GH Update Monday 7/13/09

General Hospital Update Monday 7/13/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

It is karaoke night at Jake’s. Robin and Patrick have just finished singing. Everyone claps with approval. Coleman compliments them on their performance. Ethan and Nikolas refuse to sing. Elizabeth and Lulu are unsuccessful in getting the men to stand up. Everyone in the bar starts to chant “the Jackal”. Spinelli gets on stage and tells them that he can’t sing. Spinelli’s supporters are disappointed. Max and Diane show up at Jake’s. Ethan and Rebecca are talking by the bar when Nikolas interrupts them.

At the Corinthos home, Sonny tells Dominic that he doesn’t trust him enough to give him a job. Dominic suggests that he can be an asset to Sonny’s organization. Carly urges Sonny to shoot Dominic. Sonny pulls a gun out of the cabinet. Dominic insists that he can help Sonny. Dominic explains that Johnny still has a lot to learn about the organization. Claudia walks in and is shocked to see Dominic. Claudia says that Dominic used to work for her father. Carly decides to leave. Claudia doesn’t want Sonny to believe anything Dominic has to say.

Jason pays Anthony a visit in jail. Jason wants to know why Anthony asked him to come. Anthony asks if his associates are being loyal to the Zacchara family business. Jason says that he’ll help him get answers if Anthony can provide proof that Claudia was behind Michael’s shooting. Anthony says that he isn’t sure if Claudia was involved in the shooting. Jason stands up to leave. Anthony stresses that he wants his original plans played out concerning the Zacchara organization. Anthony adds that he wasn’t behind Michael’s shooting.

At her apartment, Olivia and Johnny discuss her past relationship with Sonny. Olivia explains that Sonny was dark and brooding when they were teenagers. Olivia adds that Sonny betrayed her by falling for Kate. Johnny doesn’t think that Sonny is in love with Claudia. Olivia brings up that Claudia is carrying Sonny’s baby. Johnny thinks that Sonny will have no problem kicking Claudia to the curb once the baby is born. Johnny admits that he isn’t a romantic, so there is a slim chance that he and Olivia will have a lasting relationship. Johnny divulges that he will step aside if Olivia still has feelings for Sonny. Olivia reassures Johnny that she isn’t interested in Sonny. Olivia and Johnny kiss. Olivia pulls back and comments that her son Dante is around Johnny’s age. Johnny tells Olivia that he adores her. Olivia reminds Johnny that she is through with Sonny. They kiss again.

At Jake’s, Maxie asks Spinelli about his ‘special’ microphone. Maxie suggests that Spinelli needs to be inspired to sing great. Maxie goes up to Lulu’s table and asks for the women’s help. Coleman introduces Rebecca, Lulu, and Maxie. The girls sing. Ethan is clapping. Lulu stands up on the bar. Everyone is rooting for them. Maxie begins singing directly to Spinelli. Ethan watches in disgust as Rebecca dances in front of Nikolas. Lulu drags Diane up on stage. Diane begins to sing along. Everyone claps loudly.

Maxie asks for Spinelli’s opinion regarding her singing. Maxie reassures Spinelli that he will have no problem singing well. Lucky praises Rebecca on her singing ability which surprises Nikolas. Ethan continues to glare at Rebecca.

Johnny shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Jason says that he met with Anthony. Jason thinks that someone other than Anthony is trying to take down Sonny. Jason asks Johnny who he is loyal to.

At home, Sonny agrees to give Dominic a chance. Sonny wants Dominic to find out who is being disloyal to him. Dominic leaves. Claudia is adamant that Dominic cannot be trusted at all. Sonny brings up that Dominic could be a valuable asset to the organization. Claudia warns that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near Dominic. Sonny is suspicious of Claudia’s panicked reaction toward Dominic. Claudia thinks that Sonny doesn’t trust her. Sonny comments that Claudia appears to know more about Dominic than she’s letting on. Claudia is outraged. Claudia thinks that their marriage is a sham. Sonny defends himself. Claudia blurts out that she is tired of Sonny. Sonny yells back that he is done with Claudia. Sonny storms out of the room.

Dominic goes to Jason’s place. Jason points a gun at Dominic. Jason doesn’t trust Dominic. Jason asks Dominic why he was at Sonny’s home. Dominic explains that Sonny offered him a job. Dominic wants a chance to work for Sonny. Jason isn’t convinced. Jason thinks that Dominic wants to take over Sonny’s organization. Dominic admits that one day he would like to be the one in control. Dominic offers reasons why he is valuable to Sonny. Dominic leaves. Jason makes a phone call.

At Jake’s, Lucky tells Ethan that he went on a few dates with Rebecca. Ethan is shocked. Spinelli asks to speak to Diane in private. Spinelli is worried that he won’t be able to sing without his special microphone. Diane gives Spinelli some advice on love. Spinelli tells Maxie that he still plans on singing.

Someone knocks at Olivia’s door. It is Sonny. Olivia is surprised to see him. Sonny admits that he didn’t like how they left things unsettled. Sonny explains that he is miserable with Claudia. Olivia maintains that she doesn’t have any sympathy for Sonny or his current situation.

Back at the bar, Maxie reminds Spinelli that he doesn’t have to prove himself. Spinelli decides to get up on stage anyway. Coleman introduces Spinelli to everybody at Jake’s. Everyone claps. Maxie stares with admiration at Spinelli. Spinelli is quiet and appears to have lost the confidence to sing.

Sam appears at Jason’s penthouse. Sam says that she was working undercover at a strip club. Jason asks her to run a background check on someone. Sam isn’t wearing much when she removes her jacket to retrieve her cell phone. Jason is embarrassed.

Dominic shows up at the Corinthos home. Claudia wants Dominic to stay away. Dominic reminds Claudia that they are both outsiders that need to work together.

Sonny closes Olivia’s apartment door. Olivia wants Sonny to leave. Sonny brings up that Olivia is mad because she still wants him. Olivia tries to convince Sonny that he is wrong. Suddenly, Sonny grabs Olivia and passionately kisses her. Olivia doesn’t pull away and kisses him back.

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