GH Update Wednesday 7/1/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/1/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

In the Wyndemere courtyard Rebecca and Nikolas discuss the possibility of her moving in with him. She thinks he will end up regretting it.

At Jake’s Ethan tells Elizabeth that DNA doesn’t mean anything. Elizabeth asks if that’s a confession and then asks if there’s something else keeping him in Port Charles.

At the mansion, while Michael listens on, Sonny tells Jason he will not lose Michael to the violent business.

In Jax’s office Claudia tells Carly that Jax wants a favor and is pressuring her into giving it to him.

Rebecca says she’s weighing the pros and cons and wants to know if he’s thought of the reasons why she shouldn’t live there and then begins to name a few, including Emil having lived there, what his friends think, and Spencer. Nikolas shoots them all down and wonders if she’s worrying about her own regrets.

Ethan tells Elizabeth he let Holly con him and then she and Luke just split leaving him with his loving brother Lucky. Elizabeth tries to bridge the gap by saying Lucky wouldn’t want him to leave town. Ethan asks Elizabeth if he should stay or go.

Robin and Patrick visit Alexis at the lake house and tell her about their theory that Mayor Floyd may not be the killer.

Jax tells Carly that he wanted Claudia to help get Sonny to agree to let Michael live with the Quartermaine’s. Carly doesn’t think Claudia will ever help her.

Sonny explains to Jason that Michael made him a better man and showed him how to love. He says that he and Michael have a connection and they need each other, and Michael belongs with his father. Jason says Michael shouldn’t be in Sonny’s house.

Alexis is not happy to hear that she publicly arrested the wrong man. Robin takes the blame for not doing her homework before pushing for the Mayor’s arrest. They say they do not know who actually did kill Brianna.

Elizabeth says walking away can make things less complicated but sticking with it could be worth it. He says he doesn’t recognize himself anymore and is looking for a connection with someone who knew him before, and Elizabeth thinks he has someone specific in mind, although he says there isn’t.

Spinelli and Maxie run back into Jake’s looking for something he left behind. Maxie wants to know what “courtly love” includes.

Carly tells Claudia she would never believe her and tells her to leave. Claudia tells Jax never to call her again and then leaves. Jax explains that he feels as though he’s the reason Michael can’t be home with Carly because he’s trying to protect Carly and the baby. Carly says she will do whatever she has to in order get Michael out of Sonny’s.

Jason tells Sonny that they are all responsible for what happened to Michael. Sonny wants to know how he is supposed to let Michael go, just then Michael bounds down the stairs asking Sonny not to let him go.

Rebecca says everything is still new and fun in their relationship and living together will put her under a microscope to others. Nikolas doesn’t care about them. Rebecca says he’s a hard man to say no to, and finally says yes. They kiss until they are interrupted by her ringing phone. She answers to find a drunk Ethan who wants her to meet him in 15 minutes or else he will come and get her.

Robin tells Alexis that the Mayor had been very concerned when he was first told about Brianna’s death. Alexis says all she wants is the right person to pay for this.

Coleman says he needs something from Maxie, he’s looking for some help to attract more people to the bar. Spinelli suggests adding romance.

Johnny comes into Jake’s to meet Claudia. Claudia talks badly about Olivia and Johnny moves to leave, then Claudia tells him about Jax knowing the truth.

Carly and Jax discuss Michael being better off with the Quartermaine’s.

Michael tells Jason that he doesn’t want to leave his dad. Then he turns to Sonny and tells him not to let Jason and Carly guilt him, it’s just the two of them in this together. Michael is tired of everyone blaming Sonny and says it’s not his fault. Sonny says it is his fault and he has to think about Michael, and being in his house is too dangerous for Michael.

Claudia is looking for support from Johnny because she’s starting to think that too many people know the secret. Johnny says their only hope is to ride this out and hope the secret stays buried.

Spinelli continues his suggestion of romance, but Coleman is more interested in go-go girls, Maxie agrees. Spinelli thinks he can prove his point, he jumps on a chair and recites a poem to Maxie, which she seems to like very much. Coleman seems impressed.

Diane comes over to Alexis’ with a bottle of wine, telling her not to go on the internet. They discuss the double standard of men and women having affairs.

Lulu shows up at Wyndemere and apologizes for interrupting his brooding. He tells her he’s doing great and tells her about asking Rebecca to move in.

Rebecca enters her room to find Ethan, who’s very drunk. Rebecca reminds him that this was all his plan, Ethan accuses her of not caring about the money anymore and wanting to take Emily’s place for real.

Michael says he can’t be at Carly’s house. Carly, Jax, and Jason come in and they all stand together in their decision for Michael to live with the Quartermaine’s. Michael says he hates all of this and Carly says she will never stop loving him.

Diane and Alexis reminisce about getting to know each other on the way to Woman Litigator of the Year awards last year. Diane tells Alexis that she is very rare and understands what it took to get her to where she is, but doesn’t know what she could have been thinking having sex with the Mayor. Alexis says it was comfort sex after having seen Ric and Sam and going through chemo. Alexis says all she can do know is rebuild.

Lulu says she won’t judge and is all for him and Rebecca if it makes him happy. She says she’s visiting about Ethan and nobody welcoming him. Nikolas compares Rebecca and Ethan.

Rebecca says he is just upset because his family isn’t what he expected. Ethan says that he is supposed to be the one she is with, not Nikolas. He needs to trust her, and if he can’t then he has no reason to help her. Rebecca says nothing has changed between them and Ethan wants her to prove it. He says he has missed her and they are still a team. Rebecca says the scam is way more complicated than she expected. She turns around to find Ethan passed out.

Claudia comes home to find Sonny sitting alone after Michael has left to go to the Quartermaine’s. Sonny hates what has happened and Claudia supports him. She tells him she will never take their child away from him.

At their house Carly and Jax tell Morgan that Michael has moved in with the Quartermaine’s. They says that by the time the baby is born Michael will be back.

Michael and Jason enter the Quartermaine house and Michael is impressed by the size. Edward enters the room and is surprised to find Michael and Jason their. Edward says he’s very happy to have him there and shows Michael into the living room. Edward tells Tracey to be respectful of Michael, and they begin to bicker. Jason intercepts and tells Michael that if he hates everything there not to do anything stupid, to call him first. Jason declines an invitation to dinner and slips out as everyone asks Michael questions.

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