GH Update Tuesday 8/4/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/4/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas and Rebecca play pool at Jake’s and make a bet. If Rebecca wins she gets to make Nikolas do anything she wants, if he wins she moves back in with him.

At Olivia’s, Olivia and Johnny get steamy while Adrianne Leon (ex-Brooke Lyn, GH; ex-Colleen, Y&R) sings "Would You Like It."


Claudia tells Sonny about her dream in her hospital room.

By the nurse’s station Patrick tells Robin that someone else confessed to Claudia’s accident.

In the PCPD interrogation room Alexis talks to Diane about her confession as Mac walks in and tells them that Alexis could be charged with murder.

Robin doesn’t think it makes any sense that Alexis did this or that she‘s a suspect in Brianna Hughes murder.

Mac, Diane, and Alexis discuss Alexis’ possible guilt. Mayor Floyd and Andrea Floyd enter to give statements as to what state of mind Alexis was in the night of the accident.

Claudia and Sonny talk about how they should have thought of a name for their baby and how she was excited in the dream to be going home with Sonny. Sonny says the dreams that have hurt him the most are the ones where he can pretend that the bad parts of reality haven’t actually happened.

At GH Dante and Lulu wait for a doctor. Epiphany walks in and tells him he needs a tetanus shot. He removes his shirt and Epiphany sees his gun shot wound, which she says she has to report to the police.

Johnny asks Olivia if she’s sure about what they have going on. She asks if he’s having second thoughts and he says no. He just wants to make sure that there isn’t anyone else that she’d rather be with. She tells him to forget about it, there’s no one else. They get dressed and decide they are hungry and to go out to dinner. Johnny sees a picture of Dante and asks if there are any other pictures of him. He asks if Dante knows about him ad Olvia says she doesn’t discuss those things with her son. Johnny leaves to go get food.

Dante says if the police are called then Lucky and Ethan could get in trouble for their bar fight. Lulu agrees.

Elizabeth talks to Robin about Alexis letting Michael take the fall. Robin doesn’t think any of this is like Alexis. Robin asks Elizabeth if she’s up for a girl’s night out, even though she can’t drink. Elizabeth is very up for it.

Nikolas thinks Rebecca is trying to lose so she can move back in with him. Rebecca wins and as her prize she wants Nikolas to dance with her to the juke box, which he does. He brings up her moving in again but she diverts his question. Ethan looks on from the door.

Nikolas and Rebecca go back to the Quartermaine’s and kiss in the foyer. She wants him to come up but he says he’s not welcome there. They knock over a vase and Edward comes in yelling at Nikolas to leave.

Elizabeth arrives at Jake’s and orders tequila from Coleman. She sees Ethan and he tells her about him and Lucky’s fight and about seeing Nikolas and Rebecca. He is visibly drunk.

Patrick is glad that Robin is going out with the girls. Robin sees someone headed to the PCPD with files and she stops him.

Andrea voices her dislike for Alexis and says she can kill her also. Alexis tries to talk to the Mayor and get his help.

Patrick tells Claudia that she can be released tomorrow. Her and Sonny talk and she says he should be happy since he never wanted the baby to begin with. He says he feels like this is his punishment. Claudia doesn’t want him to blame himself, it was Alexis’ fault. She says his guilt is a waste of time.

Alexis tells the Mayor that while she did cause Claudia’s accident she did not kill Brianna and he knows that. Andrea sees them and pulls the Mayor away. The Mayor tells Mac that Alexis did come to their house and make a scene, otherwise it is out of his hands.

Robin looks at slides and Patrick comes in. Patrick thinks she’s obsessed. Robin says her instincts are that Alexis is innocent. Patrick decides to stay and help her.

Epiphany asks Dante for some information. He gives his name as Dominic Perelli. Epiphany is called away and leaves Lulu and Dante alone. He continues to flirt with Lulu with really bad pick-up lines.

Rebecca argues with Edward that she is a grown woman and can make her own decisions. Nikolas says goodnight while Edward continues to push him out the door. Rebecca says she never said how long she was going to stay and Edward says he could tell Nikolas that she borrowed money from him.

Robin gets and idea and looks at Brianna’s autopsy report. She says that from the autopsy report they can tell that whoever hit Brianna was shorter than the Mayor by where it hit her skull, which leaves both Andrea and Alexis as possible suspects.

Elizabeth waits alone at Jakes’ and tells Lainey on the phone that it’s ok she couldn’t make it. Nikolas enters and makes a note of the song him and Rebecca danced too to get her the CD. Elizabeth says it’s weird that Rebecca moved in and out so quickly. Nikolas thinks she is just scared of her feelings and offers to stay and keep Elizabeth company.

Dante thanks Lulu for her help and asks if she’d like to come home with him. She seems to flirt back with him a little and then says they should never do this again.

Johnny comes back to Olivia’s with food and flowers. But they don’t eat yet because Olivia decides it’s time to play some more.

Ethan arrives at the Quartermaine’s to see Rebecca. HE wants to talk about her backing out of their deal. She says that he will get his money but she likes Nikolas and is going to take him if she can. Ethan tells her that he doesn’t want the money anymore, he wants her.

Elizabeth teaches Nikolas how to do tequila shots, “lick it, slam it, suck it,” but he seems to be pretty hopeless. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that if Edward keeps acting this way Rebecca will be back in a couple weeks. Nikolas says it would have been easier if she’d never left in the first place and Elizabeth says she wouldn’t have left. Nikolas looks at her and says every time he gets drunk he really wants to kiss her.

Sonny apologizes to Claudia. He wants her to have his respect and she knows respect only gets her so far. She doesn’t want to live like that. Sonny wants to be kind to each other, but neither of them know if that’s possible. He asks her to come home with him when she gets released.

Dante goes to Olivia’s apartment and sees the door is a little open. He goes in and finds her and Johnny on the couch undressing each other.

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