GH Update Tuesday 7/21/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/21/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Olivia’s Sonny kisses Olivia and she kisses him back.

Carly is outside on the road as cars driven by Michael, Kristina, Alexis, and Claudia seem to possibly be involved in an accident. After a large flash of light we see Michael and Kristina’s car’s drive away but Claudia is unconscious in a turned over car.

Michael pulls over and looks very upset. He calls for help. Kristina also pulls over, still crying. Her phone rings and it’s Alexis, driving smoothly. Kristina says she’s at a coffee house and Alexis tells her not to wait up for her.

Olivia pulls away from Sonny and tells him it’s not right. Sonny is sure that Claudia is pregnant with Ric’s child and their divorce is inevitable. Sonny kisses her again and Johnny walks in. Sonny says this doesn’t concern him but Johnny asks about Claudia being pregnant with his child.

Carly is on the phone with the police to tell them about the accident. She goes down to the car and sees that it’s Claudia.

Jason comes to Michael’s aid. Michael tells him that he lost control of the car and Jason tells him to explain what happened. Michael tells him he went after a car that was tailgating him and then there was another car and he thinks he caused an accident.

Claudia wakes up and sees Carly. She wants Carly to help her get out to save the baby.

On the roof Maxie and Spinelli eat cake and drink champagne, as Maxie rambles. Spinelli begins to recite a poem by Byron and tells him he was never in love before her and has found a person that speaks to his soul. Maxie says she feels the same way. He eloquently expresses his feelings and then gets down on one knee and proposes.

Michael explains what happened again but says he doesn’t know if the other car ran off the road. Jason tells him to calm down and starts running him through step by step.

Kristina picks up her phone.

Sonny tells Johnny that he and Claudia are getting divorced. Johnny says he saw the DNA results and Sonny is the father. Sonny doesn’t look happy.

Carly is on the phone with the ambulance and Claudia says she smells gas. She begs for Carly not to let her and her baby die.

Michael still doesn’t know what happened or where he was. Michael is willing to take all the blame for this, he knows he did something wrong. He wishes his parents would ship him off so he couldn’t hurt anyone. Jason tells him no one is better off with out him and he won’t give up on him.

Kiefer shows up for Kristina and she tells him she is afraid she made a car swerve off the road. Kiefer tells her not to worry because no one knows she has the car. He tells her they are going to put the car back and no one will ever know, he offers to be her alibi.

Sonny says they probably bribed the doctor’s. Johnny tells him Claudia wanted to tell him in person. Sonny tells Olivia he’s going to go find out the truth but he’ll be back, it won’t take long. After he leaves Olivia asks Johnny if he’s disappointed in her.

Carly tries to pull Claudia out of the car and manages to get her out. Claudia is able to stand and just then the paramedics arrive and the car catches fire.

Maxie gets down on her knees also and tells Spinelli how much she loves him but also says that marriage scares her and doesn’t know why you’d even bother getting married. She doesn’t want to risk being like her parents and likes the way they are right now. She asks for more time to think about it. He then takes out the ring and hopes that one day she will say yes.

Kristina and Kiefer arrive at her house and she is grateful for his help. He tells her he’s there for her. They go into the house and find Sam and Molly inside. Sam asks where they have been and Kiefer tells Sam that Kristina is a great influence because she talked him out of going to a party. After he leaves Sam asks if they had a fight because Kristina seems upset and tense,

Alexis is talking to the police at the site of the accident. Mac arrives and says as far as they know there wasn’t anything criminal.

At general Hospital, Dr. Lee tells Sonny that he is the father and she even had a second lab run the DNA test with the same results. She says there is no question. Epiphany enters and tells them Claudia is on the way to the hospital after a traffic accident.

Johnny says he has no reason to judge Olivia, but she thinks he has every reason. She has no excuse for kissing a married man. Johnny hates what Sonny is doing to Olivia because he’s using her and she has a soft spot for him which he is using against her.

Claudia arrives at the hospital. Carly walks in also and tells Sonny it’s very bad. Claudia asks Patrick and Dr. Lee about her baby.

Maxie loves the ring but still doesn’t want to say yes. He tells her he will wait forever for her and wants her to take the ring as a token of his love. They kiss and he pts on music so they can dance.

Jason brings Michael back to the Quartermaine’s and tells him he’s going to tell Sonny and Carly but doesn’t thin Michael should have his car taken away. Edward hears Jason tell Michael he will take care of the problem. Jason leaves and Edward enters.

Sam talks to Kristina and she says the problem is everyone talking about Alexis. Alexis enters and tells them about Claudia’s accident. Kristina is visibly shaken and excuses herself.

Johnny tells Olivia that he has no right to tell her what to do. Olivia says Sonny isn’t an option, but Johnny knows she has feelings for him, be he’s going to end up hurting her. He receives a phone call from Epiphany telling him about Claudia’s accident.

At the hospital Elizabeth tells Claudia she needs to stay calm. Carly comes in and tells Patrick how she found Claudia. Claudia’s only concern is her baby and Sonny tells Patrick to do whatever it takes to save them both.

In his penthouse Jason talks to Max on the phone and tells him to clean up the scene of the accident. Sam arrives at his door and tells Jason that Kristina may have caused an accident. Jason seems concerned and asks why she thinks it was Kristina. Sam says the engine was warm on Viola’s car and is worried Kristina caused Claudia’s accident, Jason says it could have been Michael.

Edward wants to know what Jason is covering up and then says the Quartermaine’s have real ties, long standing favors and they can protect Michael.

Kristina calls the hospital and checks on Claudia but the hospital can’t release any information. Alexis overhears and thinks it’s nice of her to check on Claudia. Kristina says it’s horrible that Claudia got hurt trying to avoid a collision with another car. Alexis wants to know why Kristina thinks another car was involved.

At the hospital Olivia asks Carly about the accident. Carly says things don’t look so great. Carly asks why Olivia is so concerned.

Claudia asks Sonny where Dr. lee is and wants the tests to happen faster. Johnny runs in to Claudia. Dr. Lee comes in and says the baby may have sustained injuries and Patrick says Claudia has a life threatening head trauma. Johnny wants to know if that means Claudia and the baby could die.

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