GH Update Wednesday 7/22/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/22/09


Written by Lauren
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At the Quartermaine's Edward tells Michael that while Jason and Sonny are connected they can not offer the kind of protection the Quartermaine's can offer. Tracey enters and says Michael isn't entitled to that privilege and should be taken to jail for the damage he caused tonight.

At the penthouse Jason and Sam discuss Claudia's accident and the possibility of Michael or Kristina being involved.

At Alexis' house she asks Kristina why she thinks another car was involved and Kristina covers by saying she assumed since Claudia ran off the road. Alexis says that as of right now there is nothing to suggest another car was involved.

At the hospital Sonny asks Dr. Lee and Patrick if Claudia and the baby could die. Patrick says they will do their best to keep that from happening and Sonny says money is not an obstacle, he will pay whatever it takes. Johnny scoffs that Sonny thinks money will make his problems go away. Patrick and Dr. Lee leave and Johnny says Sonny should leave too. Claudia says she doesn't know what's going on with him but she wants her husband with her.

In the waiting room Olivia babbles to Carly about why she is concerned about Claudia and says she feels guilty for kissing Sonny. Carly says she would never judge her but hopes she knows what she's doing.

Claudia tells Sonny that she should have known something would happen because she was actually happy. She then tells Sonny that he is the father of the baby and says she is very scared. Sonny says she is strong and she will get through this. He tells her not to give up and she's not going to die. He tells her he is there for support and will give her his strength. He also says that with their combined genes their baby is the ultimate survivor.

Edward tells Tracey that she's over the top. Tracey tells Edward about Michael's brawl at the country club and Sonny threatening the manager of the club. Edward takes Michael's side. Tracey calls Michael a Corinthos and says nothing will change that.

Mac is still at the crime scene and Lucky comes to tell him that they found skid marks in the opposite lane headed right for Claudia. Mac says they have to look for the other driver.

Sam and Jason go over Michael's story of his drive. Sam says it doesn't look good for Michael.

Kristina is pacing and she asks Alexis to call the hospital. She then tells her mom she has to make a confession. She tells her that she lied and she was really out with Kiefer tonight and not with Ashley. Due to her honesty Alexis doesn't ground her. Alexis then receives a call from Mac in which he tells her there was another car involved. Alexis stares at Kristina.

Claudia asks Sonny if he's disappointed about the baby, and Sonny says they shouldn't talk about any of this right now. Johnny interrupts and talks to Claudia alone. Claudia tells him her and Sonny will work out.

Olivia tells Carly that Sonny caught her in a weak moment and she feels very hypocritical for kissing him. Carly understands that nothing tastes sweeter than forbidden fruit. Carly asks Olivia what she would do if Sonny was free to be with her. Sonny overhears the question and wants to know the answer. Olivia says she is not going to have this conversation right now and leaves. Carly tells Sonny she won't tell him what she and Olivia talked about and asks about Claudia. Sonny thanks her for helping Claudia and Carly says she never would have let a pregnant woman get hurt. He admits to not being much of a father to his future baby.

Kristina calls Michael and tells him about Claudia's accident.

Jason tells Sam that they don't know where Kristina was driving but they do know where Michael was. Sam asks what Jason will do if Michael is responsible. Jason says he will cover for Michael. Sam is very surprised, what if the baby dies, what if Claudia dies. Jason says he would feel bad but it wasn't Michael's fault. He doesn't think Michael could handle this right now and asks Sam to keep this between them. Sam says that goes without saying. Jason heads to the hospital to tell Sonny.

Sonny tells Carly about Ric and Claudia and that he's been waiting for the amnio. He admits to wanting the baby to be Ric's so he could walk away, but now he knows the baby is his. He thinks this accident is his fault because he didn't want Claudia or the baby. Carly says it's not his fault.

Claudia asks Johnny to make an effort with Sonny because she wants her son to know both of his parents and to be loved by extended family. Patrick and Robin enter and tell Claudia and Sonny that the problems she's facing may not resolve themselves and they may need to intervene.

Michael arrives at Alexis' house. Kristina tells Michael what she knows about Claudia’s accident and where the accident took place. Michael looks concerned.

Sam goes to see Alexis at her office because Alexis called her and needs her help. Alexis says she went to Mayor Floyd's house and fought with Andrea and the whole thing was caught on his security cameras. She is afraid of the tapes getting out. Sam brings up that Mayor Floyd lives on Harbor View Road, the same road as the accident.

Olivia arrives home to find Dante there. Olivia wants to know why he's still there. She babbles some more about raising him and that she did a pretty good job of raising a well adjusted kid but she needs him to leave. Dante asks what's the matter with her.

Johnny says they need to do what's best for Claudia. Patrick isn't ready to make any recommendations without the test results. Sonny follows Patrick and Robin out and Claudia tells Johnny that Sonny is really trying. She says she has fallen in love with her baby and she believes in miracles now. In the hall Sonny asks Robin about the chances of the baby surviving. Robin says the baby is at risk no matter what.

Jason arrives and Sonny tells him he's the father. Johnny told him after finding Sonny and Olivia kissing. Sonny says he was already picturing a life without a new son and now he might die.

Olivia says she's been making really bad choices and Dante thinks it must be bad. Olivia tells him about a friend of hers who was involved with a married man and it didn't end well. She swore she would never do the same. Dante asks if she's involved with a married man.

Jason says Sonny may still get a second chance. Sonny says what he did with Olivia was wrong and he needs to concentrate on his family. He wants Olivia to know and asks Jason to go to her for him. Jason agrees.

Carly arrives home and is greeted by Morgan. She tells Morgan about Claudia's accident and that he should be careful when he's playing in the street.

Alexis brings up Spinelli's skills of hacking into camera surveillance. Sam says she will talk to him. Sam then tries to pry out of Alexis what she did that night and where she was driving. Alexis is confused by the questioning.

Johnny tells Claudia he needs her help decorating his apartment when she gets out of the hospital. She is happy he asked but says her first priority is the nursery. Sonny walks in and Johnny asks how Sonny deals with his hypocrisy.

Michael tells Kristina that he has done something bad. He tells her about almost hitting a car and he thinks it was Claudia.

Diane arrives at Alexis' office and is under the impression that Alexis is being investigated on criminal charges. She received a call from Mac saying Alexis needed a good lawyer.

Olivia tells Dante she's not hungry and just wants him to leave. Dante doesn't understand why she wants him gone so badly, he promises he won't go after this married guy. There is a knock at the door and it's Jason.

Johnny continues to attack Sonny. Patrick, Robin, and Dr. Lee enter. Patrick says they need to give her a drug that could cause her to miscarry. Claudia refuses to take it.

Carly is with Morgan when she collapses.

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