GH Update Wednesday 7/15/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/15/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Rebecca talks to Ethan on the phone and wants to meet him. He says she better have his $10,000 or he’s going to tell Nikolas the truth. She says she will tell Nikolas first but he calls her bluff. Nikolas walks in and asks why she’s so upset.

Spinelli and Maxie wake up in his bedroom smiling. He wants to make sure last night was not a dream and she assures him it was real. They kiss and laugh under the covers. Downstairs Jason is awakened by the noise on the couch.

Claudia enters the mansion and asks Sonny if he’d like to take a walk. He tells her to stop with the happy mood and plans. He is concerned with the only thing that matters which is her amnio today.

At General Hospital Robin greets Patrick who is suffering from a hangover after his night of drinking and karaoke. He is also upset that Diane saw him in that state as she is heading the case against him and Matt. Andrea arrives and tells them that she may be able to help them and has a confession to make.

Rebecca tells Nikolas her car will cost more than she originally thought and he says he would offer to help but he knows what she will say. He thanks her for last night and for helping him have fun and making him smile. Rebecca brings up the allowance he offered but they are interrupted by Alfred who has the bank on the phone who needs details on Rebecca’s account. Nikolas tells him to inform the bank that they won’t be opening an account for Rebecca.

Claudia says that she knows she has the amnio today. He reminds her that if the baby is Ric’s they are done, it doesn’t matter if Ric is gone. Claudia thinks Sonny wants the baby to be Ric’s so he has a reason to leave her and be with Olivia. She says Sonny never wanted to be married to her and he asks why that’s so surprising since neither of them wanted this. She says she knows Sonny is the father and when the results come back he’s going to have to think about the way he’s been treating her. She says that once the baby is born she won’t tolerate the way he treats her. She says that he treats Alexi and Carly with respect and she deserves that too or she will leave.

Jason answers a knock on his penthouse door, it’s Johnny. Jason wants to know about Dominic Pirelli. Johnny says he gets the job done and tends to go with his own plan. Jason tells him that Dominic is that man that held Carly and the boys up and now he wants to work for Sonny. Jason wants to know if they can trust Dominic. There’s a noise upstairs and Johnny wonders what it is. Another knock on the door and this time it’s Dominic.

Upstairs Spinelli and Maxie talk about his singing and declaration of courtly love. They say how much they love and trust each other. Spinelli then asks, “Will you marry me?”

Andrea tells Robin and Patrick that she spoke with the Hughes family and they are dropping the malpractice suit, because now that they know Brianna was murdered it’s not the hospital’s fault anymore. The family moved their anger from the doctor’s to her murderer. Andrea says her husband isn’t responsible for any of this and leaves. As she walks away Robin says she thinks she’s the murderer.

Michael is on the phone with Morgan telling him that if he comes over they can go out on the speed boat. He hangs up when Kristina comes in for a match of tennis. Kiefer enters and Michael isn’t happy to see him. Kristina says she invited him to play tennis, her and Michael against Kiefer.

Maxie laughs nervously and asks if this is part of courtly love. Spinelli says it isn’t but he can think of nothing more exquisite then spending the rest of his life with her. He says that his proposal may have been impulsive but it was sincere.

Downstairs Dominic, Jason, and Johnny discuss the information Dominic has given to Sonny. He also tells them that Anthony Zacharra is putting an army together from prison. Johnny and Jason both think it could be a possibility. When they all agree that something bad could be happening Dominic jokes that maybe joining up with Sonny isn’t such a good idea after all.

Claudia tells Sonny that he sounds like her father, dismissive and cold. He says he treats her like a business partner and keeps her safe. He says he won’t love her but if the baby is his he will love it and give it the life he or she deserves. She wants to know where she fits in. She wants to know if she’ll ever get respect for being the mother of his child, and he says she should understand where he’s coming from since he’ll never know if she trapped him. She rewards that comment with a slap across Sonny’s face.

Rebecca and Ethan meet on the docks. He asks where the money is and knows she doesn’t have it. Rebecca says the deal is still in place but he’s rushing her. He says she better have the money by noon or she’ll find out what he’s capable of.

Maxie stutters that she doesn’t know what to say. He tells her to speak from her heart and she replies that her heart is very full and she’s not sure which feeling to choose. She then says she’s going to be late and she’ll be fired if she doesn’t get to Crimson. He is saddened by her reaction, but she assures him his question means a lot to her and she wants to give him the right answer, the one he deserves but she just doesn’t have time.

