GH Update Monday 8/3/09

General Hospital Update Monday 8/3/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Sam are driving around searching for Michael and Kristina. Jason thinks that the teenagers are heading for Mexico. Sam ponders whose idea it was to run away. Sam thinks that Kristina might have told Michael that she was responsible for Claudia’s car crash. Sam is worried about Kristina’s fragile state-of-mind. Jason is concerned about Michael as well. Jason brings up that Michael is still learning to deal with his anger issues. Jason believes that Michael is going to Veracruz. Sam stresses that her and Jason should split up so she can find Michael before he crosses the border. Jason is leery of the idea.

While riding on a bus, Kristina and Michael talk about Molly. Kristina comments that Molly is the perfect daughter. Kristina doesn’t think she can live up to Alexis’ ideals. Kristina starts to panic. Michael says that Kristina is smart and talented so he suggests that she go home to her life. Michael thinks that Kristina is hiding something.

From her hospital room, Claudia listens to a news report about her crash. Claudia hears on TV that Alexis has confessed to the crash. Jerry calls from a plane. Jerry explains that he is on his way to find Michael. Claudia says to turn the plane around but Jerry won’t. Claudia points out that Michael didn’t cause the accident. Claudia discloses that Alexis is responsible for her crash. Jerry still plans on going after Michael. Jerry implies that Jason needs to be eliminated.

At her apartment, Sonny confronts Olivia about her true feelings for him. Olivia discloses that her and Sonny can never be together. Sonny wants Olivia to be honest. Olivia is evasive and tells Sonny to drop the issue. Sonny is adamant that Olivia still cares about him. Sonny brings up Johnny. Olivia states that Sonny wants her all to himself.

At Jake’s, Dominic appears injured from the bar brawl. Lulu is mad at Lucky and Ethan for starting the fight. Lulu asks Dominic how he is doing. Dominic talks back to Lucky. Lucky punches Dominic again. Nikolas walks in and breaks up the fight. Ethan and Lucky think the whole thing is funny. Lulu puts some ice on Dominic’s cheek. Nikolas is disappointed in Lucky and Ethan. Coleman wants someone to pay for the damage to the bar. Lucky tells Nikolas that Dominic works for Sonny. Rebecca thinks the guys are acting immature.

Johnny checks up on Claudia. Claudia comments that she watched the evening news about Alexis’ confession. Claudia feels sorry that she blamed Michael. Johnny thinks that Claudia needs to give up on Sonny. Claudia brings up that her and Sonny are forever bonded because of the baby. Johnny comes clean about Sonny and Olivia’s kiss.

Lulu tells her brothers to leave Dominic alone. Rebecca defends Lulu. Lulu tells Dominic that she will get him some more ice for his face. Dominic implies that he and Lulu should go to her apartment. Lulu wants to take care of Dominic so they leave the bar. Rebecca tells Ethan and Lucky that Lulu should be free to make her own choices. Lucky leaves Jake’s. Ethan walks up to Rebecca who has just started a game of pool. Ethan comments that Rebecca and Nikolas are not going to end up together. Ethan walks back to the bar counter. Nikolas asks Rebecca if she is okay.

Sam has fallen asleep in the vehicle. Jason covers her with a jacket.

On the bus, Kristina is unable to admit the truth to Michael. Kristina says that she has screwed up in her mom’s eyes. Michael tells Kristina that she shouldn’t be so hard on herself. Kristina doesn’t want to talk about Claudia’s accident anymore.

At her apartment, Olivia admits that she used to be in love with Sonny when they were teenagers. Sonny asks why Olivia never said anything. Olivia thinks that Sonny would have turned to Kate regardless. Olivia explains that she won’t wait for Sonny. Olivia wants Sonny to leave. Sonny won’t move. Olivia is adamant that Sonny has to go. Sonny reluctantly leaves. Olivia closes the door. Olivia appears upset by Sonny’s visit.

Lulu brings Dominic to the hospital. Dominic suggests that they go to Lulu’s apartment. Lulu ignores him and tells Epiphany that Dominic’s head needs to be looked at. Dominic wants to leave. Epiphany tells Dominic that he isn’t going anywhere.

Johnny shows up at Olivia’s apartment. Johnny thinks that Olivia has been crying. Johnny asks about Sonny. Olivia divulges that she isn’t going to flirt with Sonny anymore. Johnny says that Sonny isn’t worth Olivia’s tears. Olivia thinks it is strange that her and Johnny get along so well considering their different backgrounds. Johnny comments that he feels comfortable around Olivia. Olivia smiles.

Sonny runs into Mike at the hospital. Sonny feels bad that he has been treating his wife unfairly. Mike advises that Sonny needs to decide if he wants to be with Claudia. Sonny agrees and realizes he needs to make a decision about his marriage. Mike tells Sonny that he needs time to grieve his loss. Sonny doesn’t know what to do about Claudia. Mike points out that Sonny should be honest with Claudia about his feelings.

Sam wakes up. Jason hands her a brown bag full of food and water bottles. Sam brings up her brother Danny. Sam reminisces about Danny’s fascination with cars. Sam admits that she misses Danny every day. Sam thanks Jason for his help regarding her brother.

Michael asks Kristina why she likes Kiefer. Kristina thinks that Kiefer is a great guy. There is an announcement that the bus will be stopping soon.

Jason and Sam talk about old memories. Jason admits that he has a sweet tooth. Jason notices a road sign. Jason stops the car so Sam can ask for directions. Jason appears agitated.

At the bus stop, Kristina and Michael talk about going to Mexico. Kristina is worried that they are going to be in trouble. Michael doesn’t think that Jason will find them before they cross the border. Kristina and Michael are unaware that Jerry is nearby.

Johnny confides to Olivia that he doesn’t feel like he is being used. Johnny and Olivia begin to kiss on the couch.

Claudia has a dream about her baby. Claudia wakes up and realizes her baby is gone. Sonny walks in.

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