GH Update Monday 7/20/09

General Hospital Update Monday 7/20/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Spinelli kiss on the rooftop of a building. Spinelli is happy that Maxie showed up. Spinelli brings up his previous marriage proposal. Maxie admits that she loves Spinelli but got lost trying to find their meeting point. Spinelli has an engagement box in his hand. Spinelli ponders if he should ask Maxie to marry him again. Unsure, Spinelli puts the box into his pocket. Spinelli tells Maxie that their relationship has grown from their close friendship. Spinelli implies that he wants to get married. Maxie tries to change the subject of marriage. Maxie starts talking about architecture. Spinelli is impressed. Spinelli comments on Maxie’s beauty. Spinelli gets down on one knee to propose but Maxie starts coughing. Maxie asks for a glass of water.

In her bedroom, Kiefer apologizes for slapping Kristina. Kiefer wants to forget what happened. Kristina won’t let it go. Kiefer reassures Kristina that it won’t happen again. Kiefer maintains that he cares deeply for Kristina. Kiefer kisses Kristina. Kiefer wants to go further but Kristina tells him to stop. Kiefer is mad and storms out.

Sonny meets with Chip Howell, the manager of the country club where Michael was in a fight. Sonny laughs at the situation while Carly and Michael watch. Carly tells Sonny that Chip made a comment about Michael’s brain damage. Sonny is outraged but Chip explains that he didn’t mean anything by it. Chip insists that the country club has strict rules. Chip decides to let the matter go, but Sonny wants him to apologize to Michael. Michael thanks Sonny for talking to Chip. Sonny comments that no one will say anything bad about his son.

At her apartment, Olivia looks at an old photo of her and Sonny.

At the hospital, Kelly informs Claudia that Sonny is the father of her unborn baby. Claudia is relieved by the news. Claudia asks if the baby is in good health. Kelly says that Claudia’s baby boy is healthy. Kelly congratulates Claudia. Claudia talks to her unborn baby. Claudia begins to cry. Claudia is so happy to be having a baby. Claudia makes a promise that she will always protect her son. Johnny walks in. Johnny asks where Sonny went. Claudia announces that Sonny is the father. Claudia tells Johnny that she doesn’t have to worry anymore about Sonny. Claudia is over being scared all the time. Johnny brings up that Claudia should walk away from her marriage to Sonny.

On the rooftop, Maxie announces that she has news to tell Spinelli. Maxie explains that Kate offered her the position of junior editor. Maxie thinks that Spinelli already knew about the offer. Maxie assumes that Spinelli wanted to celebrate her job promotion. Maxie proposes a toast to her new career at Crimson. A helicopter flies by while Spinelli finally works up the nerve to ask Maxie to marry him. Once the helicopter is gone, Maxie says that she didn’t hear one word Spinelli said. Spinelli looks defeated.

In the living room, Kristina is trying to cover up the bruise on her face. Molly asks her about it but Kristina doesn’t tell her the truth. Molly inquires about Kiefer. Kristina is evasive about her relationship with Kiefer. Kristina leaves the house. Alexis arrives home. Alexis wants to know where Kristina went. Molly says that her friends are talking about Alexis and the mayor. Alexis explains that the rumors aren’t true. Molly wants to know if Alexis is going to let people gossip about her love life.

At the hospital, Claudia tells Johnny that she doesn’t want to leave Sonny. Johnny brings up Michael’s shooting but Claudia points out that she doesn’t have to worry about retaliation. Johnny suggests that Claudia will never be able to find true love if she stays with Sonny. Claudia admits that she craves power which Sonny can give her. Johnny discloses that Sonny doesn’t care about Claudia. Claudia is disappointed that Johnny isn’t supporting her decision. Claudia is excited about the baby. Johnny tells Claudia that she should call Sonny with the news. Claudia replies that she plans on telling Sonny in person.

Sonny, Carly, and Michael return to the Quartermaine mansion. Michael comments that he got into the fight with Kiefer, Kristina’s friend. Tracy walks in and is surprised to see Carly and Sonny. Sonny tells Tracy to back off. Tracy leaves the room. Carly wants to talk about the situation at the country club. Carly doesn’t want to use intimidation again to smooth things over with authority figures. Carly gets a phone call from Morgan. Morgan lost his St. Christopher’s medallion in the woods. Carly agrees to look for it.

Kristina shows up at the country club. Kristina finds Kiefer talking with another girl. Kristina wants to talk to Kiefer in private. The girl mentions that Kiefer is planning on going to a senior party. Kiefer refuses to speak to Kristina and leaves with the other girl.

Michael grabs the car keys and is about to leave the Quartermaine house when Tracy stops him. Tracy doesn’t want Michael to return to the country club. Tracy says that she received a call from Chip Howell about Sonny’s threats.

Carly is looking for the medallion in the woods.

Michael is driving.

Kristina is also driving and appears upset over her break-up with Kiefer.

Claudia gets in the car and makes a call to let Ric know that he isn’t the father.

Sonny stops by Olivia’s place. Sonny explains that he is waiting to hear if Claudia’s baby is his. Sonny thinks that Ric is the father so he announces that he wants to be with Olivia. Olivia looks shocked. Olivia thinks that Sonny has been drinking. Sonny asks Olivia if she ever thinks about him. Olivia discloses that she can never be with Sonny again.

Claudia is driving. Over the phone, Claudia tells Ric that Sonny is the father of the baby. Claudia tells Ric not to return to Port Charles.

Alexis starts up her car and appears upset.

While Michael is driving, someone cuts him off. Michael is angry.

Carly is searching for the medallion near the road. Her flashlight goes out.

Kristina continues to cry as she drives.

Olivia tells Sonny that they are over. Sonny leans in to kiss Olivia. Olivia and Sonny passionately kiss.

Claudia, Michael, and Kristina all swerve to get out of the way of something.

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