GH Update Monday 7/6/09

General Hospital Update Monday 7/6/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jason returns home and hears Spinelli’s terrible singing. Jason grimaces at the sound. Maxie walks into the penthouse. Maxie comments about Spinelli’s lack of singing ability. Spinelli enters the room. Spinelli has no clue that his singing is awful. Maxie doesn’t have the heart to tell him the truth. Spinelli is acting like a true gentleman. Maxie suggests not going to Jake’s. Spinelli is insistent that he needs to sing a love song dedicated to Maxie. Maxie decides to be honest.

Dominic shows up at Alexis’ home. Dominic asks for Kristina’s help. Dominic wants to work for Sonny. Kristina questions Dominic as to why he was at Sonny’s house. Dominic confides that he wants to impress Sonny so he will offer him a job. Dominic wants Kristina to get him access to the Corinthos mansion. Kristina is reluctant to help Dominic. Dominic thinks that Sonny trusts Kristina completely. Dominic wants to work for Sonny in security. Molly returns home. Dominic pretends to be a pizza delivery guy. Dominic leaves. Molly thinks her sister has a little crush on Dominic.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny is not pleased with Johnny. Sonny is mad that his family was put in danger. Claudia walks in and tells Johnny that she is backing Sonny. Claudia insists that Johnny screwed up since one of the shooters survived the ambush. Johnny is furious. Olivia walks in and wants to know why Johnny is upset. Sonny critiques Johnny’s weaknesses. Olivia blurts out that Sonny is mad that she is sleeping with Johnny. Johnny plays peacemaker and says that Sonny is right.

In the car, Michael is driving around with Morgan. Michael says that they are near the site where Jason had his life-changing accident.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly badmouths Edward for allowing Michael to take the car for a spin. Carly is adamant that Michael doesn’t have his driver’s license. While they are arguing, Michael and Morgan return to the Quartermaine house. Michael is shocked to see Carly. Carly inquires about Michael’s first test drive. Carly surprises Michael by admitting that she is glad that he and Morgan had fun.

At the hospital, Andrea overhears Robin telling Patrick that she thinks the mayor’s wife is Briana’s killer. Robin points out that Andrea has the motive for covering up the murder. Patrick wants to take Robin out for dinner. Robin brings the subject back to Andrea. Robin believes that the mayor and Briana were in love. Patrick is hesitant to think that Andrea would murder Briana. Robin thinks that Andrea planned on confronting Briana about the affair at first. Robin implies that things must have gotten heated and Andrea killed Briana. Alexis interrupts. Andrea fears the worst. Robin tells Alexis that she isn’t sure that Mayor Floyd is responsible for Briana’s murder. Alexis is unable to think of any other potential suspects in the murder case.

Carly goes to see Jax at his office. Carly is obviously upset. Jax tells Carly to take deep breaths. Carly divulges that the situation with Michael is spiraling out of control. Carly explains the situation with Michael and the car. Carly wants to trust Michael.

Johnny shows up at the auto shop where Jason is already waiting for him. Jason says that he and Johnny need to get to work. They put on bulletproof vests and load their guns. Jason tells Johnny that it is time to leave.

Claudia tells Olivia that she is tired of her hanging around Sonny. Claudia thinks that Olivia is hung up on Sonny. Ignoring Claudia, Olivia says that there is a problem with the purchase of Michael’s car. Claudia blurts out that Olivia is trying anything to get close to Sonny. Olivia leaves. Sonny announces to Claudia that she better tell Johnny to stay away from Olivia. Claudia is shocked.

Molly keeps pestering Kristina about her crush on Dominic. Kristina wants Molly to keep quiet about Dominic. Kristina suggests that Molly act normal around Alexis. Alexis returns home. Alexis inquires about the day’s events. Kristina doesn’t divulge any info about Dominic. After Molly leaves the room, Alexis asks how Kristina feels about the situation with the mayor. Kristina is disgusted by the whole thing and refuses to talk about it. Molly returns and wants to do something fun with her mom. The two leave. Kristina turns off the lights in the house. Andrea shows up at Alexis’ home. Andrea finds a hidden key and enters the house.

At the hospital, Patrick admits that he is impressed by Robin’s detective skills. Robin is pretty sure that Andrea is guilty.

Edward and Michael walk around the Quartermaine property. Edward asks how Michael is adjusting to living there. Michael thanks Edward for handling the situation with Carly. Edward wants Michael to work at ELQ. Michael is adamant that he doesn’t have any business skills. The doorbell continues to ring. Edward finally answers the door. It is Sonny. Sonny wants to speak to Michael alone.

Dominic shows up at a cabin in the woods posing as a delivery guy. A man opens the door. The man wants to know if anyone followed Dominic.

At the penthouse, Maxie admits that Spinelli doesn’t have to prove his devotion for her publically. Maxie kisses Spinelli. Spinelli thinks that he has to prove himself to Maxie. Maxie reassures Spinelli that she doesn’t doubt his love. Maxie brings up sex. Spinelli is persistent that he wants to sing at Jake’s. Maxie realizes that she can’t change Spinelli’s mind. Maxie leaves. Near the penthouse door, Maxie makes a phone call to Patrick. Maxie explains that Spinelli is going to make a fool out of himself by karoake singing. Unfortunately, Spinelli overhears Maxie’s phone call.

At the Quartermaine house, Michael thinks that Carly ratted him out to Sonny. Sonny says that Michael won’t drive until he has his license. Michael stresses that he can handle driving. Sonny won’t back down. Edward interrupts. Edward makes a comment about Sonny. Michael defends his father. Carly returns to the Quartermaine license. Carly announces that she was able to get Michael a temporary driver’s license.

In the woods, Johnny tells Jason that people want to take down Sonny because he won’t import drugs. They come upon the cabin where Dominic and the other men are waiting.

Andrea checks out Alexis’ home for any evidence.

Jason and Johnny walk into the cabin. There is gunfire. One of the shooters is dead. Jason finds drugs in a duffel bag.

Olivia returns to her apartment. Dominic grabs Olivia and covers her mouth.

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