GH Update Wednesday 7/29/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/29/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere Elizabeth helps Nikolas take his shirt off after hurting himself on his horse. Nikolas says he is upset that Rebecca moved out and doesn’t know why.

At the Quartermaine’s Monica and Tracey bicker about Michael. Tracey thinks he’s nothing but trouble and a total disappointment, but Monica loves him. Edward comes in with Rebecca and says she’s moving in.

At the penthouse Spinelli rambles about proposing to Maxie but Jason just wants him to do research on the accident.

At their house Morgan is reading an e-mail but when Carly and Jax enter he says he’s not looking at anything. Carly tells him that Michael isn’t the one who caused the accident.

At Alexis’ house Sam says that Carly saw a small white hybrid run Claudia off the road, the same car Kristina uses. Alexis refuses to believe that Kristina could have done this and accuses Sam of trying to score points with Jason.

Elizabeth performs first aid on Nikolas while he tells her why Rebecca moved out. He doesn’t know why she’d want to live with Edward and Elizabeth suggests that Edward might be blackmailing or manipulating her. Nikolas and Elizabeth seem to have a moment.

Monica is happy to have her, whereas Tracey clearly isn’t and wants to know her motives. While the family argue Rebecca sees Ethan outside.

Jason says Sam suspects Kristina and tells Spinelli what Carly and Sam have told them. Jason doesn’t want to point the finger at Kristina but does want to prove Michael’s innocence.

Sam tells Alexis that she would never frame Kristina, they are just trying to find out the truth. She tries to make Alexis see that Kristina can make mistakes and won’t always live up to Alexis’ ideal. Molly walks in and asks where Kristina is. Alexis is shocked that Kristina isn’t there but Sam doesn’t look surprised at all.

Morgan and Carly talk about the accident and Morgan says Michael feels really bad. Carly wants to call Michael and tell him it’s not his fault. Morgan says she can’t.

Nikolas comes to the Quartermaine’s and is shown to Edward, but Nikolas wanted to see Rebecca. Edward says that Rebecca isn’t going back with him, but Nikolas wants to know what he has on Rebecca. Outside Rebecca tells Ethan to leave. He then offers her $500 and she accuses him of conning her. Back inside Edward says that he doesn’t feel bad for getting Rebecca to live with them and doesn’t want Nikolas to hurt Rebecca.

Lucky comes to see Elizabeth at General Hospital. She tells him about Nikolas and Rebecca moving out. Elizabeth thinks Edward has leverage over Rebecca. Elizabeth thinks Rebecca has something to hide and Edward is blackmailing her.

Spinelli day dreams about him and Maxie being married when Diane enters looking for Jason about Michael. Before she leaves he asks her for advice on how someone knows if they are officially engaged.

At the police station Maxie runs into Lulu. Maxie is afraid to tell Mac about wanting to marry Spinelli because he will freak out. Lulu says that Maxie wearing her ring shows Spinelli and everyone else that she wants to marry Spinelli so Maxie has to make a choice.

Morgan doesn’t want Carly to call and says he will e-mail Michael instead because he’s worried about Carly. Jax takes Carly upstairs and Morgan goes back on the computer. Jason comes in and Morgan tells him he has to find Michael because he ran away and if Carly finds out it will kill her.

Alexis and Sam can’t find Kristina. Then Sam receives a call from Jason asking for Kristina. Sam says she ran away and Jason says she must be with Michael.

Elizabeth says that Nikolas is vulnerable and is blinded by Rebecca. Elizabeth doesn’t want Edward to be the bad guy because if Nikolas blames Edward then he’ll never see Rebecca for what she is. She doesn’t want Nikolas to relive the past fighting over Rebecca like he did for Emily.

Spinelli says that Maxie asked for an unspecified amount of time to thin about her answer but she did take the ring. Diane says that while Maxie loves him she’s not ready to get married. When he suggests nudging Maxie Diane tells him not too. It will only make her more combative if Spinelli pushes her. Her advice is to let the idea of marriage simmer and let her come to him. Spinelli tries to paint a visual picture of Maxie walking down the aisle with someone and then realizes that he has overlooked a crucial element.

Maxie tells Lulu that marriage is not her thing. Lulu says that Maxie is leading him on by saying she loves him and sleeping with him. Maxie says she doesn’t want to get married and Lulu says she has to tell Spinelli that.

Sam tells Alexis that Michael ran away and Kristina is probably with him. Alexis automatically points the blame at Michael. Alexis calls the police and Sam leaves to go look for them.

Jason and Morgan read Michael’s e-mail. Morgan doesn’t want Carly to know and he and Jason agree to not tell her.

Maxie says she can’t tell Spinelli no, but hopes that she can keep putting him off. She doesn’t want to break his heart. Mac walks up and Maxie says she wanted to talk to him. Alexis comes up and asks Mac about the APB on Michael. He says the test results on the skid marks came back inconclusive. They could be from Michael’s car or any number of cars.

Sam packs a bag in her office at the same time that Jason packs a bag in his penthouse. Spinelli thinks he finds Michael’s car on surveillance but Jason says it’s not his license plate.

Edward and Rebecca are pulled over and forced to exit the car.

Carly comes down looking for Morgan. She wants to go see Michael.

Rebecca and Edward sit in a jail cell. Edward is furious. Nikolas shows up and says Rebecca needed him after all.

Carly leaves a message for Michael and is concerned that Michael didn’t answer. Alexis comes in telling them that they have to find Kristina and Michael. She tells them that Michael lest Port Charles and took Kristina with them.

Sam meets up with Jason at the crash site. He tells her that Michael was seen driving his car at 4am with Edward’s license plates. They get in the car to go find them.

Mac tells Lulu and Maxie about Michael. Maxie decides she doesn’t want to tell and tries to walk away. She doesn’t think Spinelli has time to think about this with the Michael crisis going on. Just then Spinelli comes in , in a suit, and approaches Mac.

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