GH Update Wednesday 6/24/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/24/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At GH Patrick and Robin discuss a patient and look tired. They tell Epiphany they spent time the night before going over Brianna Hughes autopsy report and they believe she was murdered. The Mayor’s wife arrives wanting to confess something to Patrick.

At Alexis’ house Kristina tries to blow off Sam who wants to talk to her about her behavior, but Sam stops her from leaving.

At the mansion, Michael tells Jason that a Zacharra soldier grabbed Morgan and Michael had to help him and Carly. Claudia overhears. Michael wants to help Jason find him. Claudia goes back to her room to find the gunman. She tries to smother him but he gets her off.

Sam talks to Kristina about the rules she has been breaking, like taking Alexis’ car without permission and only with a learner’s permit. Sam thinks she’s crying out for attention and plans to pay attention now. Kristina says she’s a good student and does a lot at school and she just needs time to relax. Alexis comes in and says she agrees with whatever Sam is saying.

Michael fills Jason in on Morgan getting held at gun point. Michael says they can still find the guy, but Jason says he can’t help.

Claudia is worried about the risk she’s taking by hiding Dominic. Dominic makes light of the situation and even says Carly is hot, he also says he’ll take Claudia down with him if she tells.

Andrea Floyd tells Patrick and Robin about hiring Sam to follow the Mayor. She’s telling the truth now because she doesn’t want it all to blow up for her husband. She asks them to settle out of court. Patrick says he’s more concerned about his and Matt’s career than her husband’s.

Elsewhere in the hospital Matt fight with Epiphany about not letting him into his office while Maxie overhears. HE isn’t allowed in until all of his Brianna Hughes files are removed. After they leave, Maxie tries to break into Matt’s office but Toussaint walks up and stops her.

Alexis tells Sam about Kristina going to Jake’s. Kristina wants to be a friend to Michael, but Alexis warns her that Michael needs a lot of help and she doesn’t want Kristina to be involved in any of this.

Claudia and Dominic bicker and he tells her that Johnny shoved Jason out of the line of fire.

Michael wants Jason to teach him the business and work his way up but Jason says no. He and Sonny don’t want that. Michael says Jason always taught him to choose for himself and he plans to. Jason continues to say no and then Michael accuses him of being just like everyone else and leaves.

Robin and Patrick enter the Mayor’s office but he isn’t there. They have time to present their presentation of what they think happened. The Mayor enters and robin says if he doesn’t have time she will send Mac over to talk to him.

Maxie tells Toussaint that she and Matt have something on the side and was hoping to sneak into his office to surprise him. Matt overhears and then steps forward. Toussaint says says he isn’t allowed in his office and takes Maxie away.

Claudia goes to visit Johnny at his shop and screams at him. She tells him what Dominic told him. Johnny says he decided his life was more important than letting Jason die. Johnny knows if Jason had dies and Johnny had lived Sonny would have killed him on the spot. It was the only choice he had.

At his penthouse Sam comes to see Jason about Kristina’s behavior. Sam doesn’t understand why Alexis believes her. Sam is sure Kristina and Michael together are nothing but trouble.

Kristina visits Michael at the mansion. Michael says he’s not mad. Kristina says she drove Alexis’ car over. They both talk about getting in trouble. Michael explains what happened the night before and how he is upset that Jason won’t include him in the business. They hear Alexis come into Sonny’s house.

Maxie tells Matt she’s not available and even if she was she wouldn’t like him. She tells him she was trying to get in to help him with the malpractice case. He tells her she should follow him on twitter to learn about him, drmatthunter. She says she’ll follow him on twitter.

Patrick tells Mayor Floyd that his wife has asked him to settle the lawsuit. Patrick says what happens to Brianna Hughes may not have been an accident and her injury is more serious than his story. Mayor Floyd doesn’t know how that’s possible. Patrick suggests that Mayor Floyd wanted to make this look like an accident.

Jason doesn’t know what to do for Michael. He explains that Michael sees the organization as a family business, but he feels like a hypocrite. Michael came to him just like he once went to Sonny. Sam says it’s better to keep Michael out and out of danger.

Michael meets Alexis at the door. She wants to talk to him. Alexis apologizes for being insensitive to him, but doesn’t want Kristina’s life to be derailed. Michael starts to get angry at Alexis until Claudia steps in and sends Michael away. Alexis tells Claudia that she won’t have anything to do with Kristina.

Toussaint and Epiphany talk at the nurse’s station. He tells her his music tour was nice but not great.

The Mayor says he understands Patrick’s suspicions but he didn’t kill Brianna. He became Mayor because of his ideals but things changed when he actually became Mayor and things became about power. HE says he loved Brianna and was going to leave his wife. He wants to know who killed Brianna.

Ric tells Andrea to cut her losses, but she says she won’t be held back by his indiscretion.

Claudia and Alexis argue over Michael. Alexis says she’s waiting for Sonny. Claudia tells her that children like Kristina, private school overachievers, are the ones that end up on Spring Break videos and arrested. Alexis says she doesn’t want Kristina in any house with Claudia in it.

Jason is worried Michael will start cutting people out of his life like he did. Sam says Michael will eventually realize that Michael can trust Jason and he has his best interest at heart.

Michael visits Johnny at his shop. Michael says he wants to learn the business from him.

Patrick says he believed the Mayor but Robin isn’t so sure. Nearby the Mayor’s wife yells at Matt for killing Brianna and slaps him.

Claudia says Alexis has no proof that Claudia has ever done anything criminal. Alexis is not sorry that she has chosen to keep Kristina away from Sonny. As Kristina tries to sneak out she comes across Dominic.

Johnny tells Michael to talk to Jason and Sonny, but Michael says they won’t listen. Michael says he can’t walk away from being Michael Corinthos and he’s just trying to fulfill his destiny. Johnny says there are other options but Michael wants Johnny to teach him. Johnny says he won’t be the reason he gets shot again. Jason walks in and asks what he means by again.

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