GH Update Thursday 8/6/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/6/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Molly reveals to her mother that she knows she is a suspect for killing the mayor’s girlfriend because it is all over the internet.

Morgan overhears Carly talking to Jason about Michael.

Michael awakes in a chair in a motel room, and is startled to find the bed is empty. Kristina is at the desk, and tells him to relax; she is right there. He says he never knew a girl who made the bed the second she got up. She tells him she is a 16-year-old fugitive in Mexico who took French instead of Spanish so she has nowhere else she would go. She tells him she is writing a postcard to Molly. He tells her she cannot do that because the postmark on it would be like a roadmap to them.

Sam goes into the café asks an employee if he has seen the kids from last night. He has not. She tells him it is an emergency. She must find them before they get into serious trouble. From a nearby table, Jerry listens.

Carly tells her son that she was just leaving a message, but she knows that Jason will find Michael and Kristina home. He tells her the stress is not good for her or the baby. He asks how she feels. He tells her Michael didn’t run away to upset her, he did it because he thought it was best for her. She says she knows, but what’s best for her is having her kids close to her.

Michael tells Kristina that they will eventually be able to contact their families. He tells her they need to find jobs and a permanent place to live, but first they must find Enrique, the old casino manager because otherwise they will never survive in Mexico.

At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that she needs him for backup. She feels responsible for helping to solve the Brianna Hughes’ murder after falsely accusing the mayor. She knows Alexis didn’t do it either because the killer is right-handed. She has asked Andrea to come to the hospital. Andrea storms in saying she doesn’t normally respond when people she hardly know insist on seeing her out of the blue. Robin tossed a pen and Andrea catches it with her right hand.

Alexis tells her Molly that whatever she has seen on the Internet is not true. She tells her she should not go on the internet at all for a while. Molly asks if it was her fault that Claudia crashed her car. Alexis tells her it was an accident. She wonders why she didn’t say so when Michael said he did it.

Sam talks to Spinelli on a payphone. She tells him she is in Vera Cruz. She hasn’t found Michael and Kristina, but she knows they were there. One of the computer terminals in a public Internet cafe had accessed the Port Charles Herald. She tells Spinelli that Jason is looking for the kids in Cancun, but she cannot reach him. She asks Spinelli to tell Jason they are in Vera Cruz. Jerry is still listening from a nearby table.

Rebecca tells Edward Quartermaine that last night must never happen again. He shows her a photo able with pictures of Lila. He tells her that today would have been their anniversary.

Morgan tries to coax Carly into eating Carrots. He admits that Jacks asked him to do it. Max comes to see her. He says he wants to play Gin Rummy. She says she will play as soon as he admits that Jacks sent him.

At the hospital, Andrea asks Robin why she threw the object at her. Robin covers with an excuse that she though she was tossing it to another doctor. She says she asked her to come so she can try to mend fences. Andrea says that the best thing she can do is tell her uncle Mac to gather evidence against Alexis as quickly as he did against the Mayor.

Lulu meets Maxie for lunch and informs her that the IT guys don’t know how long it will take to fix their computer virus. Maxie rants about how far behind on their work they will be because of this and how angry Kate will be. Lulu tells Maxie that she is hiding from Spinelli because she doesn’t want to tell him that she doesn’t want to get married.

Spinelli tells Sam that while he is waiting for Maxie’s response to his marriage proposal, he is having trouble focusing. Sam tells him that if he focused on something else, like finding the kids, he will find that the marriage thing will resolve itself. She stresses the importance of finding Michael and Kristina as Jerry continues to eavesdrop. Spinelli tells her he just emailed the information that she requested. He tells her she will continue to check with Mexican hospitals and law enforcement and let her or Jason know if he finds anything. Sam tells Spinelli that the best advice she can give him about Maxie is to listen to her. It is possible that she is not yet ready for marriage. Spinelli tells Sam that Alexis admitted to driving the car that caused Claudia’s accident and is a suspect in Mayor Floyd’s mistress’s murder.

Robin tells Andrea that she doesn’t have any influence over her uncle. Andrea leaves and Robin tells Patrick that she would love to bring her down.

