GH Update Thursday 6/25/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/25/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Andrea badmouths Matt at the Hub, with everyone around. Ric stops her tirade and she says that her husband's career will be ruined if it goes to trial. Robin tells her that Matt and Patrick won't settle because they didn't do anything wrong. Matt asks Ric if he would take their case. At that moment, Dianne serves them with papers. Ric turns them down, telling them that he's leaving Port Charles. Ric goes to see Claudia and tells her that he's leaving for Los Angeles, that he's been offered a job but that he'll be checking in on her and the paternity of her child

Johnny informs Jason that everyone was responsible for Michael getting shot. Michael tells Jason that if he doesn't help him join the mob that someone else will and doesn't know why Jason had that choice but he doesn't. Johnny tells him that Jason should never had been given the choice; that Sonny took advantage of the fact that Jason was brain damaged and angry and created his enforcer out of that. Michael then wanted to know if Jason would change his life for a different one and Jason said no, but that their injuries are different and he should never have cut his family out of his life. He tells Michael that he has other, better choices available to him. He then tells Michael that it was his fault he got shot and that he won't fail him again. Later, Claudia shows up at the garage needing Johnny's help with Dominic.

Kristina is at Sonny's where she says she'll forget she ever saw Dominic. He tells her he needs medical supplies, food and car keys. Claudia tells Alexis that she's a controlling, selfish person and that Michael needs Kristina and his family. Alexis agrees that Kristina can see her brother – with supervision – but she doesn't want her anywhere near Claudia. Sonny shows up and accuses Alexis of not wanting Kristina around him. She tells him she just wants the kids to be safe and he counters that having sex with Jerry Jacks wasn't very safe or smart. Sonny reminds her that after Michael's shooting he stayed away from Kristina to keep her safe but is afraid she doesn't understand that. Kristina listens in and Sonny and Alexis continue to argue and hears Alexis tell him that she doesn't want what happened to Michael to happen to Kristina. Kristina takes Dominic the medical supplies and some food, but doesn't give him car keys. She then vents about her family. Michael and Jason show up and Jason tells Sonny that Michael wants to learn the business. Sonny tells him no. He tells Jason to find the gunman and get rid of him for good. He turns to Michael and tells him he will never let the organization ever get his kids. Upstairs, as Kristina is about to lead Dominic out, Claudia comes in and pretends she doesn’t know him, wanting to know why he's with her stepdaughter.

Maxie walks in on Spinelli hugging Mercedes at the PI office. She fumes, "It's always the nanny!" He tells her it was just a friendly hug and that it was her cousin that saw Mayor Floyd in the hotel. Her cousin happens to be here illegally and he has promised to help her become legal. She calls him her boyfriend and lets him know that it would kill her if he was with anyone but her. Patrick and Robin show up and he tells them about Brianna's secret account, which netter over $100,000 from the mayor. Maybe she was blackmailing him? Robin says maybe it's time to take their evidence to Mac, but Maxie tells her that would get Spinelli in trouble and possibly cause them to be accused of being accessories. Diane tells Alexis that Ric is leaving for L.A. Alexis is worried how Molly will feel.

When Jax finds out about the gunman, Jax suggests that maybe for his safety, they should send Michael off to school. Carly hates the idea and Jason later fusses at her for not telling him about the gunman. She tells Jason that he needs to make Michael move in with her or she will send him to the Quartermaines.

Johnny overhears Sonny lecturing Michael that he is just a brain-damaged child, that he shouldn't waste his second opportunity at life. "I'm a criminal," confesses Sonny. He tells Michael that people are scared of him because he kills people. He tells Michael that he will have a better life, whether he wants to or not.

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