GH Update Tuesday 6/16/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/16/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Jake’s Coleman breaks up Johnny and Matt. Matt flings a glass across the room as Olivia enters, and Johnny wants to go after him again.

At the PI office Sam and Jason talk about the guy Jason knocked out. Jason seems preoccupied. He tells Sam he doesn’t know how to help Michael.

Carly, Sonny, Michael, and Claudia are all at the mansion. Michael thought Claudia wanted him to live with her and Sonny but Claudia says they all want what’s best for him. Michael wants to choose for himself and turns to Claudia for support. Carly wants to know what they’ve been talking about.

At the Haunted Star Nikolas and Rebecca play blackjack dealt by Ethan. Nikolas apologizes for his behavior. Nikolas says things have changed since he learned the truth about her, he feels he’s betraying Emily.

Jason explains to Sam that he doesn’t feel like he’s helping Michael. He tells her about Michael’s outburst at Elizabeth and Sam becomes concerned for Carly and Morgan. Jason says he’s worried Michael’s anger will get worse and he’ll take it out on the wrong person eventually. Jason feels like Michael is slipping away and he’s worried he’ll do something that he can’t take back.

Michael yells at Carly for not giving him privacy talking to Claudia. Claudia says she understands Carly being protective. Michael tells Carly that he and Claudia talked about how he needs to remember that his family loves him. Michael apologizes for the earlier incident with Carly.

Coleman talks to Matt about his behavior. Maxie tries to soothe Spinelli, but Spinelli is embarrassed that Johnny had to help him. Maxie notices that his heroism is definitely turning Olivia on. Coleman tells Matt he called Patrick, then Matt runs towards Johnny again who punches him again. Patrick steps in between the fight. Diane is taking notes for the malpractice suit against Matt. Patrick and Robin know he’s upset about Brianna Hughes. Patrick says it’s his fault.

Jason explains that Michael is too young to do what he did, which was leave home. Sam and Jason both agree Michael should be with Carly and Jax. But Jason understands why he’s frustrated with Carly, because she wants him back to normal.

Kristina shows up at Jax and carly’s looking for Michael. Jax asks her how she thinks Michael is doing.

Sonny tells Michael that Jax and carly can give him a normal life. Michael is worried about hurting Carly, Morgan, and the baby. He asks if he can live with Sonny for a couple weeks then go back to Carly. Sonny says no, he’s going to live with Carly. Michael is worried he will disappoint everyone. Sonny says he’s a miracle but also says the decision is made, Michael will live with Carly.

At the Haunted Star Nikolas asks Rebecca if she’s been to see the Quartermaine’s. When she says no he tells her they would be happy to see her. She’s not so sure about that. She thinks people will only accept her because she looks exactly like Emily, she wonders if that’s why Nikolas spends time with her. She wants to know where she stands because she has feelings for him. He admits to having feelings for too. Ethan interrupts and asks Nikolas if it isn’t a bit creepy that he’s falling for the identical twin of his true love.

Maxie tells Spinelli that next time they will skip going to Jake’s and she wants to leave. Spinelli has to thank Johnny first. Johnny comes over to see how Spinelli is and Spinelli thanks him for helping. Olivia comes over and Maxie and Spinelli excuse themselves. Maxie tells Robin she will call her later. At the other side of Jake’s Diane tells Alexis she is definitely moving forward in the malpractice suit against Matt.

Matt continues to stick by his surgery of Brianna Hughes; he says there was no problem. Robin confirms that the nurses said the same thing. Patrick says that’s not the point, he never should have let Matt do the surgery on his own. Patrick says it’s his fault.

Jason tells Sam that Kristina is only making things worse for Michael and tells her about Kristina sneaking marijuana into Michael’s hospital room. Sam can’t believe Kristina would do something like that and risk messing up her chance for Yale. Jason also says that Kristina drove Michael to Sonny’s house and Sam is even more concerned because Kristina doesn’t have a license. She says she will handle it and Jason thanks her. Sam then tells Jason to remember that Michael loves him, and in the end love will win out somehow.

Kristina tells Jax that she wants to help Michael and Jax suggests she get Michael to help with one of Kristina’s volunteer projects. Kristina wants to know how Jax knows about the literacy campaign and he says Alexis talks about her al the time. Carly and Michael arrive. Michael asks if he and Kristina can go out on the porch, Kristina promises they will stay close. When Jax and Carly are alone she tells him that Claudia sided with her about Michael staying with her, but she’s not buying it.