Diane goes to Carly’s house. She tells her she can get the murder charge dropped, but she has to tell the truth about the accident and admit that Kristina ran Claudia off the road. Molly overhears.

Michael and Kristina return to the Internet café. He tells her they may be able to risk one email so they send an email to Morgan’s cell phone.

Morgan receives the message that Jason is ok, and that he may tell Molly but no one else. Jacks arrives home and forces Carly to sit down because she is supposed to be on bed rest. She shows him the carrots and cards and tells him he is busted. He says he thought a diversion would be good. Morgan comes into the living room and asks if he can go see Molly. Carly says it is sweet that he is thinking about his cousin.

At Alexis’s house, Diane tells her that her confession to the accident validates Andres Floyd’s assertion that she was a hysterical wreck when she left the mayors house, which in turn gives credibility to the hysterical emails. Alexis concedes that she understands the domino effect, and the murder occurred on the one night that she doesn’t have an alibi. Diane adds that Alexis has access to a keycard to the building, which gives her opportunity. She tells Alexis that she could very well be convicted of murder if she doesn’t take away the first domino by recanting her confession. Alexis says she cannot let her daughter’s life be derailed. Molly has heard the whole conversation.

Jerry enters Michael and Kristina’s motel room and begins looking around. He finds the postcard that Kristina had written to Molly on the desk.

Mac comes to the hospital to check on one of his injured officers. Robin tells him that she and Patrick will be at the family dinner tonight. She tells him that she thinks he is investigating the wrong person for murder. She tells him that the deadly blow to Brianna’s head was made by a right-handed person and Alexis is left-handed. He tells her that he knows she can’t resist a good mystery, but her pervious attempt to help him ruined his relationship with the mayor. He asks her not to do him any favors.

Diane goes to Spinelli’s office followed by Max. They both want to get in touch with Jason. Spinelli tells them that he has not been able to contact him. He tells them that his hands are tied until Jason checks in, but they are welcome to wait. He asks if he can ask their advice on an unrelated matter as he locks the door.

In an effort to get Carly to rest, Jacks challenges her to a game of Gin Rummy. If he wins, she will go take a nap. If she wins, he will massage her to sleep. She tells him that she has decided that when Michael returns, she is going to have him move back in with them.

Morgan arrives at Molly’s house and tells her about the email from Michael. He tells her they are OK. He tells her that he cannot write back, but he wanted to tell Michael that Claudia admitted to running Claudia off the road. Molly tells him her mother didn’t do it. Kristina did, and Alexis is lying to protect her.

At the Internet café in Vera Cruz, Mexico, Kristina figures out how to take the bus to the address they got for Enrique. As they exit the building through the back, they are followed. Once they are outside, they encounter two local thugs with knives.

At the hospital, Andrea Floyd tells Mac that his niece made an appeal on his behalf to try to smooth things over between him and the mayor. She says it would be wise for him to do everything n his power to make sure that Alexis Davis is convicted, or the mayor may have to reconsider who is running the police department. When Andrea walks away, Robin says that woman killed Brianna Hughes and she is going to prove it.

At the diner, Maxie phones in an order for a pie to pick up later at Marla’s. Lulu asks why she isn’t ordering baked goods from where they are. Maxie says, no insult to her family, but Marla’s has better pies. She tells her Marla’s Dutch apple pie is Mac’s favorite, so she is bringing it to the family dinner. She invites Lulu to go. Lulu asks Maxie if she is going to tell her father about Spinelli’s proposal. She says no, takes off her ring, and puts it in her purse.

At Spinelli’s office, he asks Diane and Max if they think it is appropriate to ask Mac’s approval to marry Maxie. Both of them agree that it is a nice gesture.

Sam finds Michael and Kristina’s motel room. The door is open so she enters with her gun drawn. The room is empty. She finds the postcard on the desk and calls Jason. She leaves a message that she has found Michael & Kristina’s motel room. She hears a gunshot.

Outside in the alley, one thug demands their wallets at knifepoint. Michael tells him he has no idea who they are, and they might get themselves into a bad situation. The thug tells him it is only bad for Michael, but he will go quickly. They will keep the pretty girl around. Jerry comes out and says his nephew speaks the truth, and the two “punks” made a grievous error.

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