GH Update Monday 7/27/09

General Hospital Update Monday 7/27/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In her hospital room, Carly and Jax watch television. Carly is still in shock that she could have had a stroke. Carly and Jax talk about their unborn baby. On TV, a picture of Michael suddenly appears. Michael has been arrested for Claudia’s car crash. Jax is thankful that Carly has her eyes closed. Jax quickly turns off the TV. Jax brings up that Carly will need to rest once she is released from the hospital. Carly promises not to partake in any more stressful situations. There is a knock on the hospital door. Jax leaves the room to talk to Johnny. Johnny discloses that Claudia’s baby is going to die. Jax confides that Michael has been arrested. Johnny is thankful to Carly for saving Claudia. Jax returns to the room. Carly asks what Johnny wanted. Jax explains that Johnny was looking for Sonny. Jax blurts out that Claudia’s baby isn’t going to make it.

At the police station, Jason begs Robin to help Michael. Jason isn’t sure that Michael was responsible for Claudia’s crash. Mac interrupts. Robin defends Michael but Mac is reluctant to release him. Mac changes his mind and Michael is free to leave. Jason signs the release forms. Jason thanks Robin for her help and maintains that Michael will stay put in Port Charles. Jason tells Michael that everything is going to be alright. They leave the police station.

At the Davis home, Sam confronts Kristina about her suspicious behavior. Kristina confides that she had a horrible fight with Kiefer but maintains that she didn’t cause Claudia’s accident. Kristina says that she and Kiefer made up. Sam talks about her past problems with relationships. Sam describes her volatile relationship with Jason. Sam admits that she learned a lot from it. Kristina starts to cry. Kristina wants to be alone.

Sonny checks up on Claudia. Claudia announces that the baby is dying. Sonny doesn’t want Claudia to get upset. Claudia admits that she was looking forward to being a mom. Sonny says that Claudia is already a good mother because she did everything to protect their baby. Sonny holds Claudia’s hand. Claudia starts to cry. Claudia is heartbroken about the loss. Sonny apologizes but Claudia stresses that it isn’t his fault. Sonny is sorry for all his accusations regarding the baby’s paternity.

Jason and Michael return to the Quartermaine mansion. Jason advises that Michael should be more careful behind the wheel. Michael thinks that he should be punished for what he did. Jason reassures Michael that he needs time to recover from his brain surgery.

Johnny goes to see Claudia. Claudia wants to know why Johnny was against her brain surgery. Johnny divulges that he was worried about his sister’s condition. Claudia is adamant that Johnny needs to find the person responsible for her car accident.

In her hospital room, Carly and Jax kiss. Jax leaves the room and runs into Kelly. Jax explains that Michael was arrested for Claudia’s crash. Kelly advises against telling Carly right now about Michael’s arrest.

Sonny is sitting in the hospital chapel. Johnny appears. Johnny replies that Claudia wants vengeance regarding her accident. Sonny wants to know the truth too. Johnny admits that Michael is to blame for the crash but he didn’t tell Claudia the truth. Sonny is in shock. Sonny isn’t sure that Michael is responsible. Johnny says that he heard the news from Jax. Johnny adds that Jason called Jax about Michael’s confession. Sonny is mad and thinks that Michael shouldn’t have been given the license to drive. Sonny realizes he needs to take care of the situation.

In her hospital room, Claudia wants to know if her surgery harmed the baby. Kelly is resolute that the operation didn’t affect the baby. Claudia demands answers regarding her car crash. Elizabeth checks up on Claudia. Elizabeth gives her condolences. Elizabeth leaves and Johnny walks in. Johnny wants Claudia to grieve her loss. Claudia is angry at Johnny.

Sam and Kristina continue to argue at home. Kristina won’t listen to her older sister’s sage advice. Sam emphasizes that Kristina needs to be true to herself. Alexis returns home. Alexis announces that Michael was arrested and could go to a juvenile detention facility. Kristina is upset and tells Alexis that she should be Michael’s lawyer. Alexis says that she can’t do that. Kristina leaves the room. Sam thinks that the police should be investigating the possibility of another driver. Unbeknownst to Sam and Alexis, Kristina leaves.

At the hospital, Jason runs into Jax and says that Michael was released. Jason wants to tell Carly about it because Michael confessed. Jax is adamant that Carly can’t find out the truth tonight since it could harm her and the baby. Jason agrees to keep quiet for now but wants to question Carly about what she saw at the crash site. Jason and Jax return to Carly’s hospital room and find that her blood pressure has risen. Carly has seen the news report that Michael has been arrested. Jason tries to calm down Carly.

Sonny shows up at the Quartermaine home. Sonny asks Michael if he ran Claudia off the road. Michael sadly admits that he is responsible for the accident.

Claudia asks Johnny to tell the truth about her condition. Johnny admits that Claudia would have been a great mom. Claudia comments that Johnny would have been a great uncle. Claudia wipes the tears away. Kelly returns to take Claudia to her procedure. Claudia wants the procedure to be over with as soon as possible.

Carly is furious and wants to know about Michael’s arrest. Jax blurts out that Michael confessed. Carly doesn’t think that Michael was to blame. Carly announces that the car she saw was not Michael’s.

At the Davis home, Alexis thinks that Michael has a lot of anger problems. Alexis is relieved that Kristina wasn’t in the car with Michael. Sam confides that Kristina was driving tonight. Sam thinks that Kristina might have caused Claudia’s accident.

At the Quartermaine house, Michael explains that he got cut off and tried to follow the speeding car. Sonny is disappointed in Michael. Sonny asks if Michael thought about returning to the scene. Michael explains that he didn’t know that it was Claudia. Sonny tells his son that Claudia’s baby is dead. Michael can’t believe it. Sonny tells Michael that he is responsible for the death of his unborn brother. Kristina overhears the conversation.

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