GH Update Monday 6/22/09

General Hospital Update Monday 6/22/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas suggests showing Rebecca how to waltz. Rebecca is hesitant, but Nikolas insists that the dance is easy to learn. Nik and Rebecca begin to dance. Rebecca is concerned that she is mixing up the steps. Nikolas reassures Rebecca that she needs to relax. Rebecca keeps stepping on Nikolas’ feet. Nikolas tells Rebecca to imagine that she is a princess dancing with a prince. Nikolas twirls Rebecca around, which makes her smile.

At home, Carly yells to Jax to leave Michael alone. Carly thinks that Jax is just going to make the situation worse.

Sonny and Claudia passionately kiss in the Corinthos living room.

In the woods, Jason and Johnny are watching for the men scheduled to show up at the meeting. Johnny realizes that a shooter is aiming right for Jason, so he pushes Jason out of the way in the nick of time.

Nikolas and Rebecca continue to dance to the waltz music. Rebecca suddenly stops. Nikolas wonders what is wrong. Rebecca doesn’t answer him and hurries away. Outside, the thunderstorm is worsening.

At home, Michael apologizes for flipping out. Morgan doesn’t understand what’s going on. Michael and Morgan head upstairs so Carly and Jax can talk. Carly explains that Michael had a hard night and ended up at Jake’s. Jax isn’t so understanding. Jax thinks that Carly is putting herself and the baby at risk. Jax adds that Michael’s condition is getting worse. Jax suggests that Michael live with Sonny.

After having sex, Sonny tells Claudia that they can’t be together again. Claudia thinks that Sonny is acting crazy. Claudia wants their marriage to work, but Sonny implies that he will never trust her.

Jason and Johnny hide behind some huge rocks. They begin blindly shooting at the men who are standing out of sight.

Rebecca leaves Wyndemere and is standing on the docks. Ethan shows up and asks what happened. Rebecca is visibly upset and explains that Nikolas is a true gentleman. Rebecca comments that dancing the waltz isn’t her, it’s Emily.

Alfred asks Nikolas how the evening went with Rebecca. Nikolas lies and says that everything went well.

Upstairs in his bedroom, Michael worries that he isn’t getting better. Michael tells Morgan that he has a lot to re-learn. Downstairs, Carly and Jax continue to discuss Michael’s reckless behavior. Carly explains that Kristina brought Michael to Jake’s. Carly adds that she confronted Michael about the bruise on his face and that’s when Michael lost control. Jax is adamant that Michael should live with Sonny for the time being. Carly is having a hard time accepting Jax’s suggestion.

The phone rings at the Corinthos house. Claudia answers it and tells Sonny that it was a wrong number. Sonny thinks that Claudia is acting anxious for no reason.

Gunshots are flying over Jason and Johnny’s heads. The two decide to get up and leave the area. Jason and Johnny shoot all around as they leave.

On the docks, Ethan doesn’t understand why Rebecca is so shaken up. Rebecca responds by saying that the night with Nik was magical, but she wasn’t being her true self. Nikolas suddenly shows up. Ethan comments that Nikolas is back to sweep Rebecca off her feet.

Back at the Jacks house, Carly is crying. Carly is frustrated about the situation with Michael. Jax believes that Michael really loves his mom. Carly is worried that Michael will think that she doesn’t care about him. Carly doesn’t want Michael to be affected by Sonny’s mob life. Carly adds that Claudia isn’t a good role model by any means.

Michael begins to pack a bag. Morgan begs Michael to stay, but Michael insists that he needs to get away. Michael gives his brother a hug. Michael climbs out of the bedroom window. Morgan is sad that his brother has left.

Claudia and Sonny argue about Olivia. Before they can finish their conversation, Johnny walks in. Johnny announces that they were ambushed. Jason walks in and says that thankfully Johnny had quick reflexes. Claudia pipes in that she is glad that Jason and Johnny are okay.

In the woods, the man hired by Claudia makes a phone call. He tells someone that the job was botched because Johnny saved Jason’s life.

Back on the pier, Ethan questions Nikolas’ intentions toward Rebecca. Ethan walks away. Rebecca confides to Nik that dancing the waltz was strange for her. Nikolas comments that they both felt a connection while dancing. Nikolas wants to return to Wyndemere with Rebecca. Rebecca agrees to further their date. Nikolas presents Rebecca with the shoe she dropped. Just as Nik is putting the shoe on Rebecca’s foot, Lulu and Lucky show up. Lucky makes a comment about Elizabeth’s suspicions regarding Rebecca. Lulu, playing peacemaker, says that Nik and Rebecca should do what they want to do.

Johnny and Claudia go to his auto shop. Johnny is outraged that Claudia set up the ambush. Johnny doesn’t want Jason to die. Claudia maintains that she loves her brother and wants the best for him. All of a sudden, Olivia shows up at the shop. Olivia is relieved to see that Johnny is unhurt.

At home, Carly agrees to let Michael stay with Sonny for a while. Carly tells Jax that she is having a hard time dealing with the situation with Michael. Carly wants everything to be like it was before Michael’s shooting. Jax reassures Carly that Michael needs time. Morgan runs down the stairs to say that Michael is gone.

Jason tells Sonny that he thinks some of the shooters were injured at the ambush. Michael walks in. Jason and Sonny are shocked to see him. Michael admits that he is in bad shape and needs to stay with Sonny right now.

Nik and Rebecca return to Wyndemere. They enter his bedroom. Nikolas tells Rebecca that Lucky is concerned about him. Nikolas wants to make Rebecca happy. They kiss.

Olivia kisses Johnny and they hug. Claudia is disgusted to see Olivia. Claudia says some mean things about Olivia. Johnny asks Claudia to leave. Claudia storms out. Olivia brings up the job that Sonny gave Johnny. Olivia is happy that Johnny made it out okay. They kiss.

Carly calls Sonny. Sonny hands Michael the phone. Michael apologizes to his mom. Michael explains that he had to get away. Carly tells Michael that he has her permission to stay with Sonny. Sonny speaks to Carly. Carly warns that Sonny needs to be cautious around Michael. Carly explains to Morgan that Michael will be home in no time.

Jason and Jax meet on the pier. Jax says that Michael was at Jake’s and got into a fight at the bar. Jax adds that he and Morgan came home to Michael pushing Carly. Jason confides that the timing is bad. Jax asks Jason to explain. Jason says that Sonny is having problems right now within the organization.

At home, Sonny speaks to Michael about his fits of rage. Sonny admits that he is proud of his son. Sonny believes that Michael is going to get better.

Carly calls out to Morgan. Carly goes to Michael’s room but Morgan isn’t there. The bedroom window is open, so Carly thinks that Morgan ran away.

Morgan is walking in the woods when a man (the shooter at the ambush) grabs him.

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