GH Update Tuesday 6/23/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/23/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the mansion Claudia enters the living room to find Michael and Sonny. Sonny tells her that Michael will be living with them, which Claudia is happy to hear.. Michael says it might not be easy but he thinks it will be easier than living with Carly.

Outside in the woods, Morgan is being held by a gunman. Morgan tells him his father Sonny will kill him, but this seems to make the gunman think Morgan is the perfect hostage.

Rebecca and Nikolas kiss passionately as she rips off his shirt and they undress each other and end up in bed.

Michael has left and Sonny tells Claudia that he can’t have any more acts of violence against him with Michael living there. Claudia agrees. Sonny says he will find out how Jason and Johnny got ambushed and the person will be eliminated.

At her house Carly calls for Morgan and then calls Michael, who hasn’t seen him. Carly thinks Morgan may have followed Michael. Michael tells Carly about him and Morgan’s shortcut through the woods to Sonny’s house. Michael doesn’t want to involve Sonny and says he will backtrack through the woods and tells Carly to start at her end and they will find Morgan.

The gunman says he’s lost as he grew up in Bensonhurst. Morgan asks how he got shot and the gunman tells him to ask Jason. Morgan says the gunman is his enemy, but the gunman says maybe they can help each other.

Sonny suggests that maybe Johnny betrayed Sonny and Jason, and asks Claudia what she knows. He picks up the phone and Claudia looks nervous.

Olivia and Johnny are kissing on the couch and undressing each other when Sonny calls. Olivia answers and tells Sonny Johnny can’t come to the phone. Sonny wants Johnny at his house now.

As Rebecca lies beside Nikolas she has a dream that she sees Nikolas dancing with Emily, who tells her Nikolas will always be hers.

At their house Robin feeds Emma as she and Patrick talk about the Mayor and his mistress and the wrongful death suit. Robin points out that Patrick isn’t looking at the medical report carefully enough and goes to put Emma down.

The Mayor’s wife is on the phone with the Mayor yelling at him for the mess he’s made. She says she won’t see him. Ric enters and the Mayor’s wife tells him that their plan isn’t going so well.

Claudia thinks Sonny should cut Johnny some slack. Sonny is very angry and Claudia thinks it’s not about what happened tonight it’s about Olivia answering Johnny’s phone.

Johnny tells Olivia he needs to go and she apologizes for answering his phone. Olivia tells him that she thinks Sonny sent him on the job because of her, she also tells him to come back after he meets with Sonny.

In the woods Carly calls Morgan’s name.

The gunman asks Morgan to access the GPS on his phone, but Morgan says he doesn’t need to since he knows where the road is. Carly comes upon them and the gunman grabs Michael and puts the gun on Carly.

Nikolas finds Rebecca sitting outside. Rebecca asks if he and Emily spent a lot of time out there, and Nikolas says there aren’t many spots where he and Emily didn’t spend a lot of time. Nikolas asks why she got up and left and she says she had to call the hospital. She says being with him makes her feel like she’s living Emily’s dream.

Maxie comes over to Patrick’s house so Patrick can ask Maxie questions about her and Spinelli’s investigation into the Mayor.

Johnny comes over and Claudia intercepts him outside before Sonny can talk to him. The Sonny comes back and immediately asks Johnny what happened.

The gunman tells Morgan to stand behind Carly, as Morgan walks away Michael comes out of the woods and tries to fight the gunman.

Nikolas wants Rebecca to know that he never thought about Emily once while they were together tonight. He doesn’t want her to think that she’s stepping into Emily’s life, tonight was all hers.

Claudia intercedes between Sonny and Johnny. Johnny and Sonny continue to fight and Johnny says he saved Jason’s life. Sonny asks if everyone is dead. Johnny says if they aren’t they will be soon.

The gunman picks Michael up and sends him over to Carly. The gunman thinks it’s very touching that they all want to die for each other but he only wanted to take Morgan. Morgan says he’s not that smart and Carly tells him to lower his gun, which he does and then asks Carly what happens now.

Maxie tells Robin and Patrick what she knows about Mayor Floyd from Sam. Maxie has some ideas and she says Spinelli and Sam are convinced Mayor Floyd was involved in all this. Maxie has to leave and Robin tells Patrick that they have something.

The Mayor’s wife tells Ric he can still gain from this situation. Ric tells her to cut and run but she says she can work this to her advantage but she needs Ric’s help.

Nikolas and Rebecca go back to his room and when she suggests she leave, he tells her he wants to fall asleep with her in his arms. She kisses him.

Johnny comes knocking at Olivia’s door. She lets him in with a big kiss. Johnny asks if Olivia is sleeping with him to get Sonny’s attention. She tells him she’s had Sonny and she doesn’t sleep with married men, then she says she wants him not Sonny.

Claudia says Sonny should appreciate Johnny more. They are all on the same side.

Carly tells the gunman to walk away and they won’t go to Sonny. He tells them to all toss over their cell phones and they do. Before he leaves he tells them to tell Sonny he owes him for not killing his family, then he goes.

Ric tells the Mayor’s wife that all of this won’t just go away. She wants Brianna’s family to drop the suit and tells Ric to talk to them.

Robin says Brianna’s bruising shows being hit twice in the same spot, which could show that she was hit twice intentionally. Robin is sure they have a murder on their hands.

Carly asks Michael and Morgan why they ran off. Michael apologizes for his actions tonight as does Morgan. Carly tells her boys she loves them and she would do anything to protect them.

Claudia wants her child to be heir to the Corinthos/Zacharra family. Sonny says that if the baby is his the baby won’t be involved in the business, then he tells her not to talk about Ric’s possible paternity in front of Michael. Claudia goes outside and the gunman shows up wanting to repay Claudia for his gunshot wound.

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