GH Update Tuesday 7/14/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/14/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

In her apartment Sonny and Olivia continue to kiss until she pulls away. She calls him arrogant and conceited, but Sonny says she wanted him to kiss her. She goes to hit him but he grabs her hand.

At the mansion Dominic tells Claudia that they can have a partnership with benefits.

At Jason’s penthouse Jason stares at Sam in her sexy waitress costume. She begins to climb the stairs to retrieve Spinelli’s laptop when she trips and Jason catches her.

At Jake’s it’s finally time for Spinelli to perform.

Olivia says this isn’t high school, but Sonny says its just like high school and she likes him. Sonny says she’s really mad because she kissed him back. She admits that he kisses better than he used to, but says that’s the last time. She asks him why he’s doing this to her.

Claudia tells Dominic to disappear or she’ll rat him out and have him killed. Dominic is interested in professional benefits and says he can help Claudia with Sonny.

Jason sits Sam down on the couch and her ankle is swollen. He goes to get her ice and she makes jokes that after everything she’s been through she gets hurt wearing stripper shoes. Sam says she owes him her life.

Spinelli begins singing Foreigner’s “I want to know what love is.” He starts off shaky but when he sees that Maxie is genuinely touched and impressed he gains confidence and belts it out. Maxie congratulates Spinelli and says he was very romantic. Spinelli confesses his plan to use the pitch altering microphone, but how it broke and he was forced to use his real voice.

Diane says that “Mr. Grasshopper” is annoying but has done something very romantic. She gushes about his declaration of love. Max asks if its like when they fish, and she laughs. She understands that being a strong woman she has had to give up a certain amount of chivalry.

Jason brings Sam Spinelli’s computer to do a search on Dominic and tells her a little about Dominic. Sam says this is better than serving drinks and getting her butt pinched.

Claudia says she won’t do anything to Dominic, just let the organizations figure out he’s double-crossing them. Dominic says Sonny wants information about the Zacharra organization and he wants Claudia’s help so they can both benefit. Claudia says no.

Olivia says she won’t sleep with him even though he’s been trying to take advantage of her. Sonny says she’s perfect, sexy, unpredictable, honest, and loyal. She tells him to get a puppy. Olivia brings up Kate and he tells her not to. Sonny says Olivia likes messing with trouble, and he’s right here. She tells him to leave and he does, but not before he tells her this isn’t over.

Nikolas and Rebecca are on the docks waiting for the launch. They congratulate each other on their karaoke night and kiss. Rebecca pulls away but says nothing is wrong. As they get on the launch Ethan appears on the docks.

Elizabeth and Lucky leave Jake’s, Lucky is going to call her a cab. Diane tells Max there is a lot to be said for public displays of affection. Maxie asks how Spinelli sounded good when he had sounded so bad at Jason’s, he says it was her faith in him.

Robin and Patrick are home and Patrick is upset they didn’t win the contest.

Dominic is on the docks and meets up with the man from the laundry mat and tells him Sonny is thinking about hiring him.

Sonny returns home and he and Claudia begin to fight. He doesn’t want to talk about anything until he gets the DNA test results. Claudia says she can smell Olivia’s perfume and hopes that he enjoyed Johnny’s leftovers. Claudia calls him selfish for leaving his pregnant wife to cheat. He tells Claudia to watch her mouth when talking about Olivia then calls her a tramp for sleeping with Ric.

Dominic says he needs a name to give up to Sonny. His contact is nervous and says the odds are against Dominic.

Max sings to Diane at Jake’s but takes a sip of his drink to show that he is lip synching. Diane appreciates the effort.

Robin says Patrick is upset because he can’t enjoy his groupies now that he’s married. He says all he’s wanted is having her back and they have a moment of rebuilding after her time away. She offers to play a game of rock star and groupie and they kiss.

Rebecca wakes up next to a sleeping Nikolas and sneaks out of bed.

Claudia reiterates all she has done for Sonny, but he says it’s all for her own self interest. Claudia says Sonny is the reason Olivia is in Port Charles and she was probably happy when he left Kate. Sonny tells her she better stop or something bad will happen.

Dante goes to see Olivia and she wants to know when he’s leaving Port Charles. She says being there is a bad idea. But he says he needs to be there for work.

Rebecca meets Ethan on the docks and tells him he’s going to ruin everything. Ethan says he will ruin everything if she tries to cut him out. Ethan is sure that she is falling for Nikolas but he needs her to get $10,000 by noon tomorrow or he tells Nikolas.

Maxie and Spinelli kiss at the door of Jason’s penthouse and Spinelli fumbles with the keys. They get in and Jason and Sam are on the couch. They run upstairs and Jason looks confused because Spinelli can’t sing. Sam says he must have done something right. Upstairs Maxie and Spinelli kiss on his bed.

Rebecca sneaks back into Nikolas’ bedroom and he asks where she was. She said she was looking for a lost earring. He tells her he doesn’t like it when she leaves him.

Dominic comes to see Sonny and calls him Mr. Corinthos. Dominic gives Sonny a name of a person who ruined a shipment and that he plans to strike again. Sonny says he will check out this information and then offers Dominic a drink and Sonny threatens him if the tip is false.

Sam finds Dominic Perelli’s New York driver’s license. They hear a lot of commtion upstairs. Sam finds Dominic’s rap sheet of petty crimes. She begins to laugh and says it’s hard to concentrate but she’s happy for Spinelli and Maxie. She says it must be nice after they have waited so long to be together and smiles at Jason.

Upstairs Maxie and Spinelli are laughing on the floor. Then begin to kiss romantically and move back to the bed. They make love. She tells him she loves him and he says it back.

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