Downstairs Jason asks why he should trust either Johnny or Dominic since they both betrayed the Zacharra’s. They both say they are trustworthy and Dominic says he is ok being a soldier and working in the trenches. Johnny doesn’t like him. Maxie comes downstairs and Dominic likes what he sees.

Michael, Kristina, and Kiefer come back into the house happy about their win. Kiefer tells Michael he was going easy on him to make him feel better because of his brain damage.

Claudia says Sonny likes being miserable and she’s been trying to make this work. They throw Ric and Olivia at each other. He says if the baby isn’t Ric’s he owes her nothing, and she tells him that if he keeps treating her like the enemy she will become one.

Robin finds Patrick in a stairwell at GH. She tells him she left Spinelli a message and hopes there is a back-up copy of footage that shows Andrea entering Brianna’s room the night of the murder. Patrick wants them to be sure this time they point the finger. Robin doesn’t think Alexis could have done it but thinks Andrea is definitely capable. Patrick tells Robin to be careful.

Kristina doesn’t want Kiefer and Michael to fight. When Kiefer asks Kristina to come swimming with him she says she’s staying and having lunch with Michael and Kiefer leaves. Michael asks why Kristina spends time with Kiefer and she tells him it’s because he does have a good side and he’s super popular. She wants them to get along.

Claudia confirms her appointment with Dr. Lee and Sonny says he’s going with her, which she thinks he’s only doing to make sure she doesn’t tamper with the results. She says maybe she’ll make them say its Ric’s baby. Sonny tells her she doesn’t want to be his enemy but she asks how she would know the difference. He wants to know where all of this is coming from and she tells him it’s because of the amnio when she’ll find out the sex of the baby and whether it’s healthy and she just wants to stay positive, but at this point she doesn’t care who the father is. She tells him that when her mother was pregnant with her, her father made her mother’s life miserable and already treated Claudia as a nuisance. She says his behavior is his loss and she doesn’t care what he does anymore.

Maxie tells the men that she didn’t hear anything and she’s leaving. Dominic flirts with her and Maxie leaves. Spinelli comes down and asks Jason to dismiss Johnny and Dominic so they can have a “private audience of dire importance.”

Ethan is at the Quartermaine’s when Edward walks in. Edward doesn’t like Ethan but Ethan tells him it’s about Rebecca and he’ll want to hear what he has to say.

Maxie rushes into Crimson where Lulu is stressing about Kate’s return. She tells her that Spinelli proposed.

Jason asks Spinelli what happened. When Spinelli tells him that he proposed Jason looks surprised and concerns and asks what she said. Spinelli is worried that her hasty exit means he has ruined things with Maxie.

Johnny comes to see Claudia to be with her for her amnio. She is glad he is there because she knows her marriage is over and maybe even her life. Johnny tells her he is there for her and is excited to help her with his niece or nephew. She says she hasn’t thought of names because she’s been too busy trying to stay alive.

Rebecca goes to visit Edward saying she is glad he called. He asks if there is anything she needs, she demurs at first and says she would never ask unless it was important and then asks for $10,000. She says she will pay him back. He says he will give it to her and she is surprised that he doesn’t want to know why she needs it. He doesn’t want to make her lie, but he does pose a condition, she must move in with them.

Nikolas and Alfred talk about redecorations to his home for Rebecca feels more comfortable.

Lulu tells Maxie that it’s normal for Spinelli to get carried away and asks if there was a special moment after they left Jake’s. To which Maxie responds that of course there was, mind blowing sex. Maxie tells her about what Spinelli said regarding his feelings, and Lulu interjects that they are too young. Maxie agrees. Lulu thinks it must have been hard to let him down in a nice way, and then tries to make sure Maxie did in fact say no. Maxie asks how she was supposed to say no to him.

Jason thinks it’s good that Maxie is thinking about things because marriage is a big decision. Jason tells Spinelli about his marriage to Courtney and that they didn’t really know each other and there were too many expectations. He tells Spinelli to give Maxie time and that if the love is real it will always be there. Spinelli thinks that Jason has ended up alone due to his caution.

Johnny tells Claudia that today is all about her, and not to worry about Ric or Sonny. She thinks the odds of Sonny being the father are good. Johnny asks what she’ll do if Ric is the father. Sonny comes in and says that a very good question.

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