GH Update Wednesday 6/17/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/17/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At GH Patrick asks Epiphany for Brianna Hughes’ chart. Epiphany says Brianna is dead and Patrick and she argue. Epiphany tells him that he and his wife need to work on their communication skills. Patrick walks over to Robin who says she is skipping a play date with Emma to make sure he doesn’t get sued. Patrick has a theory about what happened to Brianna.

Maxie comes to see Spinelli at his P.I. office. Maxie tells Spinelli she’s all hers for two weeks while Kate is away. She goes in for a kiss and tries to bring him down to the floor, but Spinelli drops her ruining the moment.

Nikolas is visiting Emily’s grave when Rebecca comes to him. She says she loves him and wants to make love to him, then Emily appears in a wedding dress asking him not to do this. He awakes in Wyndemere from a bad dream with Elizabeth by his side. He says Emily is trying to tell him something.

On the Haunted Star Rebecca comes in and slaps Ethan for telling Nikolas dating her was creepy and morbid. She wonders if he’s trying to sabotage her. She says Ethan convinced her to do things his way. Ethan says he furthered their bond by making Nikolas defend her. Rebecca says the plan backfired and Nikolas left her, Ethan doesn’t seem to care. When Rebecca says Nikolas is the whole point of this Ethan corrects her. The Quartermaine’s are the point and that’s going well. Tracy walks in and asks what they could possibly be talking about.

Elizabeth pours Nikolas a glass of water and says she wanted to check on him. He tells Elizabeth about the dream he just had. Nikolas says he can’t shake the image of Emily telling him to stop.

Alexis talks to Max in her office, she tells him he doesn’t need a lawyer, this is about Diane. She wants Max to help dissuade Diane from pursuing a lawsuit against Matt and Patrick.

Maxie asks why Spinelli isn’t excited about spending time with her, she wants to know what’s got his attention. Maxie says she will be able to utilize his time much better then helping solve the mayor and Brianna Hughes mystery. Maxie’s flirting and sexual innuendo work enough for Spinelli to offer a compromise. After Maxie helps him solve the case they can take a weekend trip to the Cape.

Alexis says there isn’t a solid case against Matt and Patrick. Max doesn’t want to get involved in Diane’s professional advice. Alexis thinks if Diane pursues this she could suffer legal consequences. Diane barges in and sees Max and Alexis talking. She doesn’t look happy.

Spinelli and Maxie try to break into the mayor’s office. After many failed attempts by Spinelli, Maxie finally does it. While they are going through things they see figures outside the door coming into the office.

Elizabeth says Emily isn’t talking to Nikolas from beyond the grave, it’s just his subconscious telling him Rebecca is a bad idea. She tries to tell him that Emily is the one he loves and Rebecca isn’t Emily.

Rebecca tries to leave but Tracy says she can’t help but see the coincidence of finding Emily’s long lost sister and Luke’s long lost son talking. She’s sure they could only be talking about somebody else’s money. Ethan says there is no conspiracy. Tracy doesn’t buy it but Rebecca leaves. Ethan tells Tracy he thinks Luke is in trouble.

Alexis says Max is there to update her on Michael. Diane doesn’t by it and knows he’s hiding something. Diane suggests that Alexis is hitting on him. Max vehemently denies it, saying he’s not at all interested in Alexis. Max then says he and Alexis were worried about her and Diane knows he’s talking about Brianna Hughes. He calls her an ambulance chaser and then says what he and Alexis have been talking about.

The Mayor and Mac enter his office talking about special investigators. The Mayor threatens Mac and Mac sees Maxie and Spinelli in their hiding place.

Robin and Patrick go into the shower and try to figure out how Brianna hit her head. Patrick picks her up and they try to recreate what happened.

Tracy says she’s not worried about Luke, He has disappeared as usual. Lucky and Lulu arrive. Ethan tells them that Luke ran off and he’s in trouble. Lucky, Lulu, and Tracy aren’t worried. Lulu even laughs a little in a knowing way.

At GH Epiphany wants Nikolas to conduct his personal life on his own time. Nikolas says Epiphany is jumping to conclusions, but Epiphany says she’s not intimidated by him. When she leaves Rebecca approaches Nikolas. He apologizes for the way he acted and Rebecca asks him if he wants to end things now that he knows the truth. Nikolas says his feelings have changed and he keeps looking for her similarities to Emily, and he knows that bothers her. She says that it doesn’t bother her as much now that she knows Emily and her were related, she finds the similarities interesting. Rebecca says they shouldn’t care what other people think but Nikolas says he’s not ready to move forward, he needs to sit with this for a while. He says Emily would have been happy to have Rebecca as a sister and then leaves.

Ethan doesn’t understand why they aren’t concerned. Lucky and Lulu know Luke has changed his mind about leaving. It’s his pattern. He comes and goes, but always comes back.

The Mayor continues to threaten Mac and tell him he’s soft on crime. Mac tells the Mayor he has to sign out for the officers personally. The mayor goes down with Mac to the police station.

Diane says she doesn’t need their advice or help. Max takes offense to her not caring about his opinion and leaves. Diane is surprised Alexis would be acting this way.

Matt apologizes to Patrick and Robin for his behavior at Jake’s the night before. He also says they aren’t responsible for cleaning up his mess. Patrick tells him he is named in the lawsuit so it’s both of their problem. Patrick is determined to prove this wasn’t a case of malpractice.

Epiphany pokes fun at Robin for her and Patrick’s shower experiment. Mac comes in and asks Robin for a favor. He tells her about seeing Maxie and Spinelli in the Mayor’s office. Mac says he can’t talk to Maxie straight out because that will only cause more problems so he asks Robin to find out what’s going on.

As Maxie and Spinelli arrive back at the P.I. office Maxie wants to gain real evidence to show Mac so he won‘t be so upset.

Alexis says that while the situation is sad it won’t turn out the way Diane wants. Diane suggests Mayor Floyd has something on Alexis. Alexis asks her not to pursue this suit. As Diane leaves, Alexis sheds a tear.

Nikolas leaves flowers for Emily and Rebecca comes up. She says she came to sit at Emily’s grave and suggests Emily may be bringing them together.

Elizabeth goes to see Lucky at the Haunted Star about Nikolas and Rebecca. She wants to know what they are going to do to help him. Over at the bar Tracy says Ethan is bad for business and she wants him gone, he’s fired. Lulu says she can’t do that, but Tracy says she doesn’t have to defend herself. Lucky asks why he’s sticking around since Luke is his only connection and he’s gone. Tracy then tells them that he has another connection. She caught him and Rebecca Shaw with their heads so close together it was fascinating. She asks him if she’s the real reason he’s sticking around.

Nikolas says Emily would not be happy with the way he has been treating Rebecca. She says he’s allowed to be confused but her feelings for him are only growing. He says he can’t stop his feelings either.

Robin arrives at the PI office and Maxie knows she’s there to for Mac. Robin is intrigued that they are investigating the Brianna Hughes case.

Patrick enters his office to find a woman. She wants him to settle the lawsuit out of court. The woman is the Mayor’s wife and she says Brianna Hughes can destroy her life.

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