GH Update Monday 8/10/09

General Hospital Update Monday 8/10/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Davis home, Kiefer gets mad and throws a glass on the floor. The glass shatters which frightens Molly. Kiefer apologizes for his behavior. Kiefer is desperate to get a hold of Kristina. Alexis walks in and asks what is going on. Kiefer apologizes for breaking the glass. Kiefer admits that he is concerned about Kristina and got carried away. Kiefer leaves. Alexis tells Molly that she’ll clean up the broken glass later. Alexis gives her daughter a hug. Alexis wishes Kristina was home. Molly questions why Kristina ran away in the first place.

In the hotel room, Kristina speaks highly of Jerry. Michael is suddenly suspicious of Jerry. Kristina thinks that Michael is overreacting. Michael remembers Jerry talking to him while he was in a coma.

Sam is about to open the hotel room door when Jerry shows up with a gun.

Jason leaves a message on Sam’s voicemail saying that he is going to look for Michael and Kristina.

At her apartment, Olivia and Dante/Dominic argue about his involvement in Sonny’s business. Olivia is worried that Dante is in danger. It is revealed that Dante is a cop trying to find evidence to take down Sonny’s organization. Sonny knocks on the apartment door. Olivia and Dante panic. Olivia tells Dante to leave through the fire escape. Sonny walks in. Sonny makes a comment about Johnny. Olivia tries to change the subject. Sonny brings up the earlier encounter at Kelly’s involving Olivia and Dante. Olivia reminds Sonny that she isn’t interested in him. Olivia insists that she doesn’t want Sonny. Sonny is hesitant to leave but finally relents. Olivia appears upset.

At Mac’s home, Spinelli makes a plea to Mac for Maxie’s hand in marriage. Mac doesn’t want to hear about it. Maxie pipes in and says that Mac doesn’t control her life. Mac thinks that Maxie has lost her mind. Maxie praises Spinelli’s words of devotion. Mac brings up that Spinelli works with Sam. Mac thinks that Jason is a bad influence on Spinelli. Maxie defends Spinelli. Spinelli blurts out that he has already asked Maxie to marry him. Mac is furious. Maxie wants to make her own decision about marriage. Spinelli asks Maxie to marry him again. Maxie says yes.

Claudia is relaxing at home when Dante walks in. Claudia is surprised to see him. Claudia warns Dante that no one will trust him. Dante threatens to tell Jason about Claudia’s hit on him. Johnny shows up. Claudia makes a mean comment about Olivia. Dante is irritated. Johnny tells Claudia that he’s not breaking up with Olivia. Sonny walks in. Johnny and Dante both concur that a shipment is going to take place tonight. Johnny and Dante leave the room. Sonny wants Claudia to be more respectful of Olivia. Claudia is offended that Sonny isn’t defending his own wife.

Jerry brings Sam to a rundown courtyard. Jerry tells Sam that she has to do what he says. Jerry and Sam enter a church. Jerry wants Sam to lure Jason to Vera Cruz. Sam tries to get to the gun but Jerry grabs her. Jerry tells Sam to call Jason. Jason answers on the first ring. Sam tells Jason to meet her in an abandoned church. Sam manages to yell out “Jerry” before the call ends. Instead of being mad, Jerry is pleased that Jason will show up as planned.

Nikolas and Elizabeth talk at Kelly’s. They innocently flirt with each other. Elizabeth talks about last night’s hangover. Elizabeth doesn’t want her friendship with Nikolas to be ruined due to some harmless kisses. Nikolas leaves. Nik stops to stare at Liz through the window.

Alexis cleans up the glass. Molly comments that Morgan paid her a visit earlier in the day. Molly says that Alexis doesn’t want her to spend time with Sonny since he’s a criminal. Molly thinks her mom is acting like a hypocrite because Alexis is a suspect in a murder. Alexis maintains she is innocent of the charges. Alexis is upset that Molly is having a hard time with the situation. Molly starts to cry. Alexis promises that she will keep Molly safe. Alexis hugs Molly.

Johnny and Dante show up at a warehouse, guns in hand. They enter the building and announce that Sonny wants the shipment to be destroyed. After the men leave, Dante asks Johnny how they are going to get rid of the shipment. They hear a siren in the distance.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny and Claudia discuss their troubled marriage. Sonny maintains that they need to be honest with each other. Claudia doesn’t think that things can get better. Sonny suggests that they be more respectful towards each other. Sonny offers to cook dinner for the two of them. Sonny wants Claudia to watch him prepare the meal. Claudia is stunned by Sonny’s friendliness.

Mac is mad about Spinelli and Maxie’s engagement. Mac doesn’t like the idea of them being together. Robin tells Maxie that she should rethink things. Mac finally agrees to Maxie and Spinelli dating, but is strongly against marriage. Maxie wants to wear the engagement ring. Mac warns that he can have Spinelli arrested. Maxie thinks that Mac is bluffing but Patrick pipes in that it could happen. Spinelli makes a vow to stay faithful to Maxie. Robin and Patrick escort Mac out of the room before he makes a scene. Lulu leaves Spinelli and Maxie alone. Spinelli is happy that Maxie defended him. They hug. Spinelli wants to spend the rest of his life with Maxie. Maxie appears overwhelmed by it all.

In the hotel room, Michael tells Kristina that he doesn’t trust Jerry. Michael thinks that Jerry has an ulterior motive. Michael reminds Kristina that Jerry was responsible for the Metro Court hostage crisis. Michael wants to keep Kristina protected so he suggests they leave. Kristina writes Jerry a letter explaining that they are grateful for his help. Kristina and Michael leave the hotel room but are stopped by a man working for Jerry. The man states that they can’t go anywhere without Jerry’s consent.

Jerry leads Sam to a dim room. Sam wants to know where she is. Jerry pushes Sam on a bed.

The cops arrive at the warehouse. Dante surrenders. Lucky reads him his rights. Johnny hides behind some wooden crates.

Jason shows up at the church. Sam isn’t there.

A man walks into the room. Sam is tied up and sitting on a chair. The man says that he paid Jerry so he could sleep with Sam. Sam looks scared.

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