GH Update Tuesday 7/28/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/28/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Alexis’ house Alexis tells Sam that Kristina couldn’t have been responsible for Claudia’s accident because she doesn’t have a license. When Sam tells her she was driving, Alexis says that Kristina wouldn’t have left the scene, that’s what Sam would have done.

At the Quartermaine’s Michael says he is a coward and he did something very wrong. Sonny tells him it’s ok and hugs him. Kristina listens at the back door.

AT the hospital Johnny goes to see Claudia after her DNC. She wants him to find out who drove her off the road.

In another room Carly tells Jason and Jax that Michael was not the one who caused Claudia’s accident and she wants to give a statement. Jason and Jax just look at her and she accuses them of thinking that she is lying to cover for Michael.

Outside of Kelly’s Olivia leaves a message for Johnny saying he can call her no matter what. She enters and sees Dante talking to Mike looking for an apartment. They pretend not to know each other and he introduces himself at Dominic. He tells Mike he works for Sonny.

Johnny tells Claudia that he knows who caused her accident and Claudia wants Johnny to “take care of it.” Johnny tells her it’s Michael and it was an accident, just like him getting shot.

Carly says that she wouldn’t lie to Jason or Jax. She wants Jax to call Mac and Jason tells her what Michael told him. Carly says the car she saw was tiny and a light color, not the car Sonny gave Michael.

Sam snaps at Alexis that she did her a favor tonight. Alexis believes that Kristina would tell her the truth, and Sam tells her that Kristina wouldn’t tell her because she has to be perfect for Alexis. Sam says she wants to help, but Alexis doesn’t want to hear it.

Sonny tells Michael that he didn’t mean what he said before and he’s not mad at Michael, he’s mad at himself for buying him the car. Sonny wants Michael to let him and Jason and Diane to work on his defense and wants him to move forward. Sonny takes complete responsibility for what happened and he wants to take care of this. Michael feels that he needs to take responsibility. Edward comes in and orders Sonny to leave.

Claudia says Johnny thinks she deserves this and this is karma for what she did to Michael. Johnny says that’s not true but both things were accidents. She wants someone to pay. Johnny says Michael has been punished enough already. Johnny wants her to remember that the baby is gone and that now the truth about the shooting will come out.

Carly tells Mac that the car she saw was tiny and light colored. Mac thinks it’s convenient that Carly has suddenly remembered all of this. Mac then tells them that Alexis was also driving and Carly starts to get worked up about letting Alexis off the hook and just going on Michael’s confession.

Edward goes off on Sonny and Michael and Sonny argue back. Sonny says he will leave and he’ll see Michael soon. Sonny leaves and Michael sees Kristina.

At GH Sonny tells Jason that Michael told him what happened. Jason tells Sonny about what Carly saw.

Carly talks to her baby girl and Alexis comes to see her. She tells Carly that she spoke to a judge and Alexis tells her what the judge said and Carly tells her she’s just doing it to cover herself. She then points the finger at Alexis.

Edward tells Michael that his lawyers will help him he just needs to stay away from Sonny. Edward leaves and Michael goes outside to talk to Kristina. She says that Alexis talked to a judge and he’ll do 6 months in juvenile detention.

Johnny says he’s not going to do anything to Michael, but he has to get Claudia away before Sonny finds out the truth. Claudia doesn’t care if Sonny finds out or what Jason does to her. After having her baby die nothing can hurt her now. She demands Johnny leave because she thinks he wanted her baby to die.

Jason explains why he thinks Michael not be guilty. Sonny wants to believe Michael is innocent but all the evidence points to him. He says all they can do for Michael is damage control.

Carly tells Alexis that Michael is innocent and she thinks it’s Alexis. Jax walks in as Carly is screaming at Alexis.

Kristina tells Michael that she thinks Alexis is covering for herself. Michael is still sure he did it. Kristina doesn’t want him locked up.

Johnny goes to see Olivia. He tells her about Claudia losing the baby. He decides to tell Olivia about he and Claudia putting a hit on Sonny and Michael getting hit instead. Olivia tells him it’s not his fault and she has known for months.

Sam is waiting for Jason at his penthouse. Sam doesn’t think it was Michael and Jason tells her about the car Carly saw. Sam says that’s the kind of car Kristina drives.

Kristina and Michael go back and forth. Him being sure he’s responsible and her wanting him to see that there’s a chance he isn’t. He then tells her about being at the island when he was little. Michael thinks it’s a good idea to disappear. And he tells he he’s going to leave, change his name and get a job. He wants to be like his dad who

Carly continues to blame Alexis and Alexis apologizes to Jax for making Carly angry. Jax tells Carly that he will take care of Michael and go up against Alexis if he has to.

Olivia tells Johnny that she saw one of Jerry’s DVD’s that Jax was watching. Olivia says she’s wanted to tell the truth for months.

Sonny comes in to see Claudia and she tells him she knows it’s Michael. Sonny knows that Claudia wants revenge but Sonny says its his fault and punishing Michael isn’t going to bring the baby back. He says he can’t lose another child.

Olivia says she wouldn’t tell the secret, it was Jax’s secret to tell. She didn’t want Claudia’s life on her hands. Johnny is sure that when Sonny finds out the truth he’ll kill Claudia.

Sonny asks Claudia if she saw the car that ran her off the road. Claudia says she doesn’t. Sonny asks Claudia to back up Carly in saying the car wasn’t Michael’s. She says she will say whatever he needs her to.

Jax comes into the hall to talk to Alexis. Alexis says covering up will only make it worse.

Sam tells Jason that she doesn’t know if Kristina will come forward because she has to be perfect for Alexis and Michael is allowed to screw up. Jason says he can’t let Michael pay for Kristina’s mistakes. Sam says she has to protect Kristina.

Kristina says she’s going with Michael because he’s her brother and doesn’t want him to be alone. They leave out of the back door.

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