GH Update Tuesday 6/9/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/9/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Laurie R.

Patrick is happy to see that Robin has prepared a candlelight dinner for them. Robin informs Patrick that she ordered in for food. Patrick kisses Robin just as Emma starts crying. Robin goes to check on Emma.

In Claudia’s hospital room, Ric explains to Sonny that he found Claudia collapsed on the floor. Ric questions where Sonny was this whole time.

Michael visits with Carly in her hospital room. Michael hugs his mom.

Nikolas is surprised to see Ethan in Rebecca’s room. Ethan tells Nik that they need to discuss something, which worries Rebecca. Nikolas wants to know what Ethan is implying. Ethan covers for Rebecca. Ethan lies and says that he came to Rebecca’s place to talk about a high-stakes game of poker. Rebecca wants to know if Nikolas is interested in the game. Nikolas bluntly tells Ethan that he wants to talk to Rebecca in private. Ethan leaves. Nik announces that he just spoke to Alexis.

At home, Robin divulges to Patrick that she won’t be on meds forever. Robin can’t believe what her post-partum depression did to their family. Patrick reassures Robin that he is committed to her and Emma. Robin and Patrick make a toast to new beginnings. Patrick and Robin kiss. Patrick promises that he isn’t going anywhere. They kiss again, but Robin pulls away. Epiphany calls from the hospital. Patrick tells Robin that he’ll be back soon.

In the hospital room, Ric continues to verbally attack Sonny. Ric is determined to find out where Sonny has been all this time. Sonny tells Ric to leave. Once alone, Claudia accuses Sonny of checking up on Carly. Claudia doesn’t think that Sonny cares about their baby. Sonny says that he is going to find Kelly and get some answers.

Jax leaves Carly’s hospital room. Carly brings up Claudia in front of Michael. Michael is puzzled. Carly says that Claudia and Johnny were speaking about Michael earlier. Michael discloses that he remembers Claudia visiting him in the Institute. Carly is shocked. Michael says that he confronted Claudia about the visits, but Claudia was evasive. Michael adds that he remembers Claudia apologizing for something while he was in a coma. Carly is curious as to why Claudia is so remorseful. Carly is surprised that Michael remembers things while he was at the Institute. Michael thinks that Claudia feels sorry for him because of the shooting.

In the hospital lobby, Jax and Olivia meet to talk about business matters. Jax is preoccupied. Olivia notices and asks what is troubling Jax. Jax confides that Michael and Carly’s relationship is strained. Olivia maintains that Jax needs to be supportive of Carly.

At home, Alexis helps Kristina with her homework. Kristina divulges that she needs to have a heart-to-heart chat with her mom.

In Rebecca’s room, Nik produces the FBI file that Alexis dug up. Nikolas states that Rebecca and Emily are twin sisters. Rebecca doesn’t believe him. Rebecca starts to cry. Rebecca wants to know what happened. Nikolas says that Rebecca was illegally adopted. Rebecca looks over the file. Rebecca puts on an act that she is devastated by the news.

Patrick checks out Michael. Patrick tells Carly and Jax that Michael is recovering well. Michael divulges to Patrick that he remembers hearing Claudia’s voice while he was in a coma. Jax is surprised.

At home, Kristina tells Alexis that she hardly sees Sonny anymore. Kristina suggests that her and Alexis need to do something fun together. Alexis needs to leave, so she tells Kristina not to stay up too late.

Back in Rebecca’s room, Nikolas tries to console Rebecca. Rebecca throws the file on her bed. Nikolas says that Alexis is suspicious of the timing of Rebecca’s arrival in Port Charles.

Sonny runs into Olivia at the hospital. Olivia asks Sonny why he isn’t with Claudia. Sonny says that he is tired of finding Ric and Claudia together. Sonny doesn’t trust Ric at all.

Claudia talks to her unborn baby. Ric returns to Claudia’s hospital room. Ric suggests telling Sonny the truth that the baby might not be his. Claudia doesn’t agree. Claudia is worried that she will lose Sonny for good.

Patrick returns home. Robin says that she was reading a medical journal. Robin inquires about Michael. Patrick tells Robin that Michael is doing good. Robin tells Patrick that she loves him. Robin feels guilty for being so distant. Patrick kisses Robin.

Nikolas and Rebecca continue to talk about Alexis’ suspicions. Rebecca doesn’t care what Alexis thinks, but she is worried about Nikolas. Nik says that it was fate that Rebecca came to Port Charles. Rebecca begins to cry. Rebecca feels upset that she never got to know Emily. Rebecca comments that Nikolas is the only connection she has to her twin.

After having sex, Robin tells Patrick that she has missed him. Patrick is thankful that they didn’t give up on their marriage. They listen to Emma’s cooing on the baby monitor, which makes Robin smile.

At the hospital, Olivia tells Sonny that she is worried about him. Sonny says that he has no choice but to stand by Claudia because she is pregnant with his child. Olivia doesn’t trust Claudia.

Ric continues to harass Claudia in her hospital room. Claudia thinks that if Ric continues to bother her, she might miscarry. Sonny finally returns to her room. Claudia is a nervous wreck. Sonny says that he doesn’t understand why Ric keeps hanging around Claudia.

Nikolas brings Rebecca to where Emily is buried. Rebecca insists that Nikolas tell her everything about Emily. Nikolas lists all of Emily’s wonderful traits. Rebecca wants to know what Emily would of thought of her. Nikolas thinks that Emily would have welcomed Rebecca into her life.

In her hospital room, Carly tells Jax that she was thankful for some time with Michael. Carly is optimistic that everything is going to turn out okay.

Back in Claudia’s room, Sonny asks Claudia if he is the father of the baby. Claudia is adamant that the baby is Sonny’s. Sonny implies that there should be a paternity test.

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