GH Update Thursday 6/18/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/18/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Nikolas and Rebecca are at Emily's grave when he tells her that he can't be with her. She is devastated and he explains that she and Emily are too much alike and that it hurts him. He asks that she just let him be. She tells Emily that Nikolas is hurting and that she would give anything for a man to love her that much. Monica shows up and Rebecca tells her that she is done chasing after Nikolas, that she is going to let him go. Monica tells her no, she can't.

Andrea, the mayor's wife, informs Patrick that she knew he was having an affair; to just settle the suit without any drama. He tells her he can't do that as there wasn't any malpractice. Robin comes in and almost mentions Brianna then stops as Patrick introduces her to the mayor's wife. Robin leaves them alone. Andrea tells Patrick that keeping silent and settling will keep his family from trouble. She tells him that if he will help her keep the scandal quiet, she'll make sure that he is rewarded for it.

Michael gives Carly a hard time about going for his doctor's appointment. He tells her he can get there on his own and calls a cab. Jax tells her to give Michael some space, that he's not a child. He bribes her with something special then kisses her bye.

Sonny shows up at the garage, interrupting Olivia and Johnny in a kiss. Sonny has a proposition for Johnny, who tells Sonny that he can wait, Olivia isn't leaving. Sonny pushes and Olivia finally leaves her car there and catches the bus. Sonny tells Johnny that a few of Anthony's lieutenants were planning a mutiny. He asks Johnny to go with Jason to the meeting to run interference before things get out of hand.

Patrick catches up with Robin and they go over his meeting with Andrea. After comparing notes, they realize that Andrea was lying. Meanwhile, Andrea tells her cheating dog of a husband that she is in charge.

Olivia goes to visit Carly and they do the girl thing. Olivia discusses her relationship with Johnny, tells her how they hooked up and that she's afraid that Sonny will do something out of jealousy to Johnny. Carly assures her that Sonny won't do anything to intentionally hurt Johnny. Jax comes home with Carly's bribe: a rose petal bath and, of course, jewelry. Olivia takes that as her cue to leave.

Johnny goes to Jake's and is playing piano when Michael comes in. He goes to the bar and orders a drink, having skipped his appointment. When the bartender asks for his ID, Michael tells him that he forgot his license and drops his last name, Corinthos, around. Johnny asks him to play pool with him and while they play, Johnny tells him that he's sorry about what happened to Michael.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she thinks Rebecca is cheating on Nikolas with Ethan. At first, Lucky tells her she's being silly then realizes she may be right. Monica decides to go visit Nikolas. She tells him that Emily wouldn't want him to use her memory as an excuse to shut out the world; she wouldn't want him to be alone. After Monica leaves, he thinks about it and then calls Rebecca. He asks her to answer a question for him honestly.

Kristina and Kiefer show up at Jake's and Kristina uses her fake ID. Kiefer jokes that Michael is brain damaged, which angers Michael. Michael punches him and Kiefer hits him back, causing Michael to hit his head and fall.

Jason confronts Claudia about her involvement in Michael's shooting. She yells at him to get out. She goes upstairs and when she comes back down later, Jason is still there, waiting for her. Sonny comes home in a mood and tells her that her brother needs to learn respect. Claudia goes off when she realizes that Sonny is jealous that Olivia is seeing Johnny. When she storms out, Sonny tells Jason about the meeting and that if necessary, to use Johnny as a human shield. Claudia goes to Johnny's and yells at him about Olivia. Then she tells him that the meeting was set up with the express reason of getting rid of Jason….forever.

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