Sonny tells Claudia he’s surprised she sided with Carly and Claudia says it’s not her decision to make. She says that things are changing due to her pregnancy, but says she still hates Carly but now she knows where she’s coming from with Michael. She also says that her fall made her realize that the only person the baby can depend on is her. Sonny tells her that’s not true as long as he’s the father. Claudia says she can’t live this way, with Sonny believing everything Ric says. The most important thing in the world right now is her baby. Just then Ric comes in and says he has something to say. Sonny says he doesn’t want Ric here until Claudia has an amnio. Ric says there is a good chance the baby is his and he won’t let Sonny raise his child.

Carly tells Jax that she thought Michael would be happy once he got home, and Jax says it will just take some time. Carly says that with al the partner changes she and Sonny have gone through Michael has always had a strange family situation, but she doesn’t want Claudia around him.

Michael tells Kristina that besides Jason Claudia is the only one that gets him. Kristina tries to get him to cheer up, at least Sonny wants contact with him, which is more than she gets. Michael is scared he’s going to hurt Carly.

Rebecca tells Ethan the card game is over. Then decides it would be a good idea to win big. Nikolas is interested by Ethan’s perspective with the news that Ethan is Luke’s son. Rebecca says she didn’t know and Ethan tells her he just found out. He says Lulu is fine but Lucky hates him because Lucky thinks Ethan is the perfect son for Luke just like Emily was the perfect love for Nikolas. Rebecca doesn’t see the connection. SO Ethan explains that no one can replace Emily and isn’t fair to expect an identical twin to fill the empty space.

Matt says Patrick couldn’t have saved Brianna Hughes either, there was something else wrong before the surgery. Patrick agrees that something else had to happen but that doesn’t change the fact that as an attending he should have been there. Alexis jumps in and tells them to stop discussing it due to pending litigation.

Johnny asks Olivia what’s going on and he fills him in on Brianna Hughes dying.

Matt continues to resist leaving but Patrick, Robin, and Coleman insist.

Maxie and Spinelli go back to the penthouse and Jason wants to know what happened. He’s prepared to go to Jake’s and find the person responsible for hurting him. Maxie tells Jason to calm down and tells him about Matt and Johnny. Spinelli says Johnny saved him again. Sam tells Jason he can’t go after Matt and Maxie says Matt won’t remember anything in the morning anyway. Maxie tells them that Matt lost a patient, the mayor’s mistress. Sam knows the name as the Mayor’s wife asked her to follow her husband because she suspected him of cheating. Sam tells them about hearing Brianna cry out at the MetroCourt and Olivia, Patrick, and Robin being there. Maxie tells them that Diane was taking notes at Jake’s, as Brianna Hughes’ family is suing Matt. Spinelli says the family is wrong, this is a case of murder.

At their house Patrick and Robin discuss Matt. They both hope Matt will be better tomorrow when he’s sober. They tease each other about Patrick almost hitting Johnny Zacharra.

Olivia and Johnny are dancing and Olivia thanks him for not pounding on Patrick. Olivia suggests she take him home to patch him up, Johnny accepts.

Sonny tells Ric that if the baby is his he and Claudia can decide what to do, but until then Claudia has decided to live with Sonny so there’s no reason for Ric to be there. Ric warns Sonny that the Zacharra organization is breaking apart and he should be worried that a revolution is coming.

Kristina tells Michael that he must be doing OK since they let him out of the hospital but Michael just says they wanted to get rid of him for how he went after Elizabeth. Kristina says Michael needs to get his parents on his side and make them give him what he wants, but Jason is another story. She says Michael needs to convince Jason not to tell Alexis about the pot or the car, and she’s sure he can since he’s had Jason wrapped around his finger since he was a baby.

Jax is still concerned that Carly could be in danger if Michael turns his anger physically on her. Carly says she can deal with it but Jax wonders if she’s being realistic.

Nikolas says good bye to Rebecca and thanks her for inviting him out. He also thanks Ethan for giving him a lot to think about. After he leaves Rebecca asks Ethan what he’s doing. He says it must be hard for her to see that he can tell her secret anytime he wants.

Michael comes in and asks if he can go upstairs and see his new room by himself. Carly agrees. Michael kisses Carly but doesn’t return her “I love you” when she says it. He then leaves the room to get a glass of water. Jax asks if she’s ok she says yes and she’s not going to let Michael upset her because it’s not good for the baby.

After Ric has left Sonny tells Claudia to come to him the next time Ric harasses her. When Sonny won’t say this is for the baby’s sake Claudia goes off on him. She’s sick of this. She tells him she doesn’t care who the father of her baby is, all that matters is her health and the health of her baby. She’s done letting Sonny and Ric stress her out and she’s going to do what’s best for the baby.

Robin and Patrick talk about how many fights Patrick has been in at Jake’s. As Robin is telling Patrick that there is something sexy about him getting into a fight there’s a knock at the door. It’s Diane telling Patrick he’s being named as a codefendant in the Brianna Hughes lawsuit.

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