GH Update Tuesday 6/30/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/30/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

In the penthouse Spinelli is glad Jason has interrupted him and Maxie, but Jason is clearly uncomfortable.

At the mansion Carly is sure she wants Michael to live at the Quartermaine’s. Sonny thinks Carly just wants to punish him.

At Wyndemere Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he’s serious about Rebecca moving in, she spends a lot of time there anyway so why not have her move in.

Outside, on the Wyndemere grounds, Rebecca tells Ethan that she can’t leave with him.

Nikolas doesn’t think Emily would want him to be alone. Elizabeth agrees but tells Nikolas that he should wait a little longer. Nikolas says that he wants to be with Rebecca and Elizabeth tells him she hopes this is everything he wants.

Outside again Ethan tries to convince Rebecca to leave with him, but she says she can’t because people will get suspicious. Ethan isn’t so sure if Rebecca wants to be with him.

Spinelli tells Jason that being with Maxie always ends badly. He decides that he is going to make things right by showing his feelings for Maxie through “courtly love.” Maxie thinks this is sexual.

At the Lake House Kristina attacks Alexis for having an affair with her married boss. Alexis explains that it was a long time ago, but Kristina calls her a slut. When Alexis gets upset Michael sticks up for Kristina. Kristina says she doesn’t ever want to talk to her again.

Carly and Sonny continue to fight. Sonny thinks Michael should live with a parent and accuses Carly of doing this because Michael doesn’t want to live with her.

Ethan needs to know that he and Rebecca are still on and she needs to prove it. Rebecca says the deal is still on. Rebecca says Ethan will get his cut, but when he asks her about them she says she needs time and room. Nikolas calls Rebecca and Ethan leaves with some parting words that he can make this end any time. Rebecca tells Nikolas that when she’s with him there’s not place she’d rather be. Ethan looks on.

At Jake’s Patrick and Johnny talk about the Mayor Floyd malpractice suit. Patrick is celebrating his and Robin’s findings. Robin shows up to celebrate with him.

Alexis tells Michael that she didn’t mean to make him feel unwelcome and Michael says he knows he’s not welcome, but she shouldn’t be able to criticize him for what he’s done under the circumstances. He also says he know Alexis never liked him, she never let Kristina come to any of his birthday parties. Alexis says its complicated, and it’s not Michael but Sonny and the danger of his life. When Michael leaves Kristina comes out of his room.

Carly tells Sonny that he had his chance nut she’s not going to risk Michael so Sonny can do it right this time. Carly says she told the Quartermaine’s they can’t speak badly about Sonny and Carly, but Sonny doesn’t believe it. She says she doesn’t like this either but it’s there only choice. Sonny still doesn’t agree.

At Jax’s office Olivia mentions to Jax about Michael living at the Quartermaine’s, which Jax didn’t know. Olivia doesn’t think Sonny will allow, but Jax says they will see.

Spinelli brings Maxie to Jake’s and explains “courtly love” as the love of lords and lady’s in the twelfth century, with songs and notes and handkerchiefs. Maxie thinks it would be easier to have a couple beers and hook up.

Alexis says that when she slept with the Mayor she was going through chemo and her marriage was crumbling, but Kristina is unsympathetic as she has already gotten 33 texts about it. Alexis apologizes, but Kristina asks if the lesson is to do whatever you want as long as you don’t get caught.

Michael arrives back at the mansion and tells Sonny about the news of Alexis and the Mayor. Sonny is shocked. Michael says he lucked out with Sonny and Carly, they own up to their mistakes but they have always loved each other and stuck together.

Carly visits Jason at the penthouse and tells him about her and Sonny’s fight. Jason says he’ll take care of it, but Carly doesn’t want him to be involved.

Jax tells Olivia that Sonny stole Michael and that the Quartermaine’s will be stable for Michael. He says he will help convince Sonny, because he has a secret weapon.

Nikolas and Rebecca are kissing until she pulls away because she hears something. They discuss the horror movie they just saw and then kiss again.

Ethan shows up at Jake’s and doesn’t look too happy. Over on the other end Robin suggests to Patrick that maybe the Mayor didn’t kill Brianna. A table over Maxie wants Johnny to tell Spinelli that all they ever did was kiss. Spinelli says its not necessary but Johnny says they never did because Maxie wouldn’t let it happen. Maxie wants to celebrate Spinelli solving a case and suggests they get a room upstairs. Patrick walks over and wants Spinelli and Robin to go over their notes since they are both unsure about the Mayor’s guilt.

Alexis says she’s not perfect, but Kristina says that Alexis expects perfection from her. Alexis apologizes and says they just need to try to get through this. Kristina doesn’t want to help.

Sonny admits that he could have tried harder to spend time with Kristina but it was always so difficult dealing with Alexis. Sonny tells a funny story and Michael tells him he loves him. Jason shows up and Michael knows he’s there to make Michael do whatever Carly wants. Jason says that Carly’s alternative living situation idea is the best for Michael.

Jax thanks Olivia for setting up a meeting and says Carly can never know. Claudia enters and Olivia leaves them to talk. Jax tells Claudia he’s going to tell her something and then she’s going to do it.

Robin and Spinelli agree to go over everything again.

Olivia shows up at Jake’s and kisses Johnny.

Ethan drunkenly calls Lucky and asks him to meet him at Jake’s for some information.

Rebecca and Nikolas lay and Nikolas asks her to move in.

Jax tells Claudia that he knows everything from Jerry and threatens to tell Sonny everything.

Sonny asks Michael to leave. Jason asks Sonny if there is a better option than living with the Quartermaine’s. He thinks the Quartermaine’s will be better than Sonny.

Maxie tells Robin about the courtly love and says she’s looking forward to it, although she still wants the sex part since that’s what relationships are all about anyway. Robin tells Maxie that in courtly love the people don’t actually have sex. Maxie goes off to talk to Spinelli.

Johnny and Olivia play pool and she says she doesn’t like secrets, and that the more secrets there are the harder it is to trust. He suggests going back to her place.

Elizabeth arrives at Jake’s, having received his message, and wants to know what’s going on. Elizabeth wants them all to get along and that Lucky is actually upset about Luke. Ethan says maybe he deserves Lucky’s ill feelings because if a long lost relative drops out of the sky there has to be an angle.

Rebecca says moving in is a big decision. Nikolas says Rebecca has helped him stop mourning Emily. Rebecca says this will not be the same as living with Emily, but Nikolas says they should take a leap of faith.

Sonny asks Jason if he thinks he would have been better off with the Quartermaine’s than with Sonny. Jason says Sonny gave him a lot but he does regret living a life with out Jake. Jason asks if Michael will be safe here for Michael emotionally. Sonny wants Michael to have everything he wants and Jason says he has to let Michael go.

Jax tells Claudia she’s going to convince Sonny to let Michael move into the Quartermaine’s. If she doesn’t Jax will rat her out. Claudia asks if he has one of those DVDs. Claudia says that if Sonny finds out she will make sure Carly knows that Jax has known the truth all this time.

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