GH Update Thursday 6/11/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/11/09


Written by Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

After deciding that Mayor Floyd's story and Brianna's injuries were not meshing, Robin and Patrick felt that the mayor was covering up something. Robin tells Patrick that the mayor is a constantly cheats on his wife and gives Mac a hard time every chance he gets. Alexis shows up and after speaking to Patrick tells Mayor Floyd that she will not be part of a cover up, especially one dealing in assault. He tells her that he did have an affair with Brianna and that he has issues with his married life, but swears that she became unconscious after they had sex. He tells Patrick that anything that happened after bringing her to the hospital is his fault and he would entertain the thought of suing. Matt tells Patrick that Brianna is having a seizure and they argue over who will do the surgery. Matt wins and Patrick leaves to take Robin for a walk in the park. While operating, gossip flies about the mayor until Brianna starts to crash.

Michael lashes out at Elizabeth and Jason has to physically restrain him. When he thinks Michael has calmed down enough, he lets him go, only to have Michael punch him. Jason doesn't lash out, just tells Michael that everything will be fine and that he will just have to learn how to cope with his anger and relearn somethings. Michael breaks down and tells Jason that he's afraid he will hurt someone in a fit of anger and he is glad that at least Jason understands how he feels.

Morgan is happy that Michael is coming home and Jax tells Carly that he reminds him of Jax and Jerry when they were little. He tells Carly he wishes Jerry had changed his evil ways. Carly tells him to remember the good. Spending some time alone with Morgan, she tells him she's proud of how he was so brave while Michael was in the coma and with everything going on. Morgan tells her that he's afraid that Michael won't like him and want to hang out with him anymore. Carly tells him that everything is going to be okay.

Jason tells Sonny what happened with Michael and Sonny admits that maybe Michael should be with him; he's scared he may hurt Carly and the baby. Jason reminds him how he was after his accident and how angry he was. Just then, Michael calls Sonny and tells him he's scared he'll hurt his mom and wants Sonny to let him stay with him.

Johnny sits with Claudia while she waits for her sonogram. She tells Johnny that Carly will pay for killing her baby. Johnny tells her that she doesn't know for sure the baby is hurt. Kelly has trouble finding the heartbeat on ultrasound. Sonny comes in and books the amniocentesis for August. Later, after taking Claudia home, he finds that she redecorated his study. She tells him it doesn't matter, to go ahead and change it back to the way it was. He wants to know if that is an admission of guilt, if the baby is really Ric's. He tells her he won't stay with her if it's not his baby. She gets angry and leaves.

Alexis runs into Jax at the park, where she tells him that he did right by letting Jerry run. She wants to know if there was anyone else involved in the shooting. Jax tells her just Devlin, but she warns him that keeping secrets can be done for the right reasons, but makes life hard for the secret keeper.

Kate is annoyed that Spinelli is in the office yet again. Maxie tells her they have another computer virus, not wanting her to know that they were discussing Kate's motives for ruining her own magazine. Kate immediately demotes Maxie and takes Lulu with her to hang out on Donatella's yacht. Maxie is upset.

Sonny says he'd love to have Michael live with him but is unsure if he should. He also isn't sure how to handle Claudia if the baby is Ric's. Claudia, meanwhile, is having a second sonogram and asks if her baby was in pain. Kelly tells her that she still can't find a heartbeat.

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