GH Update Monday 6/29/09

General Hospital Update Monday 6/29/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Rebecca meets Nikolas by the mausoleum. Rebecca comments that rain is coming in, so they won’t be able to waltz outdoors. They return to Wyndemere’s living room. Rebecca can’t believe that Nik doesn’t have a DVD player. Nikolas finally admits that he does. Rebecca says that she has a DVD to play for him.

At the Port Charles police station, Mayor Floyd announces to reporters that Alexis is trying to frame him for Briana Hughes’ murder. The mayor implies that Alexis was one of his former mistresses. Kristina overhears the accusation. Robin suggests bringing Kristina home. A reporter asks Alexis if she plans on stepping down from her DA position.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward proposes that Michael and Jason should come live with them. Monica doesn’t agree, but Jason supports Edward’s theory. Jason admits that moving back in with the Quartermaines might help Michael’s recovery. Jason apologizes for being so distant from Monica and the other Quartermaines. Jason thinks that Michael needs to be around Monica. Jason’s intent is for Michael to feel safe in the Quartermaine home. Jason realizes that Monica was only trying to help him after his brain injury. Jason warns that Michael’s state-of-mind is fragile. Jason shakes Edward’s hand. Edward promises to look out for Michael. Jason leaves. Monica begins to cry. Monica tells Edward that Jason loves Michael very much. Edward doesn’t think that Sonny will go along with the plan for Michael to live with the Quartermaines.

Outside of Sonny’s house, Michael sits in his new car. Carly is surprised that Sonny gave a car to Michael. Carly thinks that the car is too much for Michael right now. Sonny insists that Michael can handle it. Carly brings up that Michael just woke up from a coma. Carly is worried that Michael could get into a car accident. Carly won’t back down. Sonny suggests a compromise. Michael starts arguing with Carly. Sonny tells Michael to be respectful of his mother. Michael walks away in a hurry. Carly rips Sonny for not telling her about the car beforehand. Carly wants to run after Michael, but Sonny maintains that she will only make things worse.

At Kelly’s, Lucky thinks that Elizabeth is mad at him. Elizabeth reassures Lucky that she isn’t. Elizabeth thinks that Lucky needs to give Ethan a chance. Lucky says that he is glad that Liz is in his life. Lucky discloses that there is no real reason why he doesn’t like Ethan. Lulu and Ethan walk into the restaurant. Lulu wants Lucky and Ethan to work out their disagreement. Elizabeth apologizes to Ethan for her suspicions of Rebecca. Lucky admits that Ethan is more like Luke than he is. Ethan is unsure of how to take Lucky’s comment. Lulu thinks that Lucky and Ethan could learn to get along. Ethan questions why Lucky became a cop if he used to idolize Luke. Ethan is tired of defending himself to Lucky, so he leaves.

Spinelli returns home to the penthouse. Maxie knocks on the door. Spinelli says that he can’t talk right now. Maxie thinks that Spinelli is avoiding her for some reason. Maxie thinks that Spinelli has a problem talking about sex. Maxie worries that Spinelli doesn’t like her anymore. Spinelli reveals that he cares deeply about Maxie. Spinelli doesn’t think that he can handle having sex with Maxie again.

Robin brings Kristina home. Kristina can’t believe what the mayor revealed about her mother. Robin explains that she knows exactly what Kristina is going through. Robin says that the press can’t always be believed. Robin adds that Kristina needs to believe her mother’s side of the story.

At the police station, the mayor continues to plead his innocence. After the reporters leave, Alexis asks Patrick where Kristina is. Patrick reassures Alexis that Robin is making sure Kristina gets home safely. Alexis is worried about what Kristina thinks of her. Mayor Floyd is led into Holding. Robin returns to the police station. Alexis asks Patrick and Robin why they think Briana’s death was a murder. Alexis is concerned about Kristina.

Nikolas and Rebecca watch a scary movie. Nikolas comments that the plot and acting are terrible. Nikolas asks how many times Rebecca has watched the movie. Rebecca admits that the movie still scares her every time. Nikolas kisses Rebecca. While eating popcorn, Rebecca reveals that she loves horror flicks. Rebecca screams at one of the movie scenes. Lightning strikes overhead. In the shadows, Rebecca sees Ethan standing there. Rebecca screams.

In the Corinthos living room, Michael tells Sonny that he can’t take Carly’s hovering anymore. Michael gets a text message from Kristina. Michael wants Sonny to give him permission to try out his new car.

Maxie and Spinelli continue to talk at the penthouse. Maxie is confused and doesn’t know what Spinelli is trying to say. Maxie thinks that they should be able to have sex. Spinelli divulges that he wants things to remain how they are.

Michael visits Kristina at her home. Michael tells Kristina about the new car. Kristina blurts out that her mom slept with the mayor. Kristina can’t believe that her mother’s sex life is going to be in all the papers. Alexis returns home. Alexis is surprised to see Michael. Kristina defends Michael and says that she will see him when she wants to.

Outside of Sonny’s house, Carly and Jason talk about Michael. Carly is upset that Sonny gave Michael a car. Jason is shocked. Carly wants to confront Sonny, but Jason says no. Carly can’t believe that Jason is on Sonny’s side. Jason brings up that Carly needs to look out for herself and the baby. Carly is resolute that she doesn’t want Michael staying with Sonny.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asks Rebecca if she is alright. Rebecca lies and says that Nikolas’ home freaks her out. Rebecca announces that she is going to take a bath. Nikolas asks if she wants company. Rebecca says that they can hang out together after her bath. While Nikolas waits for Rebecca, Liz walks in. Elizabeth is shocked to find Nik watching a scary movie. Elizabeth wants Nikolas’ help with Lucky.

At the penthouse, Maxie admits that she enjoyed having sex with Spinelli. Spinelli insists that he still desires Maxie, but is having a hard time trusting her again. Maxie apologizes for her past behavior. Maxie stresses that she has changed. Maxie believes that Spinelli is the one for her. They kiss.

At the police station, Mac tells Robin and Patrick that they will need to testify about the Hughes case. Robin isn’t sure that Mayor Floyd is Briana’s killer.

Outside, Rebecca meets with Ethan. Rebecca thinks that Ethan is trying to blow her cover. Ethan warns that Rebecca needs to keep her eyes on the prize. Rebecca kisses Ethan to dissuade his suspicions.

Maxie and Spinelli are kissing when Jason returns home.

Carly confronts Sonny about Michael’s outbursts. Sonny admits that Michael wants to get involved in the organization. Carly proposes that Michael should live with the Quartermaines. Sonny tells Carly that will never happen.

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