GH Update Monday 6/8/09

General Hospital Update Monday 6/8/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Alexis tells Nikolas that she has proof from the FBI that Rebecca is Emily's twin. He tells her that's unbelievable. She tells him that the girl's birth parents couldn't afford both children so they sold Rebecca on the black market. Alexis tells him that obviously Rebecca knows and is there to scam Nikolas. He tells her no, that maybe she's Emily's twin, but that she wouldn't do that to him.

Ethan and Rebecca meet and she reminds him that they aren't supposed to be together or it might make people suspicious. He kisses her anyway and she tells him to quit breaking his own rules. He's afraid she's developing feelings and will want to back out of their plan. Flashback to when they first meet in an airport when Rebecca was on her way to Port Charles, intent on getting whatever she could claim as revenge for being sold as a baby. Ethan taught Rebecca what he knows about grifting and tells her that she needs to blow into town and act innocent, to not let anyone know who she is and that she is Emily's twin. They slept together and they agree that Ethan will get 10% of anything she gets. They went over all the details of Emily's life and family and then they part ways: she to start her con and he to find Luke. Flashback over, she tells him that she actually likes Emily's family and friends and Ethan reminds her that she can't break the first rule of not becoming attached to her marks. Nikolas arrives in time to hear her tell Ethan what a wonderful person Nikolas is. His suspicions are aroused.

Elizabeth administers aid to both Claudia and Carly at the foot of the stairs. Jax and Sonny rush to be with them. Sonny starts to go with Carly but Claudia asks him to stay then proceeds to blame the whole thing on Carly. In turn, Carly tells Jax the whole thing was Claudia's fault. She asks Jax if they found Michael. He tells her not to worry, that they will.

Jason goes by Kristina's to see if she's seen Michael. She tells him no, but accuses Jason of being a pervert, catching a look at a half-naked, under aged female like he did. She and Jason argue when Michael comes out. Sam shows up, tells Kristina to get dressed and Michael begs them not to call his parents. He needs some space.

Jason calls Carly to let her know Michael is okay and she relates that she and Claudia fell down the stairs. He tells Michael, who continues to argue and then finally gives in and agrees to go to the hospital. After Jason and Michael leave, Kristina starts to complain about Jason, about how he made her leave the club and then tried to spy on her undressing. She then reminds Sam that Jason treated her wrong.

At the hospital, Kelly tells Carly that she and the baby are fine but things need to settle down in her life. Sonny comes in and Carly tells him that Jason found Michael and that they're on their way over. Sonny wants to know why she attacked Claudia. Carly retorts that she overheard Claudia tell Johnny that it was her fault that Michael left the hospital. As Claudia is trying to get in touch with Johnny so that she can leave, Ric shows up and starts to harass her. As she tries to leave, she doubles over in pain with sharp contractions. Liz tells Sonny that Claudia may lose the baby. Claudia begs Ric to leave her and the baby be. He tells her that he may be the baby's father; he has every right to be there. When Sonny comes in, she tells him she was trying to go so that she could help find Michael. He tells her that Michael is fine and on his way over and that she needs to stop and relax or lose the baby. Sonny tells her that he does care about the baby but would like to know why Ric is yet again hanging around where he isn't wanted or needed.

Michael thinks that Carly is using the baby to manipulate the men in her life. Carly tells him that she's glad he's okay, but Jax fusses at him for creating a scare and worrying everyone.

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