GH Update Wednesday 8/5/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/5/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Jake’s Elizabeth and Nikolas talk with their faces close together, about how they shouldn’t drink just the two of them.

At the Quartermaine’s Ethan and Rebecca talk about what the original plan was. Ethan says he’s surrounded by a family of strangers and is tired of keeping his guard up.

In her hospital room, Claudia asks Sonny if he’s inviting her to stay with him out of pity, and asks if he wants to say married.

Dante (who I will continue to refer to as Dante, even when he’s supposed to be Dominic) comes in Olivia’s apartment and Johnny tells him to give Sonny a message.

At the nurse’s station Robin is glad she kept digging into Brianna’s murder because she came up with a clue. Robin is sure it wasn’t Alexis.

Elizabeth and Nikolas talk about how they got in trouble the last time and how they both think about the kiss they shared. Elizabeth says Rebecca is lucky that she gets to kiss him whenever she wants and doesn’t deserve it. They continue to take shots. Elizabeth says the kiss took her by surprise but it felt kind of right, he agrees. And then she says they are better off as friends.

Rebecca tries to get Ethan to leave. Ethan starts talking about how he wants to go home but he can’t because his adoptive parents are dead and his birth parents aren’t around.

Johnny tells Dante to get going and this is his personal time and yells at him to leave. Olivia is visibly shaken and Johnny thinks it’s because he will tell Sonny.

Sonny doesn’t know where they are right now but doesn’t think they should be making any changes. Claudia asks about Michael and Kristina and Sonny says it’s his fault that he’s gone. He wishes he had waited before accusing Michael. Sonny says he will treat Claudia with respect and give her a place to live where she feels safe.

Sam calls Spinelli from Vera Cruz and says that people have recognized pictures of Michael and Kristina. She needs a list of possible hotels that they could be at.

Michael and Kristina log onto a computer and look at the tourist information bureau at hotels close to the beach. After Kristina wants to look at the Port Charles paper and see what’s going on in town.

Lulu helps Mike by waiting table at Kelly’s and Dante comes in. He says he lives there now, and sits down to coffee. Dante is shaken from his encounter with Olivia and Johnny.

Olivia tells Johnny she doesn’t care if Sonny knows, but doesn’t say why she’s upset. Olivia says she’s thinking about Carly and Jax worrying about Michael. She says when “that guy” walked in the door she imagined what she must have looked like to him and it wasn’t pretty.

Claudia doesn’t want Sonny’s pity because that only turns into resentment. Sonny just wants to make up for the way he treated her before and will have her room ready when she gets out.

Lulu serves Dante pie and he says he’s concerned about his mom and she tells him to mind his own business. Sonny walks in and asks Lulu if he’s bothering him and Lulu says he’s just upset that his mom is dating a younger guy.

Robin asks Patrick if he’s willing to take her bet. Patrick thinks that the more she helps the deeper Alexis gets. Alexis comes in and Robin throws her keys. Alexis catches them with her left hand and Robin seems to see something.

Ethan is sorry for pushing her about the money. She says she understands what he;s going through but things have changed. She will get him his money but he says that’s not enough anymore. He wants to be with her, but she says she can’t be that steady person for him. He asks if it’s because of Nikolas.

Elizabeth and Nikolas discuss their friendship and Nikolas says she is the love of Lucky’s life. She doesn’t think she’s the one he really wants.

Alexis asks why she threw keys at her. Patrick says Robin bet him that she was left-handed and this is another piece to the puzzle to try to prove her innocence. Alexis is sure the truth will come out eventually.

Sonny tells Dante not to bring his problems to Lulu, Lulu agrees. Sonny asks Lulu where Mike is. Sonny tells Dante to proceed with caution when it comes to Lulu. He tells Sonny about his fight with Lucky and Ethan and Sonny says he’s supposed to be helping not causing trouble. Sonny wants Dante to show him respect. Dante wants him to understand what it would be like to find your mom with a guy the same age as him.

Sam and Spinelli talk on the phone and Sam wants information on internet café’s in Vera Cruz.

Michael and Kristina argue over hotels. Michael suggests calling someone who used to work for Sonny but Kristina says it’s a bad idea. Kristina thinks someone is watching them and Michael says she can go home if she wants.

Jerry calls Claudia and she tells him to leave Michael alone, they are being tracked by Jason and Sam. Jerry is looking forward to seeing them but Claudia doesn’t want any part of this and will give Jerry up in a heart beat if Michael and Kristina are hurt.

Nikolas and Elizabeth talk about when she first came to Port Charles and fell for Lucky. She says she knows a bad idea when she sees it, and being with him is a bad idea. They swear to never drink together again and then decide to head out separately.

Ethan wants to know if he ever meant anything to her. She says she did but Nikolas isn’t a mark anymore. She doesn’t want to take the money and run, the plans are over. Ethan kisses her and then leaves.

Jerry wonders if Claudia wanted Jason and him to cancel each other out and says Claudia will have to deal with the consequences. Johnny comes in and starts to yell at Claudia for sending Jerry after Michael. He calls her a crazy bitch and says she deserves whatever she has coming.

Spinelli just wants to talk about Maxie and he thinks Sam is projecting her heartbreak on him and Maxie. Sam tells him to enjoy their love and sometimes love just doesn’t last. Spinelli thinks that Sam should think about forgiveness and how it can cause love to reawaken.

Dante tells Sonny his mom is a good woman and doesn’t want her hurt. Sonny tells him about his step-father. Sonny says this boyfriend can be encouraged to go away. Just then Olivia enters Kelly’s.

Patrick says he’s calling it a night and Robin wants to go home with him. Robin is very focused on proving Alexis’ innocence, and she is sure that Brianna was killed by a right-handed person.

Johnny is livid that Claudia sent Jerry after the kids just for revenge, when Michael didn’t even do anything.. Claudia says Jerry will kill Jason and then everything will be ok. Johnny says Jason is the reason he is alive and Jason is cautious. He tells her he is done. She hurts people who can’t protect themselves and he doesn’t want to die because of it. He says he’s going to tell Sonny everything and he can’t blame Sonny for killing Claudia after. He tells her not to call him for help anymore or to depend on him, she’s alone.

Sonny pulls up a chair for Olivia and suggests that Dante leave. Olivia and Dante pretend they don’t know each other again and she tells him he shouldn’t work for Sonny. She leaves and Sonny tells Dante that she’s crazy about him.

Kristina and Michael look for hotels and then check the Port Charles paper. Just then Sam comes in showing a picture of them. She is pointed to their computer, but they are gone. She sees the Port Charles Herald on the screen and knows they were there.

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