a good sign that the guard is alone.

Dante says he’s a long shore man and that’s all he will say. He also says he saw suspicious activities but will again only say he’s a long shore man.

Patrick wonders if Robin would want Emma being with someone affiliated with the mob. Robin is unsure but thinks Spinelli is still a good person. Patrick doesn’t think Emma should ever be old enough to get married.

Johnny congratulates them and then Kate knocks on the door and says that she wants to make her wedding a Crimson event since she already has a following and she has already selected a wedding date for them.

Robin wants to work more on the Brianna Hughes case by taking Emma for a job on Harbor View Road. Patrick doesn’t want Robin or Emma involved in this any more.

Maxie isn’t happy that Kate has picked the date. Kate then says that Spinelli will need a make over, but Maxie says she likes him just the way he is. Kate then begins rattling off details like bridal shower, bachelor party, and then says Jason isn’t invited to any events or the wedding. She then says the wedding won’t take place in Port Charles and if their families can’t make it that’s just a sacrifice they will have to make. Spinelli interjects and says Maxie will have the wedding she wants. Kate says a junior editor would be happy to do this, and then says she will pick her wedding dress. That drives Maxie over the edge and she blurts out that they already have a wedding date, September 21.

Olivia takes out the token necklace she still has from Sonny. She then opens the door to find Sonny and greets him with a kiss. He just wants to be with her after a long night.

Diane continues to ask Dante questions and he continues to not answer them. Diane goes out and asks Mac and Lucky what their proof is. The female attorney comes in and asks Dante to give up Sonny. Instead he has her write a phone number down. He tells her to call it and tell the people that answer that she has him in custody.

Olivia likes being able to just be in the moment with Johnny and tells her that Kate was there. Johnny tells her about the job he and Dante went on and that Dante got taken in and arrested.

Mac comes in and calls him Detective Dante Falconeri. Dante tells him not to broadcast it and that he’s the best chance they have to get Sonny.

Kristina thinks Michael’s idea is too dangerous but goes along anyway. She starts to scream so the guard comes in. Michael struggles with the guard and tells Kristina to run, but she just stands there.

Jason and Jerry struggle and cause a balcony to fall on them both.

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