GH Update Wednesday 7/8/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/8/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At the cabin in the woods Johnny and Jason prepare.

Olivia struggles with Dominic. He lets her go and calls her “Ma,” she hugs him and is happy to see him.

At the Quartermaine’s Carly gives Michael his license, which Jax pulled strings to get for him. She tells him she trusts him.

At Alexis’ house Andrea Floyd is on Alexis’ computer. Kristina is in her room and moves to go downstairs.

AT the penthouse Spinelli sings until interrupted by Robin and Patrick, who said they heard screaming. When he tells them he plans to sing at karaoke night, Patrick says he would never do that. They are there to tell Spinelli that they think Andrea is the killer and not Mayor Floyd. Spinelli tries to defer by saying he has personal matters.

Kristina comes downstairs, and Andrea isn’t there. She sees many e-mails between Mayor Floyd and Alexis which show a relationship between the two and obsessiveness on Alexis’ part. Alexis enters.

Olivia is happy and surprised to see her son. He avoids her when she notices he is hurt. He picks up a man’s watch from the coffee table and asks if she’s seeing Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny is not happy about Michael’s license and Carly says he still needs to take lessons. Sonny wants to talk to Carly alone, and Michael and Edward leave. Carly and Sonny argue over going behind each other’s backs, Carly says she’s just trying to trust Michael.

Carly is on the phone when Johnny and Jason come in after a shoot-out. Jason wants to know who would have ratted them out, and Carly says she would never rat Johnny out and risk his life. Jason wants to know who called the cops.

Alexis tells Kristina she can’t go on her computer because of her work files. Kristina asks if Alexis is ok and asks if Alexis was in love with the Mayor.

Spinelli says that cyber tracking Andrea would be tricky and time consuming. They discuss other avenues to track her. Spinelli is very concerned about his time being pulled away from learning to sing. Patrick offers to help by getting him pitch correction software.

Olivia tells Dante that she doesn’t tell him about who she’s dating. Dante says that grandma and the uncles always say she can’t date Sonny.

Sonny doesn’t want him and Carly to compete. Carly says he was going to drive no matter what so she changed the rules. They argue about double standards and not being on the same page. Sonny gets a call from Jason about how the operation went badly.

Spinelli is on the phone upset about the use of the pitch correction software, and explains his situation, before he hangs up he gets good news. Maxie arrives with a confession that Spinelli sucks at singing.

Edward and Michael come back to the house and Carly is waiting for them. Michael thanks her for the license and she says he has to prove that he deserves her trust. They hug and say I love you.

Johnny comes knocking on Olivia’s door to get his watch and he kisses her. He knows something is wrong with her.

On the docks, Claudia calls Johnny and tells him to meet her. Dante/Dominic comes up and he and Claudia argue. She wants to know why he’s in Port Charles.

Sonny arrives back at the mansion. He asks Jason how this went bad. Jason says he doesn’t know but Jason says Johnny was great in the crisis. Both Sonny and Jason know that someone had to have called the cops.

Spinelli thanks Maxie but is sure his true love will help him. He wants to prove himself through song.

Alexis says she didn’t love the Mayor but Kristina says she saw an article that said she did. Alexis tries to explain it was a one time thing.

Michael shows Morgan his license. Morgan and Michael are both surprised that Carly has been so cool and they talk about Carly and her driving mishaps.

Olivia says she’s happy to see him just surprised and they kiss. He says he likes that he never has to explain what he does or cover it up. She says that ironic since her family is worried about her being involved with Sonny. He says being with him would be worse.

Dominic tells Claudia he wants in to Sonny’s organizations. Claudia says it’s never going to happen and that people would connect the dots between them. He tells her to say nice things about him, but she says Sonny’s kids and Carly can identify him.

Sonny and Jason talk about the cabin and Sonny decides to wait things out. They agree on a cease fire, except for the guy that grabbed his kids.

Spinelli sings into a microphone and plays around with it until he doesn’t sound so bad. Jason walks in and says he sounds pretty good. Spinelli says he’s cheating and explains the microphone. He asks Jason if this makes him less of a man.

At dinner at the MetroCourt Robin asks Patrick why he never sings to her. He says it’s never going to happen. Andrea walks in. Robin and Patrick hope Spinelli comes through. Andrea makes a call to Alexis and tells Alexis to meet her at the MetroCourt for an explanation.

Michael tells Morgan to cut Carly some slack, and Morgan asks why Michael doesn’t do the same. Michael says that when Carly tries to help he feels pathetic and takes his anger out on her. Morgan has to go and Michael gives Morgan his St. Christopher necklace that protects travelers.

Olivia and Johnny discuss family. She says Johnny and Dante would get along. She describes him and Johnny says they sound pretty similar. Johnny asks about Dante’s dad.

Claudia comes home and Sonny asks what she knows about the Zacharra people. Claudia starts talking crap about Olivia, and Dante overhears.

Michael visits Kristina to show her his license but she starts to cry and shows him the e-mails between Alexis and the Mayor.

Alexis arrives to meet Andrea. Alexis apologizes for embarrassing her and Andrea starts to yell and tells Alexis that her obsession with the Mayor has to stop. Alexis excuses herself. When Patrick asks Andrea says Alexis called her and that she’s upset with the Mayor.

Spinelli excuses himself when Carly arrives. She tells him she got Michael a driver’s license and hear Spinelli singing. Jason says he needs her help to find the guy that held her up.

Olivia tells Johnny she was wild as a kid and there were a bunch of guys and she never knew who the father was. She says she never considered not having her baby and she thinks she did a good job. And she didn’t have to share Dante with someone who would have left her eventually. She says Dante will never know his father.

Sonny says he’s not thrilled Olivia is seeing Johnny but it’s not their business. Claudia feels the baby kicking and puts Sonny’s hand on her belly.

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