GH Update Monday 6/15/09

General Hospital Update Monday 6/15/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.
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At the Jacks home, Carly tells Jason that she is worried about Michael. Carly is thankful that Michael is out of the coma, but she doesn’t know how to deal with his mood swings.

Kristina is driving, and Michael is her passenger. Michael instructs her on how to drive, but Kristina isn’t listening. Kristina speeds up.

In the Corinthos living room, Claudia insists that she cares about her unborn baby. Sonny doesn’t believe her.

Back at home, Jason explains to Carly that she stood by him during his own brain injury. Jason tells Carly to step back from the situation. Carly wants to protect Michael at any cost. Jason says that Michael needs time to recover.

Claudia continues to defend her actions. Sonny maintains that he still wants the paternity test. Claudia wants to move out, but Sonny insists that she stay.

Johnny shows up at Jake’s. Johnny speaks to Coleman for a few minutes. Coleman points to a piano in the corner. Johnny starts playing as Coleman listens in awe.

Spinelli and Maxie return to his PI office. Maxie gives Spinelli a back massage. Spinelli is stressed about his first case. Someone is standing outside the office door. The person walks away. Maxie talks about Kate. Maxie ponders how long Gisele has been blackmailing Kate. Spinelli suggests telling Kate what they know. Maxie insists that they take a break from the case. They leave the office. The mysterious person shows up again, outside Spinelli’s office.

At Jake’s, Coleman asks Johnny to play something more modern. Alexis walks in and asks Coleman for a drink. Alexis comments on Johnny’s piano playing. Coleman praises Johnny on his talent.

Claudia is shocked that Sonny wants her to stay. Claudia brings up that they need to set some new ground rules. Claudia is concerned that Ric won’t stay away. All of a sudden, Michael shows up. Sonny is surprised to see him.

At home, Carly is venting about her worries concerning Michael. Jason emphasizes that Michael needs room to breathe. Carly finally agrees with Jason. Sonny calls Carly to say that Michael is at his house. Carly is mad. Carly asks Jason what she should do about the situation.

Alexis listens intently to Johnny’s piano playing. Diane meets with Alexis. Diane shows Alexis her new designer heels, but Alexis is preoccupied. Alexis thinks that Diane needs to drop the lawsuit.

Spinelli and Maxie walk into the bar. Spinelli orders whiskey while Maxie orders a beer. Maxie thinks that Spinelli is trying to impress her. Spinelli is acting strange around Maxie. The two notice that Johnny is playing the piano.

Jason shows up at Alexis’ house. Kristina answers the door. Jason thinks that Kristina dropped Michael off at Sonny’s.

Carly arrives at Sonny’s home. Carly inquires about Michael. Sonny says that Claudia and Michael went for a walk. Carly thinks that Michael wants to live with Sonny.

Outside, Michael and Claudia sit on a bench. Michael explains that he felt like a prisoner in the hospital. Michael adds that Claudia is the only one who really understands him. Claudia tells Michael that he needs to stop being rebellious. Claudia suggests that Michael decide what he really wants, and go for it.

Sonny and Carly continue to talk about Michael. Carly isn’t sure what Michael wants. Sonny proposes a plan for Michael to stay with him. Sonny brings up Carly’s risky pregnancy and how stress isn’t good for the baby.

Jason interrogates Kristina about her whereabouts. Kristina finally admits that she drove Michael to Sonny’s. Jason is irritated, but Kristina thinks that what she did was no big deal. Kristina shuts the door in Jason’s face.

At the hospital, Robin informs Patrick that Matt left for the day. Robin and Patrick discuss the malpractice suit and how it is affecting Matt.

At Jake’s, Alexis and Diane talk about the malpractice suit. Alexis points out that Mayor Floyd’s career will be ruined, if the truth comes out. Alexis adds that the mayor’s wife will be devastated.

Maxie comments on Johnny’s piano playing. Maxie admits that she has heard Johnny play before. Spinelli is surprised. Matt shows up at the bar. Diane thinks that Matt is drunk. Matt walks up to Maxie. Matt insists that Maxie owes him a date.

Rebecca shows up at the Haunted Star. Ethan is happy to see her. Rebecca and Ethan discuss the scheme. Rebecca is worried about Nikolas’ suspicions. Ethan points out that Rebecca needs to stick to the plan. Ethan makes a comment just as Nikolas walks into the casino.

At the hospital, Robin asks Patrick for his opinion regarding Matt’s performance in the OR.

Matt harasses Maxie at the bar. Maxie is adamant that she isn’t interested in Matt. Maxie says that she would rather go out with Spinelli. Maxie admits that she loves Spinelli. Matt thinks that Maxie is lying.

In the PI office, a man grabs Sam. Jason shows up outside of the office.

Outside, Michael tells Claudia that he is angry that everyone went on with their lives while he was in a coma. Claudia affirms that Michael needs to stop concentrating on the past. Michael realizes that he needs to speak to his parents about his decision.

In the Corinthos living room, Carly discloses that she is still amazed that Michael woke up. Carly wants Michael to come home with her. Sonny says he wants Michael with him. Claudia and Michael walk into the living room.

Rebecca covers for Ethan. Nikolas buys Rebecca’s story. Rebecca wants to play blackjack. Ethan deals some cards. Rebecca thinks that Nik is avoiding her.

Jason walks into the PI office and hits the man on the head. Sam explains that the man is a cop and works for the mayor.

Matt punches Spinelli. Spinelli claims that he is alright. Maxie throws a drink in Matt’s face. Matt shoves Spinelli right into Johnny. Johnny and Matt begin to fight.

Back at the hospital, Robin suggests that Brianna might have died regardless of the surgeon. Coleman calls Patrick. Coleman explains that Matt is in trouble at Jake’s.

Michael wants to live with Sonny. Carly is adamant that she and Jax want Michael to live with them. Michael feels like he doesn’t have a say. Michael asks for Claudia’s opinion on the matter.